Fun at the Photojournalism class

Today we ahve talked about sports at the photojournalism clas. We are to take sport pictures for next week, that's our homework. During the class we talked about how to cover different sports. It got kinda dul when we talked about sports taht I'm not that interted in, like baseball and football. Better with soccer, basketball and volleyball. But it won't work do like the pro photographers do, to hang up strobes in the rafters of the arena och stadium. I just hope that I will come close enough to take a good picture and don't have to stand in the parking lot or something.
When I have taken my sports pictures I will show them to you. Tuseday at the latest.

But, today I got praise at the photo class! Finnaly! Today I wsn't the worst :P Our homework for today was shadows. One of the pictures I took of myself, a kind of self portrait through the curtains yesterday. After that me, Emil and Steffi outside and took a lot of pictures (which we had been doing most of the day). We walked to the freeway entrance where we took a lot of pictures of shadows. One of them I used for the homework. And some of them are not for the public to see...

Here are my two pictures. Theme: Shadows

Self portrait

Totem pole?
Indian god? Swedish students?


I got a real nice surprise today when I looked up by checking balance. I have got salary! Thank you, Hallandsposten! Dont know really why it's coming now, though. Vacation extra? Nice addition, anyhow. And the other day when I checked my American account I had more money than I expected.

So tomorrow I can buy some food in the school cafeteria without feeling guilty about my wallet :) Maybe I'll even buy some new clothes too. Urban Outfitters, here I come!

Movie: Jennifer's Body

Tonight we've been to the movies again, and again it was a horror movie. Or, kinda.

It was Jennifer's Body (Wiki, IMDb) with Megan Fox (Transformers), Amanda Seyfried (Mamma Mia) and Adam Brody (O.C.). Like a horror movie with humor, or nonense. But most and forall, it's about sexy girls.

The plot is like this: Jennifer (Fox) and "Needy" (Seyfried) are best friends and do everything together. During a consert at a bar a fire starts and people dies. The band that was playing however doesn't seem to care, and the lead singer (Brody) drugs Jennifer and the vanish with the band's van.
She later turns up at Needys place all bloody, messed up and strange. She throws up something similar to oil. She has been all changed. She starts to kill boys in school by luring them to have sex with her and then getting killed and eaten.

Amanda Seyfried has the biggest part in this movie, but the only reason it got som much attention before it premiered was because of Megan Fox, who is considered one of the sexiest girls in Hollywood. And ure, she is very hot in this movie, and the scene with her and Seyfried in the bedroom, my god! But even besides this, I kinda liked the movie. It was funny, interesting and cool. If you look at it the right way you can enjoy it.

It passes and is almost good. The grade is 2,5 creepy sexy murderers out of possible 5.

Needy dressed fpr party...

Earlier review:

Sorority Row

Warmest running yet

Right now I'm feeling very healthy. But way to warmand sweaty.

Right now its 12:45 in the day. Since I woke up early this morning (thanks to Jockes clasical ouverture marathon) I wanted to use the day to the full. So I decided to go go out running. That wasn't the smartest of ideas maybee. Cause today is one of the warmest day for a long time. I have no termometer, but It has to be over 80 degrees (30 C).

But I ran my ordinary round, along the beach, past the Stearns Warf and all the way to where the beach ends. Then situps and push-ups and back. It's 8 kilomoeters  (5 miles). It was very hot and sunny, and very exhausting.  But for some reason this was my fastest run so far. Fully 40 minutes.

Now I'm in the garden studying. Even thougn I showerd like 20 minutes ago I'm still hav after-sweats. Cosy...

Today it's the costume store, and beachvolleyball.

Awesome BBQ

We've had a real great evening tonight.

After my 3,5 hours at the beach today we wet to Ralphs to buy coal and a lot of food to have for the barbeque. We have cleaned the bbq, so now we could use it for the frist time.

And it turned out fine. There was som much food and everybody got really full. The best food here in Santa Barbara, so far.

I went for the american style and made cheeseburgers. Some of the other had Swedish style with meat, potatoes, sallad and bearnaise sause. And there was also tsatziki.

It turned out to such a nice evening. 8 nice people, good food and just good in general. Thank you everyone who was here!

And here are som photos from tonight:

Our chef had got a new outfit today

Some of the food

Mmm, food!

Cheesburger, mmmm...

I almost said that you gets hungry just looking at the photos. But I can't, cause I'm so increadibly full right now. And it feel so good!

In bed early tonight, feels good. Tomorrow there will be a visit to the costume store to look for outfits for Halloween.

