The blog entry I wrote while I was awake and coudln't sleep was written early Wednesday morning, not Tuesday. That's all for today :P

Record heat (so now I'm blogging because I cannot sleep)

It is now after midnight, Tuesday morning, and it is impossible to sleep because of the heat. So therefore I blog a bit. First about the weather and then a lot of small things, so I’ll  have something to do.

Today has been kinda decent, but yesterday, it was unbearably hot here! And now people in Sweden/Norway certainly think badly about me for that, because I know you had a frost and the fall has arrived there. But what does it help me?
Yesterday it was around 40 degrees C (90F) most of the day, and no wind. The little wind that was there was also hot, so it made it worse.

Americans were also complaining. Not even the most seasoned Californians could stand it.

In Los Angeles, they beat the heat record of 113 degrees Fahrenhei.

In the photo/Photoshop class Digital Imaging, we were to make an image of any work of Maggie Taylor, who makes photo illustrations. Here you can see what I accomplished with the help of Chris, who was the model.

The original:

My work:

I bought a girl magazine and a men's magazine today. For the mass communication class tomorrow, we will have to bring different ads, good and bad, and discuss them. I did not have any good papers here, and even worse ads. So I went down to the 7-Eleven and looked through a bunch of different magazines. The most fun and different ads, I found in the papers M and GQ. M is not as in Sweden, a magazine for 50 + women, but girls aged 9-17 years, and 99% is about Justin Bieber. It also included a poster of him. Yikes. GQ is just all about advertising, often very good looking ads. In some it was even with perfume, folded in some way in a sticky part of the hand, oh I cannot explain.

To sit and watch funny pictures on the web is fun when you're bored. Here comes the Iraqi Batman:

We have today discussed the Challenger accident in English 120. For today, we read about how Reagan's speechwriters were working that day, and we have read the speech. Today we saw footage from Reagan when he read it, and news. Very strong stuff. Also interesting debates in class.

I bought a big giant container with apple juice today. Just thought you wanted to know. For those of you who enjoy food blogs, I can also say that I ate tuna salad for dinner.

Tasted something really good today when me and Lauren were at Starbucks. Chocholate Chip Coffee-based Frappucino. OMG, how good it was. Cold and tasty, like milkshake, but it was coffee, but cold with pieces of chocolate. Yum! Those I will have a lot of in the future.

I have been stuck for a humor group on YouTube. The Key of Awesome gang from Barley Political. They do parodies of pop-culture phenomenon, and has done several parodies of music videos. There are three videos that I've looked at I don’t know how many times. There are parodies of:

Ke$ha's Tik Tok (here Tik Tok / Glitter Puke)
Ke$ha is really my homegirl since the performance at Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, but this is really funny.

Katy Perry's California Gurls (the parody has the same name)
The song is a travesty of both Perry's song and how California girls can be (though I must say that most people have some of the sides from both songs. Sure, some to be superficial, but often they are very kind and nice and good looking)

Lady GaGa Bad Romance (Here, a duet between "Lady Gaga" and "Lord Gaga")
The song is not the same as the original song, just inspired by, but the parody is more about the video and Gaga's odd personality.

Now you've got a lot of nonsense written in this blog. What should I do now? After I put up this post and I will probably continue to check out YouTube. Fell yesterday for a bunch of old nostalgia. So in conclusion, you will here get a clip of the intro to the most frightening child program that was available when I was little: Ika on the screen. It's so psychedelic, scary, weird colors, mystical dances, strange creatures, a skeleton named Åke and a super fuzzy mime from Halmstad as a host. All of my generation says they were afraid of this when they were little, but all have as much fun to see it now. So. Enjoy!


Really nice birthday-party-week with amazing weather

After the last week with so much studying I thought “oh, the next week will be so nice since I don’t have that much to do and I can just relax and have fun”. And I did. Have had so much fun this week. But it wasn’t that calm…


There has been parties. Five days this week. Monday and Tuesday we celebrated Chris’ birthday at home. Thursday it was Steven’s birthday and I was both there and downtown.

