Hollywood with the parents.

The Sign!!!

It has been three very nice days with mum and dad in LA and Hollywood. We were planning on living downtown, but find a good hotel in Hollywood and that was nice. Monday we took the train there, and it was first time here at the west coast.  It went fast and then we took the subway to our hotel. The first night we spend just wandering the neighborhood (Sunset Boulevard…) and ate out and then just chilled at the hotel.


Next day after the hotel breakfast we went to Hollywood Blvd were we were to catch a sightseeing bus. We went around in it for a couple of hours looking at attractions, sights, a lot of celebrity homes in Beverly Hills (like Michael Jackson, Christina Aguilera, Playboy Mansion and a lot more) and also Rodeo Drive and Melrose Avenue. Unfortunately it didn’t stop close to the Hollywood sign, but otherwise it was very good.


Michael Jacksons last home. In hte bedrom at the top he died.

Back in Hollywood we ate at CPK with a view over the Hollywood sign and then we went to Madame Taussauds. I was there in December, but it was nice anyway and we had fun.


Lunch at CPK with the sign in the background


Hammerby family and President Obama.

Yesterday we went back to Hollywood Blvd and went to three museums. Ripley’s Blieve it or Not, Guinness Museum of World Records and Hollywood Wax Museum.The first one was very interesting and fun, the second one was kinda bad and the last one was one big joke. But it was nice anyway. Then in the afternoon we wandered around the area of our hotel and saw Los Angeles City College and the big Church of Scientology. Cool, but a bit scary.


Now I’m on the train home to have my last week in Santa Barbara before the summer.


Maria, Stephanie and me


I have graduated! Woohoo!

Thursday was the Soma Showcase competition where we have submitted stuff from all the media classes. I didn’t win anything.

Friday it was graduation. In the morning we came there and practiced on what to do and where to walk. In the afternoon was the real thing. We wore black robes and hats and entered our seats to the tunes of the graduation song, Pomp & Circumstance. Then national anthem, speaks by the school’s president and the school’s commencement speaker and then everybody came ut to stage and got their names read out loud. They made it to pronounce my name correctly. Then we got our diplomas and then we had graduated! I didn’t throw my hat in the air, but many others did.


I have pictures in my camera, but I haven’t out them into my computer yet, so here is on from Maria’s facebook.


It’s so weird that I have graduated. First, because it means that this year is over, and it has gone so fast. But also because I’m not done with my education here.

Because it is like this: I will stay in Santa Barbara for one more year. It has been a long process to make this decision but it’s the right one. I love Santa Barbara, the state, the country, the people, the school and I’m not done with this. I need one more year. S o I will come to Sweden in the summer and then go back to America in August to have one more year of journalism and photography at Santa Barbara City College. So I will graduate one more time.


Thursday, Friday and Saturday was going-away-parties all over the place. People have already started to leave, and will continue to do so during the week. Some I will see again, and some not.


Tomorrow me, mom and dad are heading for Los Angeles for a couple of days sightseeing. Then I come back to SB for a week and then I go back to Sweden June 2nd.

Finals and stuff


Once again it’s been to long since I updated the blog. I’m sorry.

It has been a lot of finals and last classes now. But it has went very well. I will probably get an A in all my classes even this semester. Very nice =)


Yesterday me, Jocke and Ludde went to Cecily to party there with her, Lauren, Riley and Vaios. Partied there and had a really great time. Played Guitar Hero for the first time in like over a year. Then we went downtown to go to Sharkeez but the line was way too long, so we went back and continued partying.


Today was the last class of The Channels. We took a staff member photo and looked at the photographers pictures. Meanwhile we got a lot of food from Silvergreen’s, very nice sandwiches, pasta salad, fruit salad, cookies, desserts and more.


Tonight I will go to Soma Showcase and see if I have won any awards. Tomorrow it’s graduation and after that the school stuff is done for this semester. Feels very weird.


Monday me and my parents will go to LA. I will keep in touch before that.


I apologize for not writing in such a long time. I have had a lot of stuff to do.


My parents are here now. We have been going around to a lot of different places around the city. Yesterday we went to The Mission that is the big tourist spot here, but I’ve never been there. So that was nice.


The finals weeks have started. Everybody seems to be studying everywhere. I have had my practical test in graphic design, and next week comes the written one.

My final portfolio in photography is handed in, and turned out pretty good. I have also printed the photos of Lauren, but haven’t given them to her yet cause she is out of town.

The last article for the semester is written and published. Here it is:





Next week we will have our last staff meeting and then we’re gonna have pizza. Yeah.

In digital imaging the final project is done. It was boring.

Have had my last soccer class. The last practice was so much fun and everybody was really good. It was sad when it was over.

Lovely day with photo, basketball, telephone and sun

The photo studio

Friday was a really great day!


If you remember one of Laurens birthday presents that I was to take photos of her in the photo studio and give her some portraits. Today is the day when it happened.


I arrived in advance to prepare the studio with lights, ladders, backdrops, light silencers and other stuff. Then Lauren came and she brought a lot of clothes to change to. We started and went on for quite a while and had so much fun.


