Beautiful Greece

For a week me, Andreas, Henric and Anna have had a wonderful vacation on Crete.

During the summer I have only had one week of, when Lauren was here. Otherwise I have been working all the time.  To just be able to not set the alarm has been sweet. And to not do it for a whole week, at a place where the weather is amazing is so awesome.


I went to Crete 2005 when me and Magnus were boat hiking in Greece, but we never went to the western parts of the island.

This time we went to Platanias, almost 20 miles west of Chania. It was a conducted tour, which I haven’t been to in a really long time. But it was so great. A wonderful hotel with nice pool areas and close to the beach.

The weather was amazing. At least 85 degrees each day, so we have tanned and swam a lot.




And the food. Wow. We have had so great food. Every dinner we ordered starters and shared with each other, Then big main courses and desserts. Everything have been so tasty.


We went to two field trips. Wednesday we went to the Samaria Gorge, the longest Gorge in Europe. 12 miles in extremely uneven terrain. It was amazing views and sceneries wherever you looked. The gorge varied between 10 and 100 feet wide, with pine forests, creeks, mountains and cliffs. And when we got to the end of the groge we got to a totally awesome beach,


Saturday we went to another field trip. We went by boat, first to an island with a mountain which had an old fortress on top of it.  Then we went to a lagoon, where we had to walk in the water to get to the place were we could lay on the beach in turquoise water.


This vacation was exactly what we needed. Sun, bath, good food, good drinks, nice experiences and great company. Tanned and nice we now prepare to survive the Swedish fall.