My lovely Rangers

This picture was taken after the second period, when the score was 1-1.

Once again I have seen my favorite team, all categories, the New York Rangers. It has been a great weekend in Stockholm with my dad and Patrik. Even had some time to be a little touristy.


But mainly I was there for the game in the Globe Arena, New York Rangers – Los Angeles Kings. First game of the season, and you could tell. The teams weren’t playing that well, and NYR was worse than LAK. And the Kigns won in overtime eventually, after an unnecessary Ranger penalty in sudden death.


But I don’t care. Well, I do care, and want them to win. But I mean I had fun anyway, and it’s so cool to see your idols in real life. Henrik Lundqvist was astonishing, and Ryan Callahan fought hard, and showed why he was named team captain earlier this summer. It was also cool to see Tim Erixons very first NHL game.


80 games remains this regular season. It can be tough. But as I’ve said before: if they can keep this team, the Stanley Cup will be brought to New York within 3 years.



I wasn't allowed to use my camera in the arena, so I didn't get to take any cool pictures. Isntead I have heer "borrowed" some from Rangers' homepage.


Ryan Callahan scored in his first game as team captain

The audience got to see a fight between Kings' Clifford and Rangers' Prust. Brandon Prust won.

Marian Gaborik scored as well

Swedish Tim Erixon made his NHL debut

Henrik Lundqvist had an amazing game

Missan, Jobs, Tranströmmer and hockey

Today it’s my cat’s birthday! She turns 18. Now I’m off to buy her a new collar and some fish.


Happy birthday Missan! :D


The founder of Apple, Steve Jobs, died last night. He was so much bigger than he probably was given credit for up until his death. The way the iPod, iPhone and the iPad has revolutionized the technological world is astonishing. Rest in peace.


Tomas Tranströmmer won the Nobel prize in literature. I have never read any of his works, but it felt nice that he got it. At least a winner I have heard the name of before.


Tomorrow I’m leaving for Stockholm to see the hockey game between New York Rangers and LA Kings.

I have one ticket left, so hit me up if your interested in joining.

Game night and movie night

This has been a sweet weekend. I went with Andreas, Ridwana, Linda and Henrik to Linda’s family’s cabin outside Varberg for a mini-vacation. It was so nice, we made food, watched Swedish Idol, drank, and played games. We did charades for hours and then “Who am I?” for a few more. All of that is extra fun when alcohol is involved. Awesome!


Saturday was movie night with Andreas, and we watched three movies. Here are my thougts:


Horrible Bosses.

Three guys want to kill their bosses, cause the bosses are SoBs. One of the guys’ buss is Jennifer Aniston, who wants to have sex with him all the time. Eeeh, horrible? No, I want that boss!

Anyway, it was an okay movie, a bit gunny and it made a big difference that the supporting characters were so good. The bosses were played by Jennifer Aniston, Kevin Spacey and Colin Farrell, and Jamie Foxx played a guy called “Motherfucker Jones”.

Grade: Okay, but not more. 2,5 “Hey Motherfucker”s out of five.


The bosses are the best


Green Lantern.

Are you kidding me? Oh my god, this sucks!

The origin story is first of all very complicated, but I can accept that, given the fact that this is based on a comic book. But it just doesn’t work. It’s too weird, and that’s just the start. The dialog blows, there are clichés all the time, the animations are ugly, a lot of unnecessary scenes, scenes meant to be funny aren’t, the acting mostly sucks, and everything is just bad. Don’t waste your precious time with this crap! It might be the worst movie I've ever seen.

Grade: 0 rings out of possible 5.


This is just stupid


Friends With Benefits

Chick flick with Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake, but it’s really funny. I appreciated it as a good comedy, though not totally hilarious. But Kunis and Timerlake are good, I like them. Also a lot of nice hints toward the movie genre it self, and it’s always funny when you make fun of yourself.

Grade: 3 flashmobs of 5


Hint: they're going to do it.


Oh, I like the fact that I have started doing movie reviews again, it’s been a while. I’ll be back with more of those, as well as more aobut my job, and the upcoming weekend with the überawesome event when I’m going to Stockholm to see the New York Rangers play!!!