Time to start again

I write so often, don't I? =)
A lot has happened since I last wrote in the spring, but I'm gonna start all over with this blog again. Not sure how, and it might be a little different, but we'll figure it out.
At least you can look forward to my annual year in review, later this year.

A really cool Academy Award Show

Katta took the picture

Yesterday it was time for a tradition for me and my friends. An all-nighter with dinner at the Academy Awards.

We were at Henric’s place, five people, are a three course meal, dressed at our best. Then we watched the pre-show, the red carpet and the show itself.

Ellen DeGeneres was the host, and she is so good. Really fun, sweet and nice. One fun thing was at one point at the show she asked the actors if they were hungry, and asked if she should order some pizza. And after a while, a pizza delivery man came. And he wasn’t an actor, but and actual pizza parlour employee who got a delivery of a lifetime, to bring pizza there and let some of the world’s most famous actors eat.


Another thing was when Ellen wanted to create the most retweeted picture ever on Twitter. And she did. She took a selfie with her and some of the coolest actors there where, and when she posted the photo Twitter broke because so many wanted to share the photo. Over 2,5 million people did so, including me.

Jared Leto, Jennifer Lawrence, Channing Tatum, Merryl Streep, Julia Roberts, Ellen DeGeneres, Kevin Spacey, Brad Pitt, Bradley Cooper, Angeleina Jolie och Lupita Nyong'o and her brother. So much epicness in one picture possible!


There where many good movies nominated this year, and I had actually seen everyone nominated for Best picture. Dallas Buyers Club and Gravity won the most, but only the first one deserved it. Other favorites this year was Her, Philomena and Captain Phillips.


When the show was over at 6am, I got home and was able to get one and a half hour of sleep before I had to go to work. So, not that much sleep but it was worth it. The Oscars are so much fun, and especially if you can share it with your friends.

A lot of fun since last time

I am currently blogging for my newspaper about the Swedish selection to Eurovision Song Contest, Melodifestivalen, and therefore I haven’t had that much time to blog here. Sorry!


So, a little sum up.


There was the Olympics, in which Sweden did very well. The best event was the women’s ski relay, where Charlotte Kalla was on the last leg. She started half a minut after the others but fought hard and caught up with the others and could go for gold in the last second.

In total Sweden got 15 medals, most ever in a winter game. Awesome!


Last week something really cool happened to me. As a birthday present I had got tickets to go see a magic show by Joe Labero in Malmö with my parents. First we were to eat dinner. When we entered the restaurant I saw someone who looked like my friend Anna S. But it couldn’t be, cause she wasn’t in Malmö. But then I also saw someone who looked like Linus…

It turned out that my friends Anna S, Anna B, Linus, Henric and Andreas all were in the restaurant, waiting to surprise me. They had cooked it up with my parents to come and surprise me, and also join us for both dinner and the show. I got really surprised and happy that my friends and parents had done this for me behind my back.


Some of you might have followed my blog about Melodifestivalen. Next week it’s the final. This year many great songs have went to the final, but the show it self hasn’t been the best. I hope for either Helena Paparizou, Alcazar or Sanna Nielsen to win.


Tomorrow it’s the Oscars, and I will be up all night to watch the event. This year I have also seen all the movies nominated for Best picture.

I will blog at my job, too

It was my birthday Sunday! But the big celebrations will be this Saturday, so I can give you an update after that.
It's now Melodifestivalen! The Swedish selection for the Eurovision Song Contest. It goes on for several weeks, and it's one of the most popular things for Swedes to watch in the spring.
I will blog about this at Hallandsposten, so therefore it might be a little less blogging here. My other work-blog will be only in Swedish, but here is a link if you want to take a look at it.

A totally crazy week

As public opinion’s editor, there is not too much out of the ordinary happening. Up until this week, that is.  


It all started last Thursday with a letter to the editors in my paper Hallandsposten. An old man, who uses to write a lot, wrote about that he wanted to shut down the internet. No good arguments for why, really, but he has his opinions.

You can read it here, in English.


When I chose to publish it, I knew it would create some reactions. But not at all like this.


