Birthday, Melodifestivalen, USA and Super Bowl

There’s a lot of things going on now, especially this week. So I decided to gather all of it in one blog post, instead of multiple during the week.


Thursday was my birthday. For the first time in very many years I celebrated it in Getinge. It wasa a calm day where I could sleep in in the morning and then had coffee and cake with the neighbors. I also got many birthday greetings on Faceook, and that was nice.


Less calm was the Saturday. I celebrated both my birthday and my new apartment by having a party. I made jello shots, but they were to hard and tough to get out of the glass, and we had to eat them with a spoon. But they were still tasty.


Jello shots!


Beer pong!

Then we played beerpong. That was vey much fun, and later in the evening we went to a club downtown. Before that we watched Melodifestivalen.


That is a music competition, and the most watched series every year. It’s Sweden’s pick for represent in Eurovision Song Contest.

The best song yesterday was unfortunate a childish comedy rapper, Sean Banan (banana), with a super catchy, silly song. All day today I have had the same line stuck in my head: ”Dinge dinge dinge ding-ding-ding – här glider kingen in” (here the king comes in). so annoying!

He got to the semifinal; but the songs that went straight to the final was also good.


Sean Banan!


I have booked my trip to America! Finally I’ll come back to the beautiful California. My first stop will be NorCal, where I will visit Lauren and others. I will be there for her birthday, and later we are gonna celebrate her birthday in Las Vegas too. In between, I will be in Santa Barbara and enjoy life. Oh, I’m longing so much!


Soon! <3


And also, Lauren have booked tickets and she will come visit Sweden this summer. Yay!


Speaking of America, Super Bowl is on right now. In the second quarter, Gianst are leading over the Patriots, 9-3. Go Giants!