The police came to school today

Quote of the Day: Coming home with a hole in your chest is bad.
/ Photojournalism professor Mike Eliason

Today the police came to the school and arrested the assistant teacher. Pulled weapons, sirens and handcuffs.

Everything was planned, with meaning and completely harmless.

Last week we were at the fire department in photo journalism. This week it was time for the police to get caught on film. Greg Hons from SBPD came to visit us and talked about what it's like to be in the police, tips for journalists in contact with police officers and other things.
Speaking of good quotes, like I wrote above. This following quote were also pretty good by Hons, about whether to shoot in certain situations or not, and the impact it can have:
"Better judged by 12 than carried by 6".

Greg Hons in clas, showing weapons and other things after his lecture


Hons is part of Santa Barbara's SWAT team. If you do not know what it is, it is the U.S. special police forces, their task force. Those with fatter fire arms, clothing and equipment. Unfortunately, he did not wear it... But he had with him everything and we could go up to him and take pictures and feel everything. I took up the M4 assault rifle and felt it and immediately came back memories of my military service. The instinct of how to hold it came up directly and I tried to aim it. It was cool. Maria, Maria, Linnea, and several others took pictures of me with the gun. It was fun. The rest of the equipment was also cool, with the shotgun, stun gun, vest, flash grenades and helmet.

James gets arrested


Then it was time for our photo assignment. Hons would anticipate arresting teaching assistant James (teacher's sidekick if you will remember from a previous post, as always get’s it coming). They made the “arrest” and we took pictures of everything. It was cool.


(I dont put up so many photos now. And images of me with the asault rifle I will post when I have got a copy of it from one of the girls)

Food blog

I'm having a very good evening. Just wanted you to know. I was out running earlier. Ty looked it up that my route is 5,4 miles, or 8,7 km. That's good. I ran in the sand the last strip of East Beach. That was tough.

Tonight I made meatsause. It was so deliscious! o tasty that I wanted to take a picture of it. And so I did.

Nom, nom, nom

Tonight I'm just chilling. Adjuting my article about ecurity at SBCC. It will be handed in tomorrow. Also chatting with Patrik. That's nice.

I don't have anything more to say tonigth. C ya!

Movie: Zombieland

There was one more blog entry today. Or, it's Monday now because it's after midnight. But all the same. It became one more because we have been to the movies tonight. We have seen Zombieland. Or not Maggie, because she fell asleep XD Haha, it was fun.



Wiki, IMDb

The story? Hm. Not really lot of story. Very similar to other zombie movies. USA has been hit by a zombie-outbreak and most of the people are zombies. Everything is desolate and dead. The main character, Columbus (Jesse Eisenberg) (all are named after the place they are going to or coming from, because they would not be so much friends that they say what they are called) has drawn up a list of rules for how to do that survive in the United States of Zombieland. And he has done well with it. He is to go to his parents in Columbus, Ohio. On the way there he meets Tallahassee (Woody Harrelson, from Cheers!). They also find the sisters Wichita (Emma Stone) and Little Rock (Abigail Breslin, Little Miss Sunhine) that are tougher than they pretend - as the guys get to experience. They are going to an amusement park in Los Angeles. On the road in his car run on both zombies and Hollywood stars – the cameo was also very funny!

I liked this movie very much. As entertainment for the moment it is clear as a bell. Very funny with great actors, and it is nicely done. You do not have to think so much, just go with the story and have a nice time. And that is exactly what I'm looking for in a cinema. Therefore, the high marks.

The grade is 4 shotguns out of 5.


The four on the way to go into an Indian shop and have fun.

Past movie reviews.

Jennifer's Body

Sorority Row

Religion, party and stores where you not are allowed to shop

Hello world!