The same day it was published, a few people tweeted about it.  We unlocked it for everybody to read, and then the tweet-storm started. People all over Sweden hared it on Facebook and Twitter. Many wrote funny things about it, and it continued to spread. Come Friday, 25,000 people had read it on our website.


This was recognized Monday by the web-based paper Dagens Media (Today’s Media) who interviewed me about the craze and that it became so big. After that some other Swedish newspapers called me for an interview. Also the newspaper The Local, who writes about Swedish news in English,  called me, and I had an interview in English too.

Dagens media's article, in Swedish.


During the following week it not only spread in Sweden, but across the globe. Newspapers in America, Australia, India, Britain and Canada wrote about the craze, and how an old man in Sweden wants to shut down the Internet. It was also translated into English, so the text itself started to spread.

Here are a few of the articles:

Kvällsposten (Swedish).

The Local (English).

The Independent (Britain, English)

News.com.au (Australia, English)


But the craziest thing is this:

Someone has taken the time to translate it (through Goolge translate, but still) and have it read by the computer-voice, and then created a YouTube  video about the letter to the editor.




Friday, the article had been read over 50,000 times, which is a whole lot. Last year we only got that many reads on our live-coverages of the hurricanes in the fall.


Now it’s time to see if there ever will be any letter to the editor in Hallandsposten who will ever reach this much fame. I doubt it.

Year in review, 2013

This is the 10th time I write a year in review. The first years I published it on the web community Lunarstorm. Since 2008 I do it here on the blog, and since 2009 it’s also in English.

As usual it will be my personal year, news, good songs, movies and much more. Enjoy!


  • My 2013
  • News
  • Enteratainment
  • Best songs
  • Sports
  • Dead celebrities
  • My guesses about 2013
  • My guesses about 2014
  • New years resolutions


My 2013

At work, 2013 started as I was used to, and not knowing what was gonna happen. The paper has gone through many changes this year, and people had to go.

I applied for the position as public opinions editor, and I got a temporary job as that. But by the end of the year, I was finally hired permanently. I started at HN (another paper, but in the same company) in the summer of 2008, and in December 2013 I finally had a job.


In the spring I went to America with Andreas and Henric to America. After some troubles on the trip there, we got a few weeks of wonderful vacation, loads of stuff to do, see and experience. We were in San Francisco, Santa Barbara, Hollywood/LA, San Diego and Las Vegas. We rented a car for wherever we went. Many roadtrips, lots of good food, went to se many movies, met with my friends, partied, cilled, and had a great time.

The best thing was in Santa Barbara, when we were going out to dinner with Gabt and Paige. Then all of a sudden, Cecily showed up. She had driven all the way from San Diego through a traffic-heavy LA, 8 hours, just to come and see me. Lovely!

The view from our hotel
We went to see a show with Elton John at Ceasar's Palace


I always love to return to America.


Many fun parties at home too. Here was a costume party with a travel-theme.




The summer was great in Sweden. Many sunny and warm days, hardly any rain at all. I didn’t go to the beach a lot, since I was working so much, but the evenings were great and long.



This summer I went to a big arena concert again. This year it was Robbie Williams who had an amazing show, and I was standing at the front my the stage.



I tried standup paddling. Along with some friends from work, we slowly paddled at the river Fyllån a lovely and warm summer day.


And speaking of standup, I saw two great shows. Eddie Izzard in the spring, and Al Pitcher in the fall.



I went on a weekend trip to Germany with my dad.  A nice little town called Burg.



In the fall I went to Öland for the harvest festival. It was the first time I went to Öland in the fall, and the first year ever I didn’t go there in the summer. But it was nice in September too.



And I finniesh off the year by winning double star prices at Liseberg :)



The news year of 2013


One of the biggest things happened in December, when Nelson Mandela died. He had been ill for most of the year, he almost died in the spring, and he was 95, so it wasn’t unexpected that it hapend. But the whole world took this to their hearts, and at the memorial ceremony leaders from around the world came to celebrate Mandela’s life. It was nice to see leaders from Iran, America, Cuba, Sweden and many others come together in honor of a great person.


