Many fun things, and some less

Last week many fun things happened. For instance, we went to the movies and saw the remake of Carrie. A horror/drama movie, where Chloë Grace Moretz plays a bullied girl, and Julianne Moore is her psycho mother. Both were great, and so was the movie overall. Mean.




Another cool movie, I saw this night. The second of the Hobbit movies. So mighty. Really good, and much better than the first one. The last chapter comes out next December.


But something even better – I’ve got a job! Or, I’ve had a job before, but from January 1st, its gonna be permanent. I started at HN (same company) in 2008. Then I was at Hallandsposten in the summers of 2009 and -10, and since June 2011 I have been here a hundred percent. I’ve been on every section of the paper, but I’ve had job. And now I’m stuck :)


Thursday we won the quiz at The Fox & Anchor for the first time in a long time.


Henrik Lundqvist has signed an extension to his contract with the New York Rangers. It was so necessary. It has been some talk about what’s gonna happen in the sumer when he was to become a free agent, especially since this season hasn’t started out so well.   But now he got a seven-year contract, and he will hoepfullt be a Ranger for the rest of his career.



The last games, though, hasn’t been that good, and thereby we go on to not so positive half of this blog post.


Rangers aren’t the only ones who lost. Elin lost the final of Swedish Idol. Kevin did his best performance this year, and he has many fans, so the outcome was kinda expected, even though I’ve like Elin ever since her audition.


But the major thing this week has been the passing of Nelson Mandela. He has been ill for quite some time, and he was 95. But it’s still sad that a great leader is gone, someone who can’t get to many big words.  An amazing human being that more people should have as their role model and look up to.

Tuesday was the memorial service, and leaders from all over the world were there. Barack Obama held a great speech. Sweden was represented by prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt, Crown princess Victoria and the opposition leader, Stefan Löfven.


One of the greatest in the history: rest in peace, Madiba!