Has nothing to do. It’s so good. Have no homework this weekend (or, I had, but I have already done it). Lies in bed and listening to soft music, watch YouTube (today's Parliament) and watched film. Just watched (again) the documentary Religulous with Bill Maher. He goes around and talk to various people about religion. The movie satire all organized religion and people who believe in God and stuff like that. There are really sick people in the world, and strange phenomena. As the Creation Museum in Kentucky that shows up that dinosaurs and humans lived together (so that the dinosaurs fit into biblical sense of time). Another strange person is John Westscott who was gay but now has become "healthy" and work to make more people who think they are gay to found out that they are not. Stupidity! Religion is nonsense! Maybe good for those who need something to believe in when they have a hard time, but mostly nonsense that creates conflict and war.

Oops, now I became very upset, it feels like. Not good, you should be happy. But there came the Spotify commercials again, so now I became cranky again. Nah, I have to see something funny. Like this bird. I already posted this video on Facebook, but here comes again. Check this out! A bird with a large blue mouth and two eyes on the wings. It must be the funniest bird ever.

Now I am happy again.

Last Friday, I rode a car. Andreas and Jocke had rented a car and drove to Camarilla. When they came back, they picked me up and we went to Goleta. We went to a lot of big stores. Best Buy was kind of El-Giganten. Same color even. Then we were at Costco. It was a weird store. With the world's worst business idea. You may not buy anything there! It was huge. Huge racks with huge packs of things. We added them to their huge shopping carts and drove them around in the huge hall out to the huge funds. Where this conversation takes place:

Cashier: Do you have Costco card? (all stores have membership cards so that you can buy cheaper)
Me: No, I do not.
Cashier. Then you cannot buy anything. Only those who have membership card may buy.

Eh, what? Apparently, it was necessary to have a membership that costs $ 50 per year in order to shop. You could buy alcohol, medicine, and something, but nothing else. So we had to leave all our candy, loads of Snapple, sheets and other things and walk out of the store empty-handed.

We went to K-Mart. There you may buy things.

Then we went to Ralphs and bought just so much to drink. You can do that when you have a car, otherwise it is too heavy to carry. 12 bottles of ice tea, 12 cans of vanilla-coke, 12 cans of ginger ale, a gallon of water and an ice tea to drink in the car.

The evening was party, first in Victoria and then IV. It was great fun in IV this time:)

Saturday was party here. Beer Pong and then on to Chapala. Later we went to a pub, which is really unusual. We were a few who are over 21 who went it. Damn how wonderful it is to just sit in a bar and drink a beer on tap.

Today is chill as I said. Tonight it's time for new episodes of the Cleveland Show, The Simpsons and American Dad. Unfortunately no new Family Guy.

This week will be taking photos of a police SWAT and it's time for Halloween! Will be several days with a lot of costumes, crazy parties, creepy things, horror movies, candy and much, much more. It will be wonderful!

Fires just for us

It became a long entry today. But it contains many cool things.


Wow, today the photojournalism class has been just so cool! We were at the fire departments training facilities taking photos of firefighters in action.


This was one of the things I have looked the most forward to. Just the fact that the schedule tells us to wear clothes we don’t care that much about is cool. We were warned that we were to get wet and dirty. And we did.


First there was a lecture with one of the firemen. It was very interesting and he taught us a lot about how to act when you’re at a accident scene or fire, where to stand to get the best pictures and how to best work with the authorities. Good things to know and funny.


But then the real fun stuff began. Staged thing! There was only our class there, so everything they did they did for us only. That’s very cool.



Fire fighter with smoke helmet

First thing fire fighters with smoke helmets. They filled up a room with smoke and lights and then a firefighter crawled the floor pretending to search through the room. He kept on crawling there back and forth while we were shooting pictures. Then we went out and got replaced by those who didn’t fit in the room at the same time as us, and the fire fighter kept crawling.


A was knee standing in this room. I now have to stains with sot on my knees.