Ghost evening with the Ghost in the glass

Tonigth we've been to Elise House and had a real occult evening. We have been doing the Ghost In the Glass (I don't know if this is the correct English translation or name for this, but that's the name I will use in this blog entry).
We wanted to know if there was a ghost in their house, as some of the girls have suggested. Strange things has occured there, like girls being looked out for no reason, strange sound ahs come from the looked and sealed attic, ans other spooky things have happend.

This evening was really fun, but also scary.

Ok, first, for you who doesn't know anything about The Ghost In the Glass, here is what it is:
You sit around a Ouija Board. You have a glass and a small candle. You ask a question to the ghost into the glass. You then hold the glass over the candle and put the glass on the board. The Ouija board has an alphabet, numbers, YES/NO and Good Bye written, It looks like this:

Maria H made a real nice board

After this, all the participants (except the one who has asked the question) put their fingers on the glass. The glass will start to move across the board to give the answers to the questions.

Okey, already now I know that there will be people reading this thinking that we are stupid. But I promise, this is real fun, and you shouldn't discredit it before you've tried it yourself.

The fun part isn't that the glass is moving. You know that it will, and that some of the other contestants, on purpose or not, will move the glass (but I have to say that me myself almost never moved the glass at all). The interesting part are the answers.

Since it's only the one who asked the question that knows what the question is about (years, what happend, names, yes or no-questions, number-quetions) the answer often gets spookly correct.  So, during this evening we got to know the following things about what occured at the house of the girls at Elise House:

  • Something happend here 1996 (which we founf out in severeal different questions)
  • Somebody died
  • It wasn't murder (probably an accident)
  • The police were there
  • Someone hung themself or somebody else
  • Someone called/who's name is Mimi died/will die
  • The ghost we talked to were problaby a man
  • Something is there FOR EVER.
  • On the quetion of the ghosthad lost it's love, the answer was "SAD"
And some other things aswell.

I don't care if you say we are goofy. I had very fun, and it was very coo.l. Just because that alla the quetions got relevant answers without the people around the board knew it at that time.

We didn't get to finnish the session. The candle died out, people got tired, people wanted to go to sleep, the wine run out, and other stuff.

We'll probably finnish some other time. People wanted to continue at our place, but since we havnät noticed any ghost around here it seems unnecessary.  Hopefully we will continue our quest to find out ehat happend at Elise Way 1996, which apperantly still is a big deal in the world of spirits...

It looked kinda like this. The photo, though, was captured before the real dela started, just not to offend the ghost with foto flashes :)

After The Ghost in The Glass we continued with a lot of other discussions. We talked about a lot of interesting stuff, like religion, politics, growing up, immigration, education, paranormal events, our time in Santa Barbara and a lot more.

Why can't every night be as fun as this?

Nice ice cream and cool pictures

First some advertising. I have found a new favorite ice cream: Ben & Jerry Strawberry Cheescake. Just so good!

Today I presented my little book about the little lineman. People founf it very cute and good. Had a good reception. Feels very good =)

Today I did more photographing. We had a homework to take pictures with flash. Here is one of the cool pictures of the evening:

You can create cool effects with light and long shutter time

Childish homework after a good party weekend

Yesterday (saturday) I got a lot of things done. I went in to town to fix the flat tire, I printed the assignment for Media Design, I got a hair cut and I bought the new Dan Brown book, The Lost Symbol. I've started to read it tonight,

Today, Sunday, I've been studying the entire day. I'm acctually a bit proud of myself. I stayed in bed and wrote the posts to the Multimedia class. After that I've been sitting with clue, siscors and paper to put together my book about the line man who is late to his date. But it's not the only homework today that has felt a bit kindergarden-ish. I been walking around with color pencils and paper and rubbed it against stuff to create patterns and texture. Felt very childish, but kinda fun. I've also been taking photos of texture and patterns. Very weird stuff I've been doing today, but hey, it's school work!

This type of crap I've been taking pictures of today :P

Steffi and Emil has learned to skateboard today. Or kinda. I played sports photographer and took a lot of pictures of them. Here's one:

Well, I guess you can ride it this way aswell

The parties this weekend has been very funny ans special. Thursday at De La Vina was so much fun, Why don't you guys have more parties there? It's a big house and a big garden, it's perfect!

The Umeå-gang had masquerade at two of the parties this weekend. And they also had a Special Apperance by Sophie from London. Friday was a hippie party. Or, at least the girls had a hippie theme, aswell as Jocke and Ludwig. Jocke though first ahd a Rambo thing going on. He also have a cool robot arm that could fire away the hand.