Friday we had a small private party here, and yesterday it was two more birthday parties. A friend of Ola called him and told him to come and bring people, cause they had a beer keg.

We went there, a big cool house almost on the top of Carillo Hill with a spectacular view over the town and the ocean. Amazing. They had the beer, a keg containing 180 beers. We brought a bottle of tequila and gave them, and others had other drinks. A lot to drink, that is. Plus cake and pizza, and we had a great evening.

Then we went downtown. Went to a couple of places and ended up at Tonic. There we met up with Therese who had her 21st birthday and had her first club night in Santa Barbara. We had so much fun all of us.


Me and Ola with beers and the amazing view Saturday evening


The weather this week has been amazing. During the weekend it has almost been so hot that that you barely can be outside. Mostly trying to be indoors until sunset. I have been to the beach the last three days. So nice. A little bit embarrassing that I haven’t spent more time there, since it only takes two minutes to walk there. I have been swimming  too. At least one bath each day. Not that warm, but it’s cooling and nice in this heat. It’s good. It is very salt, though. Maybe not so strange since it’s the world’s largest ocean.


I have been looking at a car today that I might buy. It is Veronica’s car, and she’s selling it cause she is going back to Sweden after this semester. I tried driving it today, and it felt really good. It’s a Buick. Ola and Nima might also be in on it, and then it will only be 500 $ per person, and that is really nice.


New week now. Think there will be some follow-ups on the controversy we wrote about in The Channels Thursday night. Otherwise I think it will be a nice week again. Maybe without that much partying. Which might be good I think…

So many things happend, including a big political scoop

Wow, when I wrote the last post yesterday I did not know how much more that was to occur during the day. Everything isn’t here, but here are some of the events of yesterday, Thursday.

First, I can say I did my final exam in ENG120. This was not unexpected though, I just have not mentioned it. It was a test where one can only get Pass/No pass. I got 35 out of 40 correct answers = very good = the course is now completed. Really nice.

This is the kinda long, but if you like controversies and disclosure of politicians and authority figures, you will probably like it. Otherwise you may well skip down to the party section down below.

In November, there are elections in the U.S. for a lot of things, both local, statewise and national. One of the major local elections is to the Board of Trustees, the school board. This, we will of course write a lot about in the school newspaper, and the news editor has formed a team of four people who will work with this in the upcoming months, and I am part of the team! Yeah, really cool and an honor indeed. Yesterday, we were supposed to have our first meeting to go through some kind of strategy. But that did not happen.

When I came to the newsroom by 2.30pm  there was a lot going on for Kyle (news editor), Cody (opinion editor), James (editor in chief) and teacher Patricia and her assistant Palmer (Patricia and Palmer formally has nothing to do with the newspaper, but is only responsible for our grade school and the practical stuff there).

They had been told that several e-mails had been sent out on the school intranet to all employees about the candidates the authors believe that one should vote for in November. Those who had sent this was the Instructors' Association's executive board (who seemed to speak for all employees) and the dean of the entire School of Media Arts, the department to which we belong.

The problem is that this not allowed.

We talked to one of the responsible attorneys at the school, and she is sent over papers which clearly state that teachers and staff are not allowed to use school phones, e-mail system or other electronic ways of delivering political messages or requests on how to vote.

The dean of SOMA had also sent the same thing to all media in town, signed with his official title.

We all sat and began to call around and try to get hold of people. Do you think people wanted to talk to us? Of course not.

Doug Hersh, Dean of the School of Media Arts, one of the people involved in the scandal. Photo: James Sinclair

On top of this, the Board of Trustees would have its regular meeting. One of us always has to go there in any case, if they decide something interesting that th,e newspaper can write about. But since almost all of the people in this controversy would be present we thought we had to go all four of us.