Here comes the fire truck

Everything wasn’t in a chronological order, as it would happen during a real fire. The next step was for the fire truck to arrive. We shot pictures while it arrived, flashing the lights (but not the sirens, since you don’t need those for photos). They jumped out, attached the hose to the fire hydrant, turned on the water and ran in to the house, all occurring with us running around them taking pictures.


Firefighters entering the house

Next stop was in the room where soaked the room with the hose. Here it was so wet! I didn’t get that many good pictures, cause my camera got all wet and I didn’t have time to clean the lens. And I didn’t have that good spot to stand at.


It was very wet in this room

The last thing was to set a car on fire. The used propane gas to light the fire in an old car wreck. The oaked it with the hose up until we were satisfied.

I didn’t get that good pictures of the flames itself, but kinda good photos of the extinguishing.


Putting out a fire in a car

When we were to bike home we got a new good surprise. A guy called Matt was to drive home and asked me, Maria and Maria if we wanted a ride. So he put our bikes in the back of his pickup truck and drove us home.


This was actually the second time today I got a ride home today.


Today I went to and back from school with Cecily. She picked me up this morning and we went to Starbucks. Finally some good coffee and not the watery crap they have in school. After journalism class he drove me home, so today I haven’t needed to walk or bike home at all! That’s good. Btw, hope your knee gets better Cecily!


The class today was a journalism test. It was hard, but I hope it turned out fine. Now all my midterms and tests are over for this time!


In the long 6 hour free time I went to the beach. I fell asleep and it was just so sweet. I guess that’s what’s happening if you stay up all night chatting. But it was funny.


We have no internet at home right now. It sucks like hell. So now I’m sitting here writing my blog entries in Swedish and English, I’m sorting tonight’s photos and watching Scrubs and South Park. Chilly. But I WANT MY INTERNET BACK! Fail house. Later when I get internet back I will post these entries.

Chill day, but kinda boring

I had a midterm today, in Media design. I had prepared a lecture on how to create and use patterns in Photoshop. It went perfectly! in fact, it was only my, Marias and Fernandas presentations that went smoothly, all the others had some problems or it didn't work at all.
Also the letters turned out fine.

After lunch we had Multimedia. Or not. The teacher never showed up. Instead we all sat with Facebook. Me, Maria and Maria sat next to each other but everything we had to say we said via the facebook chat :D

I havn't had any homework today. Feels kinda strange. So I've just been home chilling. I did the laundry, but the machine doesnät work. everything doesn't geet clean. So I have to go to some laundry place this week.

I have been out running today! I wasn't out runnig anytime at all last week, due to my health and the weather.  But today it happend. It turned out fine. It was sunny, but so windy! The palms attacked me! Pieces of the tree and leaves fell down to the ground while I was running along the beach.

Otherwise I've just been sitting ny the computer chatting with friends and checked out a lot of funny things on YouTube.

By 11 I will watch family Guy on the big screen tv.

Tomorrow it will be a good day I hope. For the first time in weeks I have no homework during the Tuesday, so maybe I can use the 6 hour gap for some beach life. Now the weather allows it too.
And in the evening we will be going to the Fire departments training facility for the Photojournalism class. They will let things on fire and we will take pictures. It may be very cool.

That's all for today. Tomorrow we'll meet by the sea!

Weird evening/night/morning

It has been a real weird yesterday evening, night and morning. Not all unexpected alcohol was involved… But so was also the police and some guys with pink thongs.


Yesterday I and Cecily was partying in IV. It was very funny. We were at a party at her friend’ place together with some more. Later we were to go to a party on Trigo. We didn’t find that specific party, but we did find a jungle party. It was a couple of guys having a party in their house. They were dressed in their underwear, and in some cases thongs. Pink leopard patterned thongs. And then some leaves hanging from their waist. They got so happy when they saw that we had some girls in our group, so they invited us. They had a dance floor, a flashing epilepsy light and a bar. There they had something they called jungle juice. I didn’t take any. I just danced.