Ida and Ellie had a hippie thing going on

Before he became a hippie, Jocke was Rambo with a robot arm

Hetta, Elli, Filip and Sophie at the hippie party

The Friday ended in IV were we met my class mate Cecily, and we went to some party were a guy celebrated his birthday. He provided free vodka, and we sang the Swedish birthday song "Ja Må Han Leva" to him. He didnät udnerstood Swedish, though...

At Saturday we saw half the SBCC football game. They sucked. Again. The cheerleaders were better this time, so we cheered for Linnea and Cecily instead of the team.

After the half time performance we went to Victoria House. There was a pirate theme, cause apparantly it was the Internation Pireate Day yesterday. The Umeå/London team had pirete outfits, and they also brought a guy who's name was Fire-Penguin Disco Panda. For real. That was cool.

Then there was IV again with a huge party at some kind of apartment complex with a big yard that was one gigantic dance floor,

Before going home we stopped by Dominos and had some pizza. I got a strange kind, with chicken and macaronis. It didn't intend to, but it was good.

PS: I got very many sayings about my, as they called it, "man purse" yesterday. It was just my SBCC bag in which I carried my alcohol. Stop bullying me, Elise House! :P

Now I will watch a movie, and then go to sleep. See ya!

Flat tire =(

It will be a shorter entry. More is to come tomorrow, with pictures aswell.

I have a lot of things to do. I have got a flat tire at my bike, and that has to taken care of. I'm also going to Fedex Kinkos and print my Mediadesign book. Cause apparantly you can't print color in school without permission from the teacher, and she wasn't there. So now it will be more expensive. Will maybe get the new Dan Vrown book too, and maybe get a hair cut.

Yesterday was a fun party night, with preparty at our place where half of the guets had a hippie theme. Jocke, though had Rambo theme in the beginning of the night. Then we went to a fun party in IV, had a burrito and finnished at home here. And tonight it will be like the same, but better!

Photos are to come tomorrow. Maybe earlier on Facebook.

The photo class is very nice

The photo class is now tarting to get really funny, cause now we take pictures aswell :) Before we have mostly gone through the syllabus of the fall, plus a lot of theory. It has been important and iteresting, but now we have started photographing aswell.

Me, Maria and Maria mostly walked around at the schoolyard in the dark to take flash photos. That was the assignment. You were suppose to take two, and they couldn't look the same. We walked around and mostly took pictures of ourselfs in different possitions. I can easly strike a pose, I've noticed :)

But I lacked of good ideas. Wich also shown at the class later. I don't know why I did choose the leaf picture, but anyway, it was really boring and ugly, and so I was told. But it was oke, it was fun anyway.

Another fun thing about the photojournalism class is that the teacher has got a sidekick, just like in talkshows. James Sinclar (St Claire?). It's poor James that sits next by helping out, and always ends up in the teachers jokes, he's always picked on when something goes wrong and he has to help out witch all kind of things. I think he is a ex-student who's joining to learn how clases work. It's very funnt, and he seems to enjoy it aswell.

My ugly leaf photo

Maria playing with light

Maria's picture of me

When will my Adobe softwares work? I have tested everything possible the last couple of weeks now. Neither legal nor other versions do work. It's jsut impossible to install it, not even the free trial verisons that Adobe gives away at their homepage seems to work. Fail-Adobe! All my assignments in Media Design and Multimedia would be so much better if I could work with it at home, whenever I want to. But now I have to go to school to do it, and then the motivation dissapears like a snowball in hell.

Btw, I had a very deliscious sallad in school today. Very good and tasty. Lettuce, tomatoe, chicken, tuna, strawberry, crutons, melon, beans, cucumber, pasta sallad and much, much more. So freakin good, and my portion today was only 3,94.

Test in the journalism class tomorrow. Help

Photos of The Little Man in The Big City

Nice evening to study. After the evenings running I've laid in the bed studying, eating strawberries and drinking Vanilla Coke. Wonderful!

I'm having problems getting a good idea for my Media Design-assignment. I started to make a cartoon with a stick figure. Turned out kinda nice. But today I got an idea - I shoot some pictures out in the real world, that looks like the spots in my cartoon. Then i put my stick figure there, on a piece of paper. Then I'll make it look better in Illustrator, either just the figure, or maybe the whole background aswell.