Syria was a standing subject all year. Many refugees, and some of them came to Sweden and Halmstad. That created many letters to me at work from people who were both for and against that.


Obama visited Sweden. This was the first bilateral meeting between Sweden and America in Sweden (earlier it has been EU summits) and the security was huge. But all went well, and things went well.


At home Obama didn’t have quite as good year, though. He launched the health care reform, which his opponents call Obamacare, but the website were people applied had many problems at first.


There was also problems for America with a surveillance scandal, that whistleblower Edward Snowden exposed.


During Boston Marathon, two bombs exploded by the finishing line.


In Russia, an asteroid crashed outside a city.


In the Philippines hurricane Haiyan killed thousands of people, destroyed a lot of the country and made many people homeless.


Big news in Sweden too – secretary of Finance, Anders Borg, cut of his iconic pony tail!


Another hilarious thing was the horse-meat scandal in the spring, where it came up that some companies had used horsemeat in their food with out telling it. Many jokes came up, and one of the new words created was “horse lasagna”.


Two thing happened at the same day in Sweden in January. A subway rain took off in Stockholm and crashed into a house. At first it was said that a cleaning lady has stolen it, but it turned out that it wasn’t so, and she was innocent.

The same day there was a huge pileup in Skåne, the biggest ever in Sweden, nut only one person died.


Police officers in Malmö got in trouble after it came out that they had secretly registered roma people.


Many storms in Sweden during the fall.


Princess Madeleine got married, and is expecting a children next year. England also got a royal baby, George.


The Pope resigned, for the first time in many hundred years. The new one, Francis, is form Argentine, and is a little softer on some weird catholic things, like allowing homosexuals to be Christian.


Selife was one of this year’s words.


Entertainment year of 2013

Melodifestivalen didn’t get the winner I hoped for. The European final, Eurovision Song Constest was held in Malmö this year, but someone failed to get the tickets to me…

My favorite song was the entry form San Marino, but that song didn’t even reach the final.

But my co-worker who went there got me this


The most played artist on radio and in the clubs this year was Avicii, with his songs Wake me up and Hey brother.


But to most talked about person 2013 was Miley Cyrus. The former Disney- child star dropped her cute image and has crown up. People got upset when she twerked half-naked on stage during the MTV video awards. Then she was completely nudein the video for Wrecking ball. She sat on a wrecking ball, and licked a sledge, and people freaked out. Relax.  She had great songs, as you can see in my list below.


Many great movies this year too, and during the Academy awards, I had seen most of the nominated movies. Let’s see how it will be next year.


Great movies I’ve seen in theatres 2013:

Carrie, Evil Dead, Django Unchained, Olympus has fallen, Monica Z, Mama, Iron Man 3, Hunger Games: Catching fire, Man of Steel, Silver lining's playbook



Best songs of the year:

  • Britney Separs & Will.i.am – Scream & shout
  • Pitbull & Christina Aguilera – Feel this moment
  • Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Thrift Shop
  • Valentina Monetta - Chrisalide
  • Miley Cyrus – We can’t stop
  • Miley Cyrus – Wrecking ball
  • Ellie Goulding – Burn
  • Olly Murs – Dear darling
  • Pink & Nate Russ – Just give me a reason
  • Elin Bergman – The Fire
  • Pitbull & Ke$ha - Timber


Dead celebrities:

Princess Lilian, Margaret Thatcher, Nelson Mandela, Paul Walker, Hugo Chavez, James Avery, James Gandolfini, Rolv Vesenlund, Tom Clancy, Lou Reed, Doris Lessing, Marcia Wallace, Michail Kalashnikov


2013 in sports

Sweden won the world championship in ice hockey, and they were also hosting it.


Soccer didn’t go as well. Sweden failed to qualify to the world cup of soccer.


Halmstad didn’t do as good either. They barely managed to stay in the highest division. 2014 they will celebrate their 100th anniversary.


The women did better. The European championship was held in Swden, and Halsmtad hoested a few games. Sweden go to the semifinals, where they were defeated by Germany, who one the whole thing.

During the game in Halmstad, against Iceland.


NHL started in January. Chicago Balckhawks had a great season, and won the Stanley Cup.