When we were to leave everybody was very happy (drunk) and danced along the street. Then there was a police car. Me and Cecily managed to hide behind a car and avoided the policemen. Everybody wasn’t as lucky, though. From what we know one of our friends got caught, maybe more, cause we didn’t see everybody later in the night.


We moved to DP. There we met a friend of Cecily who was to help us with the whole situation. We went to the place where we had started our preparty, since Cecily had her purse there. We went in to the apartment but since none of us were capable of driving we decided to sleep in the apartment and wait till morning to do something and try to get our friend out of jail.


In the morning our very first thing to do was to go to Starbucks and have some coffee. That was so good. We didn’t knew if there was a drunk tank in IV. We only managed to find a sheriff’s office, but it was all dark and closed down. We had to go to the county jail in Goleta.


Btw, I have now learned the difference between jail and prison. It is almost like the difference between college and university I figured out :P


But also there it was dark and no one working. We called the police. They said that she was to be released sometime between noon and 3 PM. But she hadn’t her cell phone with her, and we were not allowed to leave her any message, so all we could do was to wait.


Since it still was a long time before that time we went to Goleta to eat lunch. Then Cecily drove me home and then he went back to the jail and sat studying until they released our friend. I have talked to them both now, and she is out and as fine as you can be. So it worked out.



We have a new tv here. Football is on 24-7. But tonight we have to see the new episodes od Family Guy, American Dad, Cleveland show and Simpsons.


It's really hot today!

I'm in school now to finish my Multimedia medterm. It will be so good when that one is done.

Today it's really hot! The past days it has been poring raing, cold, horrible, wet, boring and tough. Today it is just the opposite!

It is one of the hottest days in Santa Barbara so far. Maybe 85-90 F. And a new thing is that the ind is so warm aswell. Haven't experienced this warm wind here before.

So today it's sunny, warm and lovely. When I finish here at school I will go downtown to get an icecream at Yogurtland and maybe do some shopping :D

Tonight there is party! Don't know so much yet, but I'll find out.

Rangers - best in the NHL right now!

(For you who doesn't like hockey I will try to be short, and maybe not write about it so much in the future, unless I have to)

Rangers is in such roll right now! Sixth straight win came today versus LA. Ha! It was back home in the Garden. In february they will play the away game, and then I will go see them play in Staples Center.

The whole team is increadible good now. But there are some players who have stood out a little bit extra so far:
  • Marian Gaborik. An amazing purchase this summer, he just keep on scoring!
  • Michael Del Zotto. Rookie defenseman who jsut grabs a much as the leauges more experienced top forwards.
  • Vaclav "Vinny" Prospal. "The old man" came from Tampa this summer and have bloomed out in the first line. He and Gaborik now have 10 points each.
  • Henrik Lundqvist. He keeps on showing how great he is every time
The Rangers is right now in the number 1 team in the leauge with 12 points. Pittsburgh has 10. In the west Colorado has 9 points and Columbus and LA 8.

Ye, I know that there ha only been 7 games out of 82. Very much can happen. But thats why it's so fun to be happy right now. And these points will be very important in April when the last games are played. 

The most fun part is that the whole team is working together. Both old and new players, superstars and the "anonymous". Everything is going like a train. And the end station is Lord Stanley's trophy...

Marian Gaborik during today's game

Rain, rain, and rain. And a midterm.

I didn’t write an entry yesterday, so I say it now: congratulations dad! But we talked Sunday.


Now it has been raining for two days. Everything I wet, it’s cold, the weather sucks, there are no people in the streets, people feel bad, papers gets destroyed and you have to walk since it’s so hard to bike with an umbrella.


Yesterday I was out to shoot some feature photos for the photojournalism class. Unfortunately the combination of me being ill and the weather has caused me to miss out most good photo ops. But yesterday I walked down State Street. Nothing in the whole street. But down by Stearns Warf there was protesting. It was a Native American organization protesting against Columbus Day. According to them the genocide of Native Americans began with Columbus’ discovery of America, and therefore it’s not a day you should celebrate. I took some photos. Then I went to the warf and took pictures of seagulls.