So I went out taking pictures of my pad with a stick man in different environment in the city. That was embarresing. Since my pad is kinda small and I wanted the pictures from the stick man's point of view I had to lay down on the ground in the middle of the city. But I had a camera, som people who passed by must've thought that I was invovled in som kind of an important project. Wich I was.

There were photos at the sidewalk, at the movies and by the rail way. I stood for long by the rail way and waited for a train to arrive. Just before I ws to leave I heard the signal. Then I quickley had to pull out my camera and pad and started to take a lot of pictures.

Don't know yet if the stick man is acctually a man. Could be a girl aswell. And his partner I don'y know yet either. You decide yourselves! But I choosed to call him The Little Man, since he were a very little man in a big world today.

Here are som photos from the day of Little Man :P

Waiting for the train to pass by.

Alone outside the movie theatre

Ready to order movie tickets

Yes, this is acctually my homework :)

The homework for the writing/reporting class is done, as is parts of the Multimedia assigment. Now there's only the Media design, but I'll finnish that tomorrow at the 6 hour long whole in my schedule.

Movie: Sorority Row

From now on, when I've been to the movies, I will follow up with a review here on the blog, and it will be good practice if I maybe becom an entertainment reporter some time :)

After today's studies it was a good ending to go to the cinema. And finnaly some horror movie at the theaters, it was a long time for me since last time.

(FYI, if you are planning on seeing this movie, donät worry, I won't spoil anything)

Tonights movie was Sorority Row (Wiki, IMDb). A horror movie, where the plot is like this: A group of girls at a sorority will play a prank on a guy who has been cheating. They pretend that she dies and that it's her fault. But something goes wrong, and she dies for real. The have to promise each other not to tell anyone outside the group. But after their graduation, spooky things starts to happen...

Do you recognize it from somewhere else? I immedeatly started to think about I Know What You Did Las Summer. If you take that one, mix it with Scream and Girl Gone Wild, there you have this movie. Cause there's a lot of girls in this movie. A lot of sexy girls, and much nudity. Bet looking were those who played Cassidy and Maggie.
(If you rather like guys there where some bare chests aswell, but not as many).
Why can't some of our parties at Wentwort be like the parties in this movie? Exept the facts taht people dies, that is.

The horror was, as in the precvious references, very much surprise-horror, like "WAAAH! and you got scared". Not that much creepy feelings and unpleasant scenes. Many things were standard for the genre, but some things were a positive surprise. Can tell about one thing. In a bathroom cupboard, with a mirror: It was opend and shut again, but there was NOT a person standing there in the reflexion. Thanks for that, cause that is one of the most used clichés in this genre.

Kinda nice feeling overall with some surprising stuff, but many things you recognized from before. A horror movie that was all okey. Watch it if you want a horror movie that's simular to Scream and IKWYDLS. But according to the teaser trailers (I love that american cinemas have so many trailers!) that there will be many horror movies this fall. It will be great to sit there and see some more scary stuff this fall.

Grade: 2,5 Tire irons out of possible 5.

Jessica, Claire, Cassidy and Elle out on a dark road

Football yesterday

On general demand, I'll just gonna write about yesterdays football and hamburger place, nothing else...

The red and blacks are SBCC

Yesterday we went to La Playa stadium to check out the school team. And the cheerleaders. Linnea, a swedish girl who's living in Elie House is in the cheer team. o we were there to cheer for her just as much as for the team.

Starting with the game: They sucked. SBCC wasn't any good actually. Or maybe the opponents were that much better. We left in half time, so maybe they got better afterwords. But it didn't look like they were going to. The score in half time was 3-14, and that is only two touchdowns to go, but it didn't look like they were going to to that.

So, I have to say that Oklahoma University kicks ass compared to SBCC when it comes to football. I was there last fall and saw, among other things, there team, the Sooners, play. They owned the opponents, it was 85 000 people in the arena and the atmosphere was awesome! Sorry SBCC, but you have a little more to do better there...

Linnea was kicking ass as a cheerleader. Unfortunatley she didn't do that much, since she was new in the team. But she would need to be in the team more, caue some of the ones who was there now wasn't that good. Many were also kinda unsynchronized.

Linnea to the left

After the game we went to a hamburger place with a Hawaiian theme. Very good burgers and fries. It waas very nice!

Emil ordered a big sallad. But hi finnished it!

Today is all about study, study, study. Woohoo...

Big grocery shopping - and tonight is football night!