My guesses about 2013:

The summer will be awesome!

It sure was!

Al-Assad will be forced away from the ruling of Syria, one way or another.

Nope, he’s still there.

I will sit in the audience of Eurovision Song Contest, watching Sweden bomb.

No, I didn’t. But Sweden didn’t do well.

Sweden will qualify for the World Cup of soccer.

Stupid Portugal…

NHL will start in January, and the Rangers will at least reach Conference final.

It did, but the Rangers only got to the second round in the playoffs.


Not too good guesses.


Here is what I think about 2014:

Germany will win the World cup.

Sweden will win the Olympic hockey, and get a total of 13 medals.

It will be a great summer, with many things to do.

Change of government in Sweden after the election-

I get a car.


And as for my new years-resolutions:

Promise 1: I'll go and visit in the U.S.
Promise 2: I will somehow work out at least three times a week, preferably more. Does every week, except when I am out of town or sick.
Promise 3: I'll update the blog more often


Maybe I’ve could have blogged more, but I would say that I succeeded with all three! I’m especially glad I managed to do the second promise.


Resolutions about 2014:

I dodn’t know if I can go to America, so I’ll scratch that, but keep the other two.  And also adding this: I will make sure that 2014 turns out to be a great year!


There we go. A few days into the new year, but here it is. Hope you’ve enjoyed the read, and we’ll keep in touch!


Between the holidays

Christmas is over and all the preparations, and it has all been very nice. A lot of work, and stress, up until Christmas, but I had time to do a whole lot.


We went to our relatives in Småland, exchanged gifts and ate a lot.

I also had time to go to Gothenburg with my friends. Walked around in the city, and then went to the theme park Liseberg, and the Christmas fair. 


You got in to the spirit, but most important: I won the high price!

We played at many lotteries and wheels, and also played games. We won a lot of small prices at the games. But right before we were to go home, we decided to play one last thing, the chocolate wheel. As usual I played number 2, at it hit number two AND the star. The girl behind the counter handed out over a regular (big ass) plain chocolate, but Andreas said “take the one with nuts”, and she replied, “you might have both”.





I also went to a Christmas concert in the big church in Halmstad. Opera singer Rickard Söderberg gained fame this fall in a Swedish TV show, and along with his choir and Sweden’s most famous singer Carola, they performed an unforgettable evening with Christmas songs and spirit. Amazing!



The Christmas went well, celebrated with my parents in Getinge.




Next time I write, it will be my annual year-in-review. That’ll come in the first days of January, so for now I wish you all a happy new year!

Many fun things, and some less

Last week many fun things happened. For instance, we went to the movies and saw the remake of Carrie. A horror/drama movie, where Chloë Grace Moretz plays a bullied girl, and Julianne Moore is her psycho mother. Both were great, and so was the movie overall. Mean.




Another cool movie, I saw this night. The second of the Hobbit movies. So mighty. Really good, and much better than the first one. The last chapter comes out next December.


But something even better – I’ve got a job! Or, I’ve had a job before, but from January 1st, its gonna be permanent. I started at HN (same company) in 2008. Then I was at Hallandsposten in the summers of 2009 and -10, and since June 2011 I have been here a hundred percent. I’ve been on every section of the paper, but I’ve had job. And now I’m stuck :)


Thursday we won the quiz at The Fox & Anchor for the first time in a long time.


Henrik Lundqvist has signed an extension to his contract with the New York Rangers. It was so necessary. It has been some talk about what’s gonna happen in the sumer when he was to become a free agent, especially since this season hasn’t started out so well.   But now he got a seven-year contract, and he will hoepfullt be a Ranger for the rest of his career.



The last games, though, hasn’t been that good, and thereby we go on to not so positive half of this blog post.


Rangers aren’t the only ones who lost. Elin lost the final of Swedish Idol. Kevin did his best performance this year, and he has many fans, so the outcome was kinda expected, even though I’ve like Elin ever since her audition.


But the major thing this week has been the passing of Nelson Mandela. He has been ill for quite some time, and he was 95. But it’s still sad that a great leader is gone, someone who can’t get to many big words.  An amazing human being that more people should have as their role model and look up to.