Today I had my first midterm. 100 questions in photojournalism. Think it went well, even though there was no many questions about history. Thankfully there was a lot of silly questions aswell. “What important photo equipment was invented in the 20s?” and one of the options were “24-7 open hamburger joints”.


Here are three feature pictures:


I liked this picture from the protests. Some cute children laughing, but at the same time holding a sign talking about Hitler.

Columbus has been hanged by the protesters

A seagull who is not allowed to fish

Not feeling all well, but much to do in school

This weekend I haven’t been feeling that good. Had some fever on Friday and felt just crap during the weekend.

But there is still a lot of things to do for school. Have done some of it so far. Today I went to Kinkos to print my color posters. Damn, how expensive it would be! The size I had in mind, 24x36 inches, was to be 94 dollars for two!  Insane. The smaller version was 45. No way, I thought. So I printed a small version, 11x17 inches for 3,98. I have to deal with it in school tomorrow an explain why I don’t want to pay that much for a homework.

Now I’ve just watched the latest episode of Swedish humor show The Parliament. Thank you YouTube users who post those things!

Earlier this week I wrote about how much I had to do this week. Because of me not feeling that good this weekend it hasn’t been that much studying as I expected. Yesterday at the day I slept for 4 hours, and for being me that is highly unusual. I never sleep in the middle of the day.

And the weather have been bad aswell. Cold and grey. Not fun to be outdoors taking photos then.

Here is the things I was supposed to do:
•    Study for the midterm in Photojournalism Haven’t been studying as much as I should. Will do it tonight.
•    Prepare the midterm in Multimedia Isn’t due till next week. Have started to look up ideas and inspiration
•    Prepare the midterm in Media Design Also due next week. Have looked up inspiration on the net.
•    Take sport photos for the Photo Journalism I did and they were well received
•    Find good newspaper images for the weekly photoassignment I did
•    Find a person to interview, do the interview and write an article. I did the interview and have started writing the article
•    Finish my posters in Media Design The thing that took the most time this week. I’m finished.
•    Do the posts in Multimedia. Did them already on Monday. I’ve never been so fast doing them.
•    Read the strange Multimedia reader. I have, but I still don’t understand it
•    Read the Journalism book. Read some
•    Read this weeks photo homoework Will do
•    Take feature photos for next weeks Photo Journalism. Haven’t done it this weekend cause of my health and the weather

My number 1 priority this week will be the Photo midterm. Then the other two midterms. It will be a lot of studying.

I just got a beef jerky from Jocke. Thanks! But it’s kinda weird that you in America eat dried meat as candy.

Fun party that ended bad

Yesterday there was a party at home at Wentworth. The first real Wentworth party since a long time ago. Unfortunatly I had to go up early the next day to do my interview for the Writing/reporting class.Therefore I decided to not drink any alcohol at all. It became a fun experiment to be all sober when all of the others just got more and more drunk. You guys should jjust know how funny you looked ;) I took a lot of pictures and filmed aswell. I don't have my camera with me now, though, and maybe that is good. Most of the pictures are not to be shown in public I think...

But it was later in the evening that we noticed something in Emils room, where many people had been during the evening. Emil couldn't find his laptop. It had been on the desk, so he hadn't hidden it. We looked everywhere, indoors, outdoors for over an hour. It was not to be found, so probably it had been stolen. And then, we couldn't find Ida's purse either.

You don't want to believe that they have been stolen, since there were almost only people that we know. But it almost seems to be the only explanation.

Emil is now with the Police filing a report. He only had the computer for a month, a MacBook Pro.