My god, how much we have bought today, me and Emil. A whole shopping chart each. I've never bought that much food before. The reason why we could do so is that Emil's classmate Madeleine had her car and she drove us home. Therefore we could carry a lot of big stuff that you can't take on a bike. For instance, I bought 24 bottles of ice tea and 12 cans of Vanilla Coke, water, a gallon of milk and much more. I also bought strawberries, but I hadnät tried'em yet.

IV yesterday evening was boring. OS was the after party. The preparty was much better. But besides the parties, yesterday was very funny... =)

Tonight SBCC's football team are playing. We will go there later. But I don't know if there will be any places to sit. I will probably be popular. Linnea is in the cheerleading team, so we will come there cheering for her as well. Don't know if you are allowed to take photos there, but if I can I will, and then you will see it tomorrow here at the blog.

Today I've been laying in my bed studying. It's very sweet to jsut lay there, lsiten to music and read about interesting stuff. I had my "Study"-playlist on, with only soft music.

Now I've also been out running. The ordianry track of 8 kilometers along the beach. But today it was on day time, not in the evening, but it worked out well anyway.

Yeterday was september 11th. Not that much rememberence stuff, but the flags of public buldings flagged half-staff. There were also some flag settings at school, but I wasn't there yesterday so I didn't see it.

One month in SB - here is the sum up

I start with some things from yesterday. Me, Jocke and Andreas took a after school-beer for the first time. It was so nice! A beer at a outdoor table at State Street in the sun and just sitting there looking at people. Wonderfull! We havn't been able to do it before because most people are under 21 and we didn't wanna leave them behind. But yesterday we did it anyway :)

Yesterday we also went to a very international party. For the first time, us huys from Wentworth (plus David) were the only Swedes. There were also people from Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Italy, France, Norway and maybe some american. We went to Sharkeez to try it out as well. It was kinda nice.

And now, here comes the sum up of my time in Santa Barbara:

My thougths  so far:

USA/California/Santa Barbara
  • The city is just so nice. Perfect size. The atmosphere is awesome!
  • The water in the oceans have become warmer, but it still isn't that warm. You could swim in it, though.
  • The tap water on the other hand is just weird. It tastes like a swimming pool! You can drink it, but it doesn't taste good.
  • The crosswalks have the "go" turned on for about three seconds. And it's not a green sign, but a white man.
  • Everybody drives a car. Everywhere. Maybe not that strange when the gas is just 5 SEK/liter. The only ones walking or riding a bike are us Swedes.
  • Despite this, the Santa Barbarans are not that obese. People tend to take good care of their bodies. The image of the fat American is not true here.
  • I was also worried about the American food before I got here and I was afraid of gaining weight. But good food and a lot of exercise have resulted in the opposite, losing weight instead.
  • Fast food is hard to find downtown. There’s only one McDonalds, and no Burger King, In&Out or Jack-in-a-box. But many restaurants and cafés.
  • Soda is much cheaper than water in the grocery stores, though…
  • The national sport of America is not baseball, football or basketball. It’s beerpong. Every American seems to know how to play it, knows all the rules and are very good at it.
  • America has a lot of horrible coins. The pennies fill up your wallet immediately.
  • The homeless seems to have a contest of who’s writing the funniest sign. “RRR, I’m a pirate, gimme money for rum!”
  • There are no cheap phone agreements in USA. Over 30 bucks, a month, at least, you have to pay.
  • It’s Mexican people all over the place
  • California is just as cool as it seems on tv
  • American newspapers are ugly and bad
  • People don’t drink Budweiser cause it tastes good, but cause it’s cheap.
  • When you meets someone you have to use at least two moves with your hands. Preferably a slap followed by a fist
  • You don’t say hello. You say ‘sup?
  • If you sneeze in a store at least three people you don’t know says “bless you”
  • In the grocery stores you don’t pack the bags yourself, they have people doing it for you.
  • Nobody cares about the swine flu
  • When you text someone you have to use at least one word containing a number, e.g. 2night
  • There’s a lot of mountains and hills around here. You notice in the morning when you are riding your bike to school uphill all the way
  • Americans thinks it cool that I’m from Sweden
  • Many Americans knows one Swedish word, and it starts with a F

The people here

  • The Swedes I live with are just so nice! I like them a lot and we agree on most things and likes the same things.
  • Also the other Swedes here I get along with perfectly. I have made many new friends.
  • The Americans living at my place mostly do thing by themselves. They are kind soft and chilling though, just as there friends that use to come here.
  • I havn’t met that many other Americans yet. But the people in my classes and the people I’ve met in IV are very nice.