Tuesday was the memorial service, and leaders from all over the world were there. Barack Obama held a great speech. Sweden was represented by prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt, Crown princess Victoria and the opposition leader, Stefan Löfven.


One of the greatest in the history: rest in peace, Madiba!




I’m watching the two worst movies every. The Ninja Mission and 2019 – the new barbarians. I borrowed them from Roger at work. And I’m not badmouthing his choice of film – he told me these were terrible, and therefore I should watch them.

There Swedish, but the first takes place in the Soviet Unions (with ninjas), even though you can see old Volvo cars with Swedish plates…


But last week I saw a really good movie, the sequel to The Hunger games, Catching fire. I’ve also read the book,


and I was pleasantly surprised. The movie stuck to the book well.



NHL has started so and so, but they’ll get it eventually.


Swedish Idol only has two more episodes. I love this show. Go Elin!



At work there has been a whole lot going on, with a new layout for the paper, new networks and other things, but it’s getting better and better.


We had a company party Saturday. Bowling, dinner and then party at a nightclub. Really nice.


And I’m also doing a lot of  other fun things, and I guess it will be even more now that the holiday season is coming up

The fall is here

Well, well, here I go again.

I've had so much to do each week, so I never get time to blog.



I alwas have plenty of stuff to do during the weekends, always many weeks ahead. But also in the weekdays it's like that. For instance, this week:

Monday: stor (tell you more in a second)

Tuesday: met with Elin, Dionisis and Teo.


Make pumkins with dad, redecorating, laundry

Thursday: Quiz night

Friday- sunday: trip to Gothenburg, plus soccer game Sunday

Next week:
Monday: Boxercise with Linda
Tusday: Floorball
Wednesday: Game night with coworkers:
Thursday: Quiz night
Friday: Homewwarming party
Saturday: Meet Anton all day
Sunday: Father's Day, going to Getinge
And it continues like that. Things to do all the time, but it's fun. Exercise, running, Sunday dinners, and plenty of other things as well, besides work.
Monday there was a storm. Hurricane Simone came in over Sweden after affecting parts of Europe, and people had died. In Sweden it wasn't as devastating, but many trees came donw, as well as roofs, barns, animals died and thousands were out of power.
But it was cool to work at a newspaper that day, and our great web-reporters live reported constantly all day long.

 Halloween was yesterday, and I carved some punpkins.

 Speaking of pumpkins, I went to Öland for the big Harvest festival. I've never went there in the fall, but it was really cool. Lots of food, art, fairs and things to see. I went there with mom and dad, and my firend Andreas.
I also went to Uddevalla, going to Gothenburg now, and more trips, game nights and parties. Many things to do, and I'm loving it.

Summer, summer, summer

I guess there’s no use in trying to find an excuse for why I haven’t blogged all summer. Summer holiday?

Of which I’ve had none. Well, a week. It was nice to be off work and just relax then.

But I’ve still been busy. Every afternoon and evening all summer I have had something to do, after working all day.


I can’t go through all things I’ve done this summer, but here are some of the things I’ve been up to.


The weather has been amazing this summer. Hardly any rain until way into August. Mostly warm, sunny and lovely.


Different sports in Halmstad this summer. Here is beach handboll.


I’ve tried standup-paddeling. Ten of us, some of them from work, 9k along the river Fylleån. Fun, good exercise, and gorgeous nature.


I attended a big concert, Robbie Williams in Gothenburg. All power, damn good and lovely.

Warmup singer Olly Murs


Women’s European championship of soccer was held in Sweden this summer, and Halmstad was one of the host cities. I attended the quarter final in Halmstad, where Sweden beat Iceland 4-0. In the next game Sweden was eliminated against Germany.


Speaking of Germany, me and my dad went there for a mini vacation to the small town of Burg auf Fehmarn. From Friday night till Sunday afternoon. A cozy little town, good food, cold beer. Perfect. Then bringing some home as well.




We have had a bachelor party for Marcus who got married in the spring.


Ola, Mariana, Christoffer and Lidia came visit me, and everything was back as it once was in Santa Barbara.


