Cakes and emergency turnout at work

Yesterday several cool things occurred at work.

Today the newspaper Hallandsposten turns 160 years. Today that will be celebrated with cake to the general public. Therefore we needed a picture of the cake in the paper, and we took it yesterday. But after carving it and taking the pictures there were only one thing we could do with it. Eat it! Omnomnom.


Yesterday it was also the birthday of the photographer Linn. She brought her home made pineapple pie with whipped cream. Again, omnomnom.


The evening was calm, editorywise and not much happened. Until 11.30PM. Then an alarm came in about a fire at a retirement home. All the journalists and photographers had left for the day, so me and the other page editor Thomas went out with camera and note pad to write about it.


A lot of fire trucks and ambulances followed our way. When there it turned out that it had been an old lady who had smoked in her bed and triggered the alarm. No one was injured, and nothing had burned. So we didn’t get any story, and that’s nice. But it was the first time I had to rush out as a journalist to cover a story and it was very cool. That I can say now since it all turned out well.

Nice (and almost free) weekend in Malmö


Nima and Franco at the balcony.

Tequila :S


It was a very nice weekend down in Malmö. We had a reunion for us who lived at Victoria House in Santa Barbara. I got on to the train in Halmstad and there were Franco and Ludde. Then Nima picked us up at the train station in Malmö.


It was mostly partying the entire weekend. Both in the apartment and down town. In the city we also met Dennis in the evenings. He had come down with some friends to watch the game AIK-MFF. We also saw that. First at the sportsbar O’Leary’s by Swedbank Statium and then the last minutes inside the stadion.


We also med Sam and Nimas girlfriend Aleksandra.


Yesterday, Saturday, we went to a place called The Slaughter House. Dance floors, beach volley field and Black Jack table. The BJ-tables were very successful. I was on a roll, but also, the croupier was so bad. She didn’t really seem to know what she was doing and missed out a lot of things all the time, so basically everybody won all the time. I won so much that it covered for everything I bought this weekend. Yeah!

Beer in Germany and toys in the attic

Yesterday me and dad went on a bus trip to Germany. We expanded our alcohol supply for the rest of the summer. It was nice with bus trip, boat rides where we ate and the shopped at Border Shop in Puttgarten. Mostly beer, but I also got gin and Jäger. Very cheap, and now I have stuff that will last til long after I go back to America.


Today we started to clean out the attic. There is so much garbage and old stuff so we had to do something.


I took care of on half, where most of my things are. I found a lot of old school stuff, essays and other things. Cool to see. Found old journals from the first years in school. One was from -93, and my family was at home at the Anderssons’ and I wrote that we stayed there till 5’oclock in the morning. I remember that the next time after that when my teacher met my parents she brought this up, and my parents were embarrassed. Haha.


I have also saved a lot of old news papers from big things that have happened, like 9/11, the murder of Swedish Minister for foreign affairs Anna Lindh, the 2004 tsunami and other stuff. That’s good that I saved those. Cool to see again.


And I also found a lot of old toys. It was so much fun to look them over again. A lot of Turtles, Playmobile, Lego, Batman , transformers, Power Rangers and a lot of other things. I’m not nearly done, and I will keep doing this for many days.


Slimer from Ghostbusters, Kimberly/Pink Ranger from Power Rangers and Don Carnage from Tale Spin


Toys and other stuff I put in boxes by the wall, as well as school stuff. We also found a lot of old clothes that we will never wear again. We put them in bags and gave them to charity that will give them away to the third world. So soon kids there will be wearing my old clothes.


Today I also bought my ticket back to America. August 21st I will go first from Copenhagen to Düsseldorf, and from there to Los Angeles. Finally I got this done.


Tomorrow I will go down to Malmö and  a Victoria House Reunion. It will be very cool to see them again.

Oh happy day! (but not for Missan)

Finally! My problems are solved!

I have now managed to trade off my last day of work so I thereby can fly to Santa Barbara August 21st. It feels soooo great. Even if people have kept telling me that it will work out some way it's not until now when I got the actual "yes, we can change theese two days" that it's all set. Big thanks to Johannes!

So now I can buy me airline ticket!

Oh, I'm so happy right now! :D :D :D

One who wasn't happy, though, was my cat Missan. More like her worst day this year. Every summer we take her to the vet to give her a vaccination. Since she is out running so much she can get a lot of deceaces if we don't give her the vaccination.

First she was hiding and didn't came out until we were in such a hurry and barely made it to the vet. As usual she was scared and didn't want to go near the cage. But at the vet, she didn't want to leave it. But she was feeling just fine, thte vet said.

Missan in her cage, thinking about how she can get revenge on my for this evil thing :P

Jurassic Park!


(Or, actually, according to the size it's rather a Deinonychus or a Utahraptor, but whatever)


This week me and Patrik have had a Jurassic Park Marathon. It started on Monday when we watched the first movie. Then we wanted to see the others too. For a couple of days I walked around in my house looking for the old VHS tapes, but I couldn’t find them.


Do I did the only right thing. I went to buy the dvd collection box with all movies plus extra features. Then we watched them and it was so nice.


The first movie is so amazingly good, and it was my first favorite movie when it came. Then, me and Magnus were real dinosaur geeks, so when this movie came it was so big. Te biggest thing ever.


Then came the sequels, and they were such disappointments. Probably because the expectations were so high. But now when I saw them again they were actually not too bad.


I have also head that they are planning for a Jurassic Park IV. If so, I hope that both Ian and Alan will be there, and that it will take place in the first island, Isla Nublar.



Speaking of old acquaintances, I met my class  mate from high school, Josefine, Friday. She have been to China and will go back there, so we had a lot to talk about, and we had a really great time.


I have also started to plan for my summer party, which will take place August 14th. Unfortunately I still don’t know if I will get the day off August 22nd, which is a must if I will be able to go to the US again. So annoying.


Yesterday I ran a Swedish mile (10 km/6.21 miles). First time in a long time, and I did it under an hour. That was nice.