The meeting itself was pretty boring. Nothing interesting was decided. And it took sooo long

Joe Dobbs, Kathryn Alexander and Desmond O'Neill during the meeting yesterday. They are the ones the e-mails says you should vote for. Photo taken by James during yesterday's meeting. (Btw, nice that the school's future is so young and vibrant ...)

But after the meeting, we had our big chance. Kyle ran after the dean, and the rest of us went over to the members of the board who were those who had support in some of the e-mails.

Talking to them was daunting. These are some of the biggest authorities, who have held office in about 20 years. They are lawyers and Ph.Ds and having an accusatory question is not easy. The man I spoke to seemed totally ignorant of what had happened, but that if it had happened would be illegal. The man who talked to Cody in contrast, knew about some of the e-mails.

From the dean came nothing. No comments. Almost a bit menacing said.

Then we went back to the neews room to write this. And it was not easy. There was a huge number of parts of this story (more than I have listed here). Then you have to get a good flow on this so that it feels good.

But it's also high profile men we are talking about here. They have large campaign team and lawyers behind them, so if something could be even a little bit doubtful, it could go pretty bad.

In addition, we wanted the story out before tomorrow (Friday) so that we would get this out before any other major media got wind of it.

We sat a long time. For a long, long time. Palmer arrived and brought food for us, and Patricia also came and gave us advice (she may not write or tell us how to write).

I think the story ended up being good, for being a sudden thing, with no actual quotes.

The story was published around midnight and this it is:

Follow-ups will come in the week. I can promise that we have not heard the last of this story. The once involved will probably soon contact The Channels ...

I had planned to go to Steve's birthday party. I came home around eleven in the evening, and Ola and Nima were home and studied. We decided to go over to Steven in anyway. It was very nice, because I have not seen Steven since the spring semester. I also met Lydia who was our neighbor and with the cheer team in the spring, and that I have not seen since spring.

Someone who I have not met in even a longer period of time is Brooke. She has lived in Oslo the last six months, and it was a pity I could not come and visit her this summer. The day before yesterday she came back to Santa Barbara for the fall and she had contacted me asking if we could meet soon. So I went downtown and we managed to take us into the VIP queue at Wildcat. Have not been there before, and neither had she.

So even though the partying started late, I got time for both birthday party, clubbing and dance floor.

Long days and long evening. And the weekend has only just begun. No studying either, so it looks promising indeed.

In addition, the Rangers won their pre-season game against the Devils with 4-3!

Rookie Derek Stepan did very good in his first game

Article and birthdays

The latest issue of the school newspaper is now out. It is so cool! For the first time I’ve got a whole front page of my own. So sweet. And the illustration was awesome. My idea, performed by the pro James.


At the front page the article started in the paper and then continued inside the paper. The story was about academic renewal, how to get rid of bad grades. More or less burning your old sins.

Yesterday I was once again at the Academic Senate meeting, and they liked to see the story made front page. Also my English teacher today showed it in class. Very cool.


Photo: James Sinclair


Here is the link for the article:



It is a birthday week. My roomie Christoffer had his birthday Tuesday. So already Monday night at midnight we started the celebrations. Tuesday was the big party.

Today it’s the birthday of my former roomie Steven. I will go down there tonight to celebrate. So, it is a really nice week right now.



Us who live together in this apartment: Christoffer, Lidia, me and Ola


Early in the evening we invented the best shit: floating beer!


More photos on Facebook

The election

Hmm, what can you say about the election ...

It was not as I had hoped. Sure, the Alliance will continue to reign and The Moderate Party  did their best election ever. It's great fun and fantastic. It means that the Swedish people have faith in our government at the politics they have been doing is working.

But there are two major things that make me have a little hard to jump and shout.