The school

  • A lot of the education is just like in Sweden. Especially if you compare to the journalist education in Gothenburg. Not that much of theoretical stuff but more thing to do practical
  • The campus is as I had imagined it. Many buildings, trees and green areas.
  • The school has the best view in town. Especially if you are at the football field.
  • I like all my teachers. They are cool in different ways.

The college life

  • College parties are exactly as you see in movies. Red cups, beerpong, good looking people
  • In Isla Vista there are almost only students, which you can see in the weekends.
  • People are already starting to make serious plans about what to do and wear at Halloween.
  • The noodles are cheaper here than in Sweden. And taste much better!
  • The beer is just cheaper. Not tastier.

That was some thougths about my first months in Santa Barbara. Many more to come.

I have seen a space shuttle!

I liked both my classes today. The writing/reporting class was about leads with example given from an inspiering article about an rooster. We got to see many examples of good and bad leads.

The Adobe softwares are not working as they should on my computer. I tried to fix them mot of my six hour sparetime today.

The Photojournalism class started out a bit slow, but got better. An inveted photographer talked about the field of set photographing. That is taking photos at film sets and tv recordings for promotional pictures, photos that you can see on screen and stuff like that. Interesting topic, but not such an interesting person.

After the dinner break (the rest of the tasty meatballs!) came the surprise of the week. Our teacher Mike told us that you tonight during a  short amount of time could see the ISS Space Station and the space shuttle with astronauts. They are on their way home to earth. One of the astronauts being Swede Christer Fuglesang. I saw his shuttle, so therefore I kinda have seen him as well :P

You couldn't see the whole thing that good. It was like two stars going by massive speed (17 500 miles/hour). During a few minutes (but exactly on time according to the schedule) they passed by the night sky of Santa Barbara.

My photos didn't get that great. It's hard to take a photo of two fastmoving little dots. Neither does I know enough about the cameras night settings yet.

People gathers outside the school to get a glimps of the space shuttle and the space station.

Haha, this is one ugly picture XD It's not smoke or the astronauts getting a DUI. It's just a long shutter speed at an unsteady camera with very little sources of light. I add the picture jsut for fun :) But it is actually the space shuttle! Even if it might be hard to see...

Nice weekend. And meatballs!

For four days we now had days off. It has been so nice! During the days we have relaxed, studied and been to the beach. The evenings have been all about partys. Twice in Isla Vista (Friday & Sunday) and Saturday at Matildas party garage :)

Sunday we played basketball and soccer. It was very funny, but I could tell that it's been a while since I played. But we were many people, and we hade a good time and hopefully we will do the same next Sunday.

Yesterdays party was very spontainious. I was studying, Jocke was asleep and then by a sudden Emil enters the room and ask us if we want to come along to IV. We said yes, and went, first to Victoria House and then to IV. We hade a great time in a lot of houses and the streets.  The whole gang also ended up in the same place in the end. We had the dance fllor going for quite a while in a house at Picasso Street.

I've had meatballs today! Niree, a girl I met in IV last weekend had been with her family in LA over the weekend, and alsowent to IKEA in Burbank. There they bought som Swedish meatballs, and today, since we've been talking about Swedish food, she brought me some. Thank you very much, Niree!

Now I have some more study to do before going to bed. Tomorrow the school starts again.

Meatballs, potatoes, brown gravy and lingonberry jam. The best meal I've had at my home since I got to Santa Barbara!

Train accident turned me into a journalist

An Amtrack person at the spot of the accident.

This Friday there were a train accident just outside our home. A man had walked the tracks and got hit.

Many people went out to see what had happend. But I took it a bit further. I grabbed my pen, paper and camera and went out to write an article. Just for fun (or maybe you can't say it's fun when something like this happens, but you geet the idea).

I interviewed a police man, a park ranger and some eye witnesses. Then I wrote the article and editied it. You can see the result down below here.

I also tried to sell it to Santa Barbara Newspress, but they weren't interested. But it was just fun to do something journalistic again.

Ambulance and polices

See it in a larger version here

More entries are to come tonight!


Today will be all about relaxing. But I don't know how. I were suppose to go to the beach and study/lie in the sun. But now Andy said that there is to be basketball at Victoria House. So we wll go there then I think.
Hm, when will I have time to study. Tonigth it will be I think.

First entry

I now launch an English version of my blog. This will be a great oppertunity för me to practice my written English, and also a makes it possible for you who doesn't know Swedish to follow my shenanigans :P

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