My parents are here

I have been bad at blogging the last week. Sorry. But my parents are here now and that's a lot of fun. Today we went to the zoo, and I haven't been to Santa Barbara zoo before.

They had elephants =)

I will have more blogging coming up this week, I promise.

Winning in Sacramento

My diploma!

For the first time I have won something, if you don’t count games and stuff.

We was with The Channels in Sacramento for the journalism conference JACC. Just like when I was at JACC in Los Angeles and Fullerton there were speakers, workshops, activities, competitions and much, much more.


We left really early, 5 a.m. Thursday morning. Then seven hour bus ride. We slept a lot, and arrived pretty early. After that we were busy all weekend. All nights we have also been to the hot tub, and taught everyone to way “Fest i bubbelpoolen” (“party in the hot tub”)


Fest i bubbelpoolen!


My competition was on the Friday. As before they were all quiet about what it was about, and this time they were extremely secret. All we knew was that we were suppose to go on a bus and go somewhere. Also at the bus they were mysterious:

“We are going to… a place. We have talked to… the people there… that you are allowed to be there. Remember to only stay in areas where it’s legal for you to be, and where it’s safe”.

I mean, shit, what is this place, I thought. First I thought a military base, and then a prison. But it turned out we were going to Sacramento International Airport.

They had a press conference about their new Terminal B, which is almost completed, and is both within the budget and estimated time frame.

After the press conference we had 20 minutes to go around and talk to other people. I chose to go to the old Terminal B, that will be demolished, and talked to someone who worked at Starbucks there, and what she felt about the move and new terminal.

Alvaro from The Channels was also in the competition, and Julie and David was there to take photos. Meanwhile I texted a lot of friends and asked them to give me information about the airport, and I got back a lot of dates about opening, number of flights per day, and stuff like that, and it was very useful later.

Then we stressed to the bus, and they drove us to the hotel and we started typing the story immediately. Very stressful. But afterwards it felt good, and I thought I did a good job.


the bus we went in to the competition was a party bus that had a strip pole.

On Saturday we went on a field trip to downtown, and the capitol. It was cool. Then we went to the old town and bought a lot of candy, and wandered aroung the old buildings.


Me outside the The Capitol

Old town


In all the evenings we had dinner with the Channels delegation, and Saturday it was the banquette and award ceremony. When the news writing category came up I was really nervous, but when they suddenly called my name and that I got a honorable mention it was so amazing. It means I was either fourth or fifth among 70 competitors in that category and that is really good. A good evidence that I actually am a good writer.


At the bus ride home we watched a dvd box with the series Arrested Development.


Now awaits a calm week, and then on Saturday my parents will be here!

Short but awesome weekend in Vegas

After a few calm and nice days by myself in Santa Barbara, spring break came to an end with a trip to Las Vegas. And damn, we had fun!

Me and Cecily left from here Saturday morning, and it went well with the drive there. About six ours.

At the hotel we stayed at, Hard Rock, Gaby and Cecilia was already waiting, the girls I went to San Francisco with.

Since the weekend was so short we spent all time we had to party, tanning and swimming. At the night we went out to Palms, Rain and probably some other clubs.



Party at Rain. Cecily, Gaby, Cecilia and me


The day after we had “rehab” at Hard Rock. It all about hanging out in the gigantic pool area and drink drinks and swim in the pools and feel great.


Private cabana =)


"Rehab" with Gaby, Johan and Cecilia

Unfortunately, I had a problem. I had a class early Monday morning, at seven, so I had to go home already Sunday night. Therefore I only had two drinks in the morning and spend the rest of the day sobering up.

We swam and had fun and after the dinner at night I left the girls to another night out in Vegas, and I drove home by myself.


The drive went well. Despite the darkness and loneliness it went great to drive, and it only took five hours before I was home in Santa Barbara by 4 a.m.


Unfortunately I had been drinking so much energy drinks and coffee, so when I got back home I couldn’t sleep. And after the day in school I didn’t want to go to bed in the afternoon, cause I didn’t want to mess with my sleeping patterns to much. So by the time I went to bed Monday night I had been awake for 36 hours.


Now the school has started again, and tomorrow it’s time for this year’s JACC journalism conference. 21 people from the paper are going to Sacramento. It’s gonna be so much fun, but it is a seven hour bus drive that leaves at 5 a.m. tomorrow. So it’s about time for me to go to bed now.

I’ll talk to you again after the weekend!