Fun at the Photojournalism class

Today we ahve talked about sports at the photojournalism clas. We are to take sport pictures for next week, that's our homework. During the class we talked about how to cover different sports. It got kinda dul when we talked about sports taht I'm not that interted in, like baseball and football. Better with soccer, basketball and volleyball. But it won't work do like the pro photographers do, to hang up strobes in the rafters of the arena och stadium. I just hope that I will come close enough to take a good picture and don't have to stand in the parking lot or something.
When I have taken my sports pictures I will show them to you. Tuseday at the latest.

But, today I got praise at the photo class! Finnaly! Today I wsn't the worst :P Our homework for today was shadows. One of the pictures I took of myself, a kind of self portrait through the curtains yesterday. After that me, Emil and Steffi outside and took a lot of pictures (which we had been doing most of the day). We walked to the freeway entrance where we took a lot of pictures of shadows. One of them I used for the homework. And some of them are not for the public to see...

Here are my two pictures. Theme: Shadows

Self portrait

Totem pole?
Indian god? Swedish students?


I got a real nice surprise today when I looked up by checking balance. I have got salary! Thank you, Hallandsposten! Dont know really why it's coming now, though. Vacation extra? Nice addition, anyhow. And the other day when I checked my American account I had more money than I expected.

So tomorrow I can buy some food in the school cafeteria without feeling guilty about my wallet :) Maybe I'll even buy some new clothes too. Urban Outfitters, here I come!

Movie: Jennifer's Body

Tonight we've been to the movies again, and again it was a horror movie. Or, kinda.

It was Jennifer's Body (Wiki, IMDb) with Megan Fox (Transformers), Amanda Seyfried (Mamma Mia) and Adam Brody (O.C.). Like a horror movie with humor, or nonense. But most and forall, it's about sexy girls.

The plot is like this: Jennifer (Fox) and "Needy" (Seyfried) are best friends and do everything together. During a consert at a bar a fire starts and people dies. The band that was playing however doesn't seem to care, and the lead singer (Brody) drugs Jennifer and the vanish with the band's van.
She later turns up at Needys place all bloody, messed up and strange. She throws up something similar to oil. She has been all changed. She starts to kill boys in school by luring them to have sex with her and then getting killed and eaten.

Amanda Seyfried has the biggest part in this movie, but the only reason it got som much attention before it premiered was because of Megan Fox, who is considered one of the sexiest girls in Hollywood. And ure, she is very hot in this movie, and the scene with her and Seyfried in the bedroom, my god! But even besides this, I kinda liked the movie. It was funny, interesting and cool. If you look at it the right way you can enjoy it.

It passes and is almost good. The grade is 2,5 creepy sexy murderers out of possible 5.

Needy dressed fpr party...

Earlier review:

Sorority Row

Warmest running yet

Right now I'm feeling very healthy. But way to warmand sweaty.

Right now its 12:45 in the day. Since I woke up early this morning (thanks to Jockes clasical ouverture marathon) I wanted to use the day to the full. So I decided to go go out running. That wasn't the smartest of ideas maybee. Cause today is one of the warmest day for a long time. I have no termometer, but It has to be over 80 degrees (30 C).

But I ran my ordinary round, along the beach, past the Stearns Warf and all the way to where the beach ends. Then situps and push-ups and back. It's 8 kilomoeters  (5 miles). It was very hot and sunny, and very exhausting.  But for some reason this was my fastest run so far. Fully 40 minutes.

Now I'm in the garden studying. Even thougn I showerd like 20 minutes ago I'm still hav after-sweats. Cosy...

Today it's the costume store, and beachvolleyball.

Awesome BBQ

We've had a real great evening tonight.

After my 3,5 hours at the beach today we wet to Ralphs to buy coal and a lot of food to have for the barbeque. We have cleaned the bbq, so now we could use it for the frist time.

And it turned out fine. There was som much food and everybody got really full. The best food here in Santa Barbara, so far.

I went for the american style and made cheeseburgers. Some of the other had Swedish style with meat, potatoes, sallad and bearnaise sause. And there was also tsatziki.

It turned out to such a nice evening. 8 nice people, good food and just good in general. Thank you everyone who was here!

And here are som photos from tonight:

Our chef had got a new outfit today

Some of the food

Mmm, food!

Cheesburger, mmmm...

I almost said that you gets hungry just looking at the photos. But I can't, cause I'm so increadibly full right now. And it feel so good!

In bed early tonight, feels good. Tomorrow there will be a visit to the costume store to look for outfits for Halloween.