Summer, soccer, Eurovision. movie and Rangers

Once again it’s been a while since I updated the blog so here is yet another long post. I’ll try to keep it short.



It’s finally warm! Last week it was warm all the time, and in the 80s each day. And what’s even more lovely is that it has been so warm in the nights. Even after midnight it has been around 70 degrees.


We played minigolf in the nice weather



Our local team, that’s in the second division this season, is doing very well. I have watched games both live and on TV, and it’s looking good. And soon it’s the Euro tournament.


Eurovision Song Contest

Sweden won Eurovision Song Contest! Loreen and her song Euphoria were so professional and it was truly amazing to see. Next year I will be in the stands when the competition is being held in Sweden, no matter which city it will be held in.

I was watching it with Anna, Elin, Daniel and others in Gothenburg, and it was so nice.

Loreen!! :D



I saw Men in black III Friday, and it was really, really good. That’s all.



Sigh. It looked so good. But now it’s over. I have seen a whole lot of games this year, and Rangers have had positive surprises all along. I am so proud of how they have played, and they will have many good year ahead of them. Hopefully they will keep the team intact without any major roster moves. Now I’m looking forward to see Rangers players get awards in June, and I can say that I endorse Los Angeles Kings to win their first Stanley Cup. But just this year, cause we will be back in 2013. Let’s Go Rangers!