The photos turned out very well I have to say. I’m very satisfied with the lights in most of them, and even more pleased am I over the fact that it was only me that had fixed the lights. Where they were placed, what kind of lights, how many. It was very fun and useful for me to learn cause I haven’t been doing it that much. Now I will only edit some of the hundreds of photos in Photoshop and then print some of them and give to Lauren. She had fun, I had fun, it was a fun and nice thing this. We then went to Starbucks to have some coffee and sit down and talk.


Here are some of the photos:




I bought a new phone! I’m tired of my boring phone, so I bought a cool one instead. A Tap. Never heard of it before. But it is a smart phone with touch screen and a lot of cool features like GPS, internet, good film camera and a lot more. My phone in Sweden is broken, so now I can use this one cause I bought it without an agreement.


It has been so nice weather! And for a couple of weeks as well. Really warm and nice. In the afternoon me, Nima, Andy, Franco, Steven and Ludde went to the church school to play basketball. It was so much fun and we went on for a long time. Steven is a pro, but us others tried as good as we could. We had a lot of fun.


The evening was ended by pizza and the cozy restaurant and then some party. I can sum up and say that this day was by far the best in a long, long time.

A lot to do in school + Cinco de Mayo.

Damn, I have had so much to do these days. And everything has been around only two days it feels like. Monday, nothing, Tuesday – a lot a lot, Wednesday much to do, today, nothing.

Had this stuff to do Tuesday: class in the morning and evening, edit photos, print photos, print articles, upload articles for showcase, burn cds, prepare an interview, photoshop homework, work with my final portfolio for graphic design, go back and forth to my home and get my camera and hopefully have time to eat something. All this in four hours between the two classes. Thankfully I could eat. Went with Sahar and Christine to the nice sushi place in the harbor. I really needed that so I didn’t explode from all work.


Home late in the evening and up freaking early on Wednesday.


Yesterday we went on a field trip to a printing place in Ventura. Since it’s a bit to go we had to leave from Santa Barbara a quarter to seven in the morning. But it was a fun field trip and very interesting. We went in a Swed-car with me, Veronica, Sahar, Rebecka and Hanna.


I slept in the car the whole way back. When I got back to school it was time for my last interview this semester. We are doing the commencement issue of The Channels and we are doing stories about different people that are graduating. I interviewed a top student that has been accepted to both UC Berkeley and UCLA and chose to go to LA. The interview went well. The I went home to write the article. Did kind well, but I wrote way to long. It’s tough to write too much, cause then you have to remove a lot of parts that you really like. I sat for a couple of hours reorganizing it and rewrote it. I wanted to be down so I could start partying.


Yesterday was Cinco de Mayo, a Mexican holiday celebrated in memory of some battle the Mexicans won. It is mostly celebrated by Mexicans in the US and you celebrate it by drinking. Just like most holidays in Sweden. The holiday is also called Drinco de Mayo. So we had a Mexican fiesta at our place. Mexican beer, tequila, nacho chips, Mexican music. Ugh. That tequila, I should never had bought that… We planned on going out but we never got that far.


Today we had Channels class for like 15 minutes. Everybody was hangover. Now I’m soon off to school again to work on my final portfolio in graphic design.



Great weekend + no more Ugly Betty

It has been a really great weekend. Got to meet many new people and I’ve had a blast.


As I wrote, me and Jocke went to Sahar and Christine Friday and played a lot of drinking games. Kings Cup, Never Have I, and others. Then we went out to DP and there we all got separated. As usually when you are there. Eventually I met Veronicas roomies Diana and Magdalina so I accompanied them in their car back downtown.


Saturday was beach day. Great. Just looking at a beachvolleyball tournament. Then in the evening we had a barbeque and prepartied here. Veronica, Diana and Magdalina came here and then we went downtown. Went to Tonic, where I haven’t been before. Not that much people, but we still owed the dance floor.


Today, as one day in the week I have just been relaxed and been watching Ugly Betty. Yes, I admit it, even though it’s a bit embarrassing. I love that show. It is funny, has great characters, god actors, a lovely level of the drama, wonderful dialogues, and an all through pleasant feeling. Unfortunatley not everyone thinks so, and therefore it has now been canceled.


I have missed out the episodes during the spring, so I now downloaded the entire season and have watched the episodes all up straight. Today I had a 4-5 hour long marathon with the last episodes all up till the series final. The series kept on in it’s good mood all the way. The final episode was a little lame, but it still worked. I will miss this series. Especially the favorite characters Amanda and Marc.


You will be missed!


This have made me think about how much I will miss the people here when I leave. I have now bought the airline ticket to Sweden. Fly the 2nd of June, landing the 3rd. But I have a feeling that this will not be a goodbye, but more of a “see you soon again”.


Today it is the birthday of the Swedish King. Happy birthday, King!

Today it's also the Swedish holiday Valborgsmassoafton. In Sweden you have bonfires, but we are not going to do that. Instead we are going to celebrate like most swedes do - drink a lot of alcohol.

Me and Jocke and maybe someone more are going to Christine and Sahar in IV to play different drinking games. It will be really sweet. We will also stay there over night and continue there tomorrow.
Tomorrow there is  a water war at Del Playa. Water guns! Cool. I'll see if we particitpate.

Otherwise everything is good. The sun arrived today. Warm and nice.

Have had a chill week. Also starting to think about my future. Let's see what's happening and where I'll be in the fall and what I'll do.

Now I will watch the school's baseball team and then go to Isla Vista. C ya!

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