The first is obvious that the Sweden Democrats were elected. Not so much because they will begin to influence Swedish policy, for they will not. They will not have anything to say, because no one wants to work with them. They will get to express their views in the pulpit, but so much more, it will not be. What is worse is that they actually are now in parliament. Sweden has so far been spared xenophobic parties in their parliaments. Things have just been dodgy countries in Europe who hold on to. Belgians, Frenchmen, Austrians, Danes and stuff. Not in Sweden. We have a lot of idiotic socialist parties here, but somebody xenophobic, no, nothing like that. Until now.
So it is not SD's actual practical impact  I care about, but it is the symbolism. The Swedish people vote for xenophobic parties. We have let the racists in the Parliament. We are not better than other countries on the weird stuff. It has been a hassle to have to acknowledge that here in the U.S. now.

My second concern is the fact that the Alliance did not get their own majority. All votes are not counted yet, and would it be so that they may together get their own majority, I will jump and shout and spray champagne. But where are not there now, and perhaps will not end there either.

Then there are a few options.

  • Cooperation with the support of SD is out of question. Neither would any Alliance Party switch to the red and greens.
  • Could perhaps individual red-green members choose to support the Alliance? Not reliable. Not only can they choose to repent and then they become problems. Would they die or otherwise lose his parliamentary seat, they will be replaced by other Social Democrats who might not want to support the Alliance. So I do not believe either.
  • Rule with minority. Not recommended. Swedish policy will be crippled for four years, and not much will get done. Big defeat in 2014 follows.
  • The only issue appears to be realistic is to work with the Green Party. And then they shall have the ministerial posts. The way to recognize their need for them, and also bound to sustain cooperation. It is also fair that if Sweden's third largest party supporting the government, they also sit in it.

They must get ministerial posts. And they should probably get their items they are interested in. I can even imagine to upset one of my main questions: if we get a strong majority, I can imagine that does not expand nuclear power the coming term. We should not decrease it either, but they can happyly invest in more green option if they want it. I like also the suggestion to expand high speed trains. However, again, it may not be at the expense of domestic flights.
The other parties may begin to cooperate on how to do. Here's my proposal on the new government.


  • Prime Minister: Fredrik Reinfeldt (M)
  • Finance: Anders Borg (M)
  • Minister for Foreign Affairs: Carl Bildt (M)
  • Labour Minister: Hillevi Engstrom (M)
  • Development Aid: Tove Lifvendahl (M)
  • Democracy Minister: Henrik von Sydow (M)
  • Energy Minister: Annie Jackson (C)
  • Minister of the EU: Christopher Fjellner (M)
  • Defense: Sten Tolgfors (M)
  • Trade: Gunilla Carlsson (M)
  • Higher Education and Research: Tobiaz Krantz (FP)
  • Infrastructure Minister: Peter Eriksson (MP)
  • Integration Minister: Nyamko Sabuni (FP)
  • Agriculture: Eskil Erlandsson (C)
  • Minister of Justice: Beatrice Ask (M)
  • Gender Equality: Mikaela Waltersson (MP)
  • Culture Lena Adelsohn Liljeroth (M)
  • Migration: Tobias Billström (M)
  • Environment: Maria Wetterstrand (MP)
  • For Industry: Maud Olofsson (C) Also a continuation as Deputy Prime Minister
  • Minister for Social Security: Lars Gustafsson (KD)
  • Social Affairs: Göran Hägglund (KD)
  • Education Minister Jan Bjorklund (PF)
  • Mature Minister Maria Larsson (KD)
M 12
C 3
KD 3
PF 3
13 men/11 women

There is my suggestion on how to maybe get some order in the ranks. MP may get influence, but not his own ministry. It is also a good opportunity to replace some others in order to top government and a little better.

It now remains to see what happens. I hope for stability, so that Sweden can continue on a line began with more jobs, an economy in balance and lower taxes for more people. This will enable Sweden to move forward and continue to be a leader in many ways.

Good cheer/football game

I’ve had a nice week. Quite a lot of schoolwork, but that’s fine. I’m really excited about my article about academic renewal. It’s gonna be awesome! But more on that on Wednesday.


