Loong time since last time

Now I haven’t written for a month. So much for updating more often. But I have done so much, been so busy and had such a great time, so I think I have a reason.


I have been working as the editor for the letter-to-the-editor section, It has been so fun, and I like it a lot. It’s fun being part of the whole process, from picking the ones the get to be in the paper, edit, produce the pages. And write a little welcome box at the top of the page each day.


I have spent a whole lot of time with my friends. Basically all the time. I think I have had an average of 1,5 days each week when I have been just at home in the evening. All other nights I have been away, doing stuff with my friends.  We have had so much fun, no matter if we have had movie nights, been to parties, cooked, went on roadtrips, moved stuff, went to the movie theatre, celebrated midsummer or just hanged out. Fun all the time, and I’m so happy I have my friends.

And at midsummer, we play funny games :)


It feels like it’s gonna be a great summer. And Sunday Lauren comes and she is gonna be here for a week and a half. So I might not write that much on the blog, but at least I got it going now again.