Plus many other nice parties, minigolf games, after beach, after work and party with the summer standins from work.


And a crayfish party of course :)


I have seen that I am lousy at blogging, but I’ll try to be better. Maybe a bit easier now when summer soon is over, but I can’t promise anything.

The trip to America

I’ve been home for about two weeks now, but haven’t had time to blog yet. So, here comes.


Me, Andreas and Henric have had 3,5 incredible busy, but also amazing, weeks. We did so much, met a whole lot of people, and had some really delish food.


It didn’t start that great, though. We were supposed to fly in form Copenhagen to San Francisco, via Chicago. But the plane was delayed, and the flight took longer than planned. And that week, one of America’s budget cuts was to save money on the customs. So we had to be in line for almost three hours at O’Hare airport in Chicago. All this made us miss our next flight, as well as all other flights to San Francisco for the rest of the day. After first being offered a flight the next day at 7 pm (!) via HOUSTON (!!) we got a flight to Sacramento the next morning. But we got a night at the Chicago airport. Sucked.


Lauren helped us to get bus tickets from Sacramento to San Francisco, so we arrived eventually. And we had such a good time!

We got to do so much. We went on a tourist bus to see most of the city. We walked around a lot downtown, Fisherman’s Wharf, the Full House- house, we went to Alcatraz. We checked out the redwood forest of Muir Woods, and went shopping. One night Lauren and Riley came, and we celebrated Lauren’s birthday at a restaurant and some cocktail bars.

We did so much, both stuff I had done before, as well as things I hadn’t. And it was really nice the whole time.











Then we took Highway 1 towards the best town in the world – Santa Barbara!




We stayed at Villa Rosa Inn, a really nice apartment hotel, where my parents stayed before. We checked out my school and the town, and we went to see some movies. We met some of my friends, like Gaby and Paige. But also…

One night we had set up to meet for dinner at Sandbar, all of us. The girls said they would be late, so we went to eat on our own. Eventually came Paige and… Cecily!

She had went all the way from San Diego, an eight hour drive, just to come see me and surprise me. And boy, was I surprised! And happy! This was by far the single best moment on this trip for me.

She was with us the whole weekend, and with Gaby and Paige we went partying, visited the Danish town of Solvang, went to wine bars and did small roadtrips.

Some sweet days with amazing friends.




Next stop was Hollywood. We stayed at a place right in the center of everything, one street away from Hollywood Boulevard. A few minutes to Madame Tussauds, Chinese Theatre, and Dolby (Kodak) Theater. At Chinese we say several movies in the evenings, really cool and awesome sound.










We also visited some theme parks. Six Flags I had been to before, but it’s always fun, despite the fact that the best roller coaster, X2, was closed.

But I had never been to Universal Studios, and it was so much fun. We all thought so, since we are all in to movies and TV series. And theme parks. It was so fun ot see the Jurassic Park things, and the –ride. Also really cool 3D rides with themes from Transformers and The Simpsons. Then we went on the studio tour, with sceneries and shooting locations from everything possible. On the top of Henric’s wishing list was to go to Wisteria Lane, where they shot Desperate Housewives, his favorite tv show. But just as we were to enter that street, the car turned right, into another road. They were shooting commercial at Wisteria Lane, so we couldn’t go there. Henric was very disappointed.







One of the days we spent in Santa Monica, and did some shopping at Melrose Avenue. We never went to Downtown LA, because let’s face it, what is there to do? Nothing to see.

The hotel we stayed at was quite nice, and had a nice pool area. It also had interesting guests. Jonas Hallberg, co-host of Swedish Top Model was there, as well as a lot of models. But also – the world’s best known – and totally gross, porn star – Ron Jeremy.


The next stop was San Diego. I had only been there for a short while at Sea World, but hadn’t seen the city. The city is a lot of different neighborhoods, that our host Cecily showed us. We went to a baseball game, went partying in different areas of the city, we went to Sea World, and on hikes and road trips. We celebrated Cinqo de Mayo in Old town, which is very Mexican. Well, most of San Diego is, since it’s so close to Mexico.