Went shopping clothes today for the first time in a while. When Lauren and I had lunch the other day she showed me a new cool store. So today after the gym I went there and bought two nice t-shirts and a pair of jeans.


I went to the game today, SBCC football. But of course, I was mostly there to support the girls in the cheer team. The football team started out really bad as usual. In half time the score was 0-21. But then something happened and they were really good in the last two quarters. It was actually both fun to watch and nerve thrilling. But it wasn’t enough, and they lost, 35-45.

It was so much fog tonight. Sometimes you couldn’t barely see the players on the other side of the field.

The girls had their new uniforms tonight. Those I wrote about last time wasn’t their new ones, but just temporary. Today they wore their new ones, but they didn’t look to good. To much black, different material in different parts and to tight. Yep, they were to tight. Can’t really believe I said that, but that was the case.

After the game me, Cecily, Cecily’s mom and Lauren went to have food at Chipotle. We sat and talked a long time in the car, and the topics consisted of naughty Swedish candy and Jersey shore, among other things.


Erica to the right. To the left is coach Coral's daughter who helped cheer for SBCC. She is like for, and was relly good.


Lauren is a flyer gets really high up in the air


Now it’s the election. Tomorrow morning when I wake up it will all be decided. I will write a longer post about it tomorrow when I now the result. I’ve bought champagne today that we will drink in our house tomorrow morning if we win the election. All of the Swedes in the house cote for the Moderate Party, so it will be so nice!

Page editing, article, interviews – and a big fat pizza

Yesterday, Monday, I did my first page editing here in America. We who take the class JOURN122 (continuation of the school newspaper) have to be part of the production, which mostly is editing. It was to do that in America as well, even though the American newspapers are SO ugly.


I got a really hard page too. A knee with a corner ad ¼ of the page, and with two articles of equal size and no photos. Maybe that says nothing if you haven’t done editing, I can tell you it’s is a hell. Took a long time to get it to look good. One of the texts we (or, mostly the news editor Kyle) had to cut a lot in. The other article we decided was “more important” so it got a the right half page, and I added some illustrations of a leaf and a recycling logo (the text was about the school’s green center) and I also added a lot of blank space. To be an almost impossible page it turned out not to bad.


Tomorrow, Wednesday, the paper comes out. In there is also my first article for this semester. It’s about the new transfer rules. Because of technical errors it’s already posted online, so here goes:

I have already done my first things for my next article, about how it’s now much easier to get rid of bad grades. Think it can be a big debate over this, I hope at least.


Another funny thing from today: I talked to the Academic Senate’s secretary and she was putting my name in the protocol from last meeting. She got impressed by my name:

"Your name is Hammerby? Wow, that sounds so powerful, like a really important person"

That made my day =)


The soccer last night was extremely good. I ran and ran like never before. It is my thing in soccer. I can keep going for as long as possible, I always find open areas and run around and gets the opponents tired. Yesterday there was another player in my team that was very good at scoring.  So the two of us as strikers, we were invincible. I ran free, ran away from the opponents, found him and he scored. It was so much fun watching the tired opponents:

“Red shirt (the other guy) keeps scoring and scoring, and black shirt (me) keeps running and running. It’s not fair!”



When I got home Ola was ready to order food from Domino’s and asked me if I wanted anything. What the heck, I thought, and ordered a big fat pizza. And I got it. First pizza this semester. But it was way too big. And too fat. I didn’t eat all of it, but was then so full. And felt kinda bad for eating way too much and way too fat food. Didn’t even have to eat any early lunch today. So next time I won’t take a Cali Chicken Bacon Ranch, thick crust, tomatoes and white sauce. No matter how tasty it is.


But withh normal (that is thick) crust

Cool weekend

It has been a calm and nice weekend. Was with Cecily and Vaios at the movies Friday night and saw Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D. Not too bad, but it hadn’t needed the 3D. Nowadays they mostly do movies in 3D just because they can, not because they need.


