NHL Trading deadline

It’s been a while since I wrote about NHL, but I have to get it out of my system now after watching the last hours of the trading deadline circus.


First of all, it was a nice broadcast that the Swedish paper Aftonbladet had.


But then the trades themselves.

This morning (Swedish time) the Rangers acquired Ryan Clowe from San José Sharks for some draft picks. Seemed nice, and with not so much time left till deadline it felt like that was gonna be the only Rangers trade today.

But no.

The news that Marian Gaborik had been traded was a chock. I couldn’t believe it. Sure, he was in the speculations, but still! And what we got for him. Three decent players, but nothing special. They better succeed now!


Well, it’s not like 2004 when ten Rangers-players were traded within a week before deadline, among them Brian Leetch. But I’m still upset.

This night I’m gonna watch the game between the part new Rangers against the very new Pittsburgh Penguins.

Damn, they have added good names. Iginla, Morrow, Jokinen, Murray. But we will kick their ass!

Columbus also did some nice moves, as well as St Louis.


This year’s NHL season is in all means nothing like what you thought last summer. Now it’s just for the Blueshirts to cramp in to the layoff. Good luck, and also good luck in Columbus, Gaborik!


Photo I took in Madison Square Garden in january 2010. Marian Gaborik in action.