The last part of the trip was Las Vegas, this amazing and totally crazy place. Many tours up and down The Strip, shopping, great restaurants (like one of Gordon Ramsay’s places and the world’s best Caesar salad, at Caesar’s Palace of course) and a show with Elton John. It was incredible. Especially in the extra number, when he sang Circle of Life. The goose bumps are almost still there.

We staayed at New York-New York, a very nie hotel.

We also went to Grand Canyon.

The last days it was extremely warm, triple digit, so we had some time to go to the pool and get some sun the last days before going home.














In total, we have had such a great time, experienced so much and enjoyed the moment. This was just what we needed, and the exact right persons to experience it with.

Nice day at work

Today I’ve had a lot to do at work, but it still has been very nice. It’s of course because I’m going abroad tomorrow!


Today at work our owner’s CEO visited our paper, as well as Elin and Theodor. The second visit was better.

I’ve also taught my apprentice all the things I know about my job as an editor.


Tomorrow I will be travelling, but I hasn’t really had time to think about it.

The last couple of days I’ve been so busy.

A really funny, travelling-themed party Saturday. Very great night at Anna and Linus’s. I was a pilot.


 Sunday I went to Grandma, to celebrate her birthday.


Monday. Went to Gothenburg to see Eddie Izzard with Daniel.  I saw Izzard 2009, but this was even better. Two amazing hour filled with absurd humor about everything and nothing.



Wednesday I saw a Halmstad soccer game. Another tie, but really boring game.


And I’ve done the laundry.


And then tonight I’ve packed the bags. Because tomorrow I’m going to America!!


Me, Andreas and Henric are going to the West Coast of the US for a couple of weeks. Go around to different places, meet friends, eat lots of good food, and just have a great time.


And it’s my first paid vacation. That alone is strange.

Succesful start!

Okay, since I wrote in anger last night, here is a short summary of the Rangers' new players.
The same evening (night time for me) as the trades, Rangers played Pittsburgh. And goddamn what a great game, and goddamn what a success for the new players!
Ryane Clowe came from San José earlier in the day. He is big and strong and usually a good sniper, bit not this year, when he has been goal-less. Until last night. He stroke no less than two times, and also got an assist. His first thing in the game was also to give away a nice clean tackle to a Penguin, just to introduce himeself for the Garden audience.
Derick Brassard came to the Rangers in the Gaborik trade, and arrived to Madison Square Garden six minutes before warm-up. He scored too, and also got three assists!
John Moore, defenseman, came with the same plane after the same trade and HE SCORED TOO!
Besides this, the rest of the team played brilliantly, and they could beat Pittsburg 6-1, depsite the Penguins' all great trades in the past week.
The thirs player in the trade, Derek Dorsett, is injured, and obviously couldt make any points last night.
Now things starts to feel good again. If the Rangers plays like this, there will be no problem reaching the playoff, and once there, they can go far. Really far. The furthest.
Photo: New York Rangers/Facebook

NHL Trading deadline

It’s been a while since I wrote about NHL, but I have to get it out of my system now after watching the last hours of the trading deadline circus.


First of all, it was a nice broadcast that the Swedish paper Aftonbladet had.


But then the trades themselves.

This morning (Swedish time) the Rangers acquired Ryan Clowe from San José Sharks for some draft picks. Seemed nice, and with not so much time left till deadline it felt like that was gonna be the only Rangers trade today.

But no.

The news that Marian Gaborik had been traded was a chock. I couldn’t believe it. Sure, he was in the speculations, but still! And what we got for him. Three decent players, but nothing special. They better succeed now!


Well, it’s not like 2004 when ten Rangers-players were traded within a week before deadline, among them Brian Leetch. But I’m still upset.

This night I’m gonna watch the game between the part new Rangers against the very new Pittsburgh Penguins.

Damn, they have added good names. Iginla, Morrow, Jokinen, Murray. But we will kick their ass!

Columbus also did some nice moves, as well as St Louis.


This year’s NHL season is in all means nothing like what you thought last summer. Now it’s just for the Blueshirts to cramp in to the layoff. Good luck, and also good luck in Columbus, Gaborik!


Photo I took in Madison Square Garden in january 2010. Marian Gaborik in action.

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