Yesterday, Saturday, I was in Isla Vista for the first time this semester. It was fun, cause we had a party to start at. We started at Paige’s house and then went to a couple of other parties, before going back to Paige’s and then finishing up for night food at Denny’s.


Today I have played tennis. It’s been a long time since last time, and it was so much fun. Played with Ola at the school’s new courts, and it was very nice. We were both about as good, and that was nice. Warm and sunny and great too.


This week I've actually worked out in way way or another everyday. Monday, Tuesday - running. Wedesday soccer. Thursday running. Friday, Saturday gym and then tennis today. Feels very good.


I ended the Sunday by going out taking some night photos.


Now awaits a new weeks with a lot to do in school, and then it’s election in Sweden. I’m also gonna start planning my trips to Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Brazil and Sweden.




So much fun with the journalism right now

Right now I’m working on two journalist tasks, and both of them have shown me how much I love the journalistic field and that this really is the right thing for me. And I’ve also got praise for my work!


The first thing I have been working on now for a week and I have almost gone nuts over how hard some people are get in contact with.

The story is about the new transfer rules. Already last Thursday when I got the assignment I called and emailed the Transfer Center to set up an interview. No response. Called and emailed again Friday, but nada. Then long weekend and Tuesday I once again called and emailed. I also went there to meet them in person. Nothing. Wednesday once again email, phone call and visit. I then got the name of another person to contact, and then, finaly, late Wednesday evening I got an email saying we could meet Thursday 8.45 am. Finally! So I went there early this morning, and it was a really great interview.

Later today I’m going to a transfer workshop for students, so there I will get quotes from both students and instructors, and also see how it’s done. I have a feeling that this will be a very good article.


The other thing I went to last night. It was the first meeting in my beat-to-cover, Academic Senate. It consists of one represent of each department (biology, English, TV production, administration and so on). I was afraid it was gonna be a boring meeting, but it was actually very interesting. Professors and teachers in fiery debates and a lot of interesting and important topics. I got ideas for a couple of articles. The big story is new rules for Academic Renewal, when students can scratch bad grades. Those in favor of the idea means that students should get a second chance and not be suffering from choosing the wrong class once or taking on a too hard class. Those against says that this can lead to students just partying and drinking an entire semester and then just wipe out there bad grades. There were long discussions and it can be a really good story.

For The Channels class today I had written a fully story proposal and I got a lot of praise from the teacher, the editors and others. I feels so good.


These two things have shown me how fun I think journalism is and coming up with solutions on how to fix problems and what from the beginning seems like dull stories. I can do it, and it’s so much fun. This is really my future.

I have voted

Today it’s Labor Day, and I celebrated that by voting for the one Swedish party that is best for the jobs: The Moderate Party.


The t-shirt says “There’s only one working party that can fix the jobs – The New Moderates”


September 19 it’s the election in Sweden. On one side is the liberal-conservative government alliance and on the other is the socialists. I belong to the liberal conservative party The Moderate Party, which is also the biggest one of the four that forms the government that has been ruling Sweden for the past four years.

Besides the national election it is also elections to local and regional offices.


I was very political active in Sweden, and just to campaign a lot. Feels sad that I can’t do that this election, cause it is so much fun. And especially now when most things looks to go our way.


At first I was planning on going to San Francisco to vote at the Swedish consulate, but since you only can do that in the weeks that couldn’t happens cause of my school schedule. So I voted by mail instead. I had been thinking ahead and brought ballots from my hometown so that I could vote on persons and not just parties. It is a bit work to mail vote. You put the ballots in envelopes, and you put them in another envelope and then in yet ANOTHER envelope. Also, two witnesses has to sign it to confirm that everything has been done properly.

Now I’ve done my duty. I hope all the other Swedes do the same, and make sure Sweden get to keep the best government there is.


The envelope with my votes.

Parties, football and cheer

It is Sunday morning, and the weekend has just come half way. Yeah!


That feels kinda weird. We are so free all by a sudden. Tomorrow it’s Labor Day and then we have the day off. In America that usually also is considered the end of summer, but I hope not.


Damn, if this was just half the weekend, how will the next half be? Went partying at La Breeza and downtown Thursday. The Friday was a calm movie night at home, but yesterday it was party here at home. Shots, Jägerbomb, GT, beer. Not feeling all right today. Well, well. It’s just to get it going tonight as well.



Last night it was the first game for the SBCC football team, which also means first game for the cheer team. Lauren had invited me to come and be there and take pictures. And I did. Many of them are now on facebook, but I took about 500. Both Cecilys mom and Laurens family was there too, and it was nice to meet them again.

The football team sucked as usual. Already 30 seconds into the game they lost the ball and the opponents got a touchdown. Vaquerors (the school team) didn’t anage to make one single touchdown of their own (how the hell is that possible, stupid losers) but only two field goals. Don’t remember the exact score, but I think they lost by something like 6-51. Embarrassing.


There were a lot of people there, though, that was nice.


The cheer team are mostly new faces this year. Five left from the old team, the rest are new. So are the uniforms too. Not as nice this year. Too much black and to little red and white. But the team was good, with many new routines. Looking good for the upcoming season.


You suck!

You are good, though

Lauren and me

Important journalism assignments and girls from Cali

Today was the first deadline for the school newspaper The Channels, that will be out in an online edition Wednesday. I have nothing in this paper, which is kinda nice. Instead of writing that I have had time to do other things these first two weeks.

But I will get a lot more to do with the newspaper this fall. We are to cover one beat, one area and always talk to the persons responsible for those areas and then come up with ideas for articles.  I have got one of the most important beats. Together with the news editor Kyle I will cover Academic Senate, that are responsible for what happens in the school, and the Board of Trustees, who makes all the decisions. I will have the primary responsibility for the Senate, and then help Kyle with the Board of Trustees when it’s required, and the opposite around.

This is kinda cool actually. It feels very good that I‘ve got this trust to take care of these important things. It will be fun to work with. But I have though heard that those meetings can be pretty boring, but we’ll see Wednesday when the Academic Senate has their first meeting.


Gaah, I’ve had a song stuck in my head for a whole week now. It is Katy Perry’s California Gurls. Katy is from Santa Barbara, and she lives here with her boyfriend Russell Brand. Many of my friends have seen them downtown, but I haven’t yet.

The song is about how great the girls from California are. And I agree. They are really something. Swedish girls are still good too, though. But the Cali girls have the advantage of the year around being tanned and not fully dressed with thick clothes.

So, just to get it stuck in your heads too, here it is. The video is a bit weird, and takes place in the candy land Candyfornia. Snoop Dogg is btw always cool.


Well, okay. Off course the record company has decided that you cannot embed the clip. So, here is the link to the YouTube video.


West coast represent!

Masscommunication and other fun stuff

I really love my Masscommunication & Society classes. There are always good discussions and fun topics. We also watch videos and images to show a certain point or start a debate.

Today we spent an hour and a half to talk about dating, Jackass and Facebook. Really cool.


Had my first soccer class Monday. And oh my god, it was so much fun! And I was also very good. In our game we won 4-2 and I scored three goals and had one assist. I was on fire! Let’s see if it hangs on tonight. I play at seven.


Had a movie night Monday with Cecily and Lauren. Nice to come out to Goleta again.


Yesterday was Sahar’s last day in Santa Barbara. Me, Veronica, Diana, Magdalina and a guy they live with went out to dinner at a Lebanese restaurant and she got a scrap book as a going-away present.


Veronica and Sahar at the resturant


Today it’s September. That means fall. Sucks. But so far it’s still warm and sunny here, so it’s shorts and t-shirt that is the fashion. Think I’m gonna wait for a while to buy jackets and long-sleeved shirts that I didn’t brought here.

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