I'm in school now after doing my interview with the Security Director of the school. It went well, and I was there for about 40 minutes. Now I've had a tasty sallad in the school cafeteria and shall now continue with my assignments.

What will happen with Emils computer and Idas purse we will see. I really hope it will work out for the best.

And, also, it's cloudy and cold. It's suiting, somehow.

Sport photographer? Maybe

It hasn't been that easy taking sport photos. I have two major reasons I want to blame. First of all there hasn't been that much sport around. Today when me and Maria were to go out taking pictures it was all empty at the football field, all empty at the baeball/softball field, almost empty at the tennis courts, nobody was out running och biking on the roads. And second, I havn't a good enough zoom at the camera. Caue when there well is  a sport it havebeen hard to come cloes enough. Think I better buy a telephoto lens.

But I promised you to show some photos, so here are two that wasn't put down completley in school but was regarded kindad good. I used some unusual cropping this time as well.

Bicyclist Ryan in the skate park

Franco playing basketball

So, will I become a sports photographer? Don't know. Right now it feels like I have a long way to go before I have there knowledge. So I better start with sport journalism for now.

Speaking of something completly different, it has become chillier now. The wind is cold and it's only about 20°C/70°F. The fall is coming.

Crazy workload this week

Earlier I hav said that I don't have that much to do in school when it comes to homework and stuff. That is not the fact now. Insanley much to do. Next week there is  three midterms plus other assignments to do.

The following is the studying I have to do this week:
  • Study for the midterm in Photojournalism (A test with 100 questions)
  • Prepare the midterm in Multimedia (a PowerPoint where the content is very advanced and complicated)
  • Prepare the midterm in Media Design (a PP + a should hold a lecture in class)
  • Take sport photos for the Photo Journalism
  • Find good newspaper images for the weekly photoassignment
  • Find a person to interview, do the interview and write an article
  • Finish my posters in Media Design
  • Do the posts in Multimedia
  • Read the strange Multimedia reader
  • Read the Journalism book
  • Read this weeks photo homoework
  • Take feature photos for next weeks Photo Journalism
And then I also need to do some grocey shopping,do the laundry and hopefully get out to run 2 och 3 times this week. It's a lot right now... Hopefully I can have some fun as well. The weekend will be a lot about studying. Maybe I can squeeze in some partying as well. I'll see.

On Sunday I will let you know if I managed to do everything above (of course I will blog before that, but then you'll know how I did with my hectic schedule)

I have to finish with someting positive. We had sushi yesterday. Really good, tasty, cheap and loveley. A nice place in the alley Pasoa Nuevo by State Street.

Sushi :D

NHL premiere. Let's Go Rangers!

Now the NHL season is starting. Finnaly! After a preseason thats has been both up and down for the Rangers it's now time for the real thing. The game is between Rangers and Penguins.
That's fun that it's those teams because Pittsburgh Penguins is Andreas favorite team. So we will now see the game over the net.

So, now I'm sitting here in my Henrik Lundqvist-shirt and the Rangers hat I bought in New York in Madison Square Garden. This will be som much fun.

Some questions about the upcoming season:
  • Will Gaborik be the vital injection the Rangers so depsperatley needs?
  • Will Lundqvist last for 70 games this season as well?
  • Can Tortarella do such a good job as he did after he took office in spring?
Now they are to celebrate the Stanley Cup-champions before the game starts. Then we're set to go. Come on Blueshirts, now we get the victory.


Good day, but I hate TV4! No more Idol!

Today I only had one clas. Like thursdays. After it was done I went to town for some shopping. A pair of jeans and two t-shirts I got at Urban Outfitters.

This afternoon me and my friend Patrik in Sweden played Age of Empires. None of us had anything to to when we were chatting this afternoon and came up with the idea that it would be sweet to play it over the web. I have had an urge for it since me and Maria talked about it the other day in school. So me and Patrik played good old AOEII: The Conquerors. It such a cool game! I was Spain and he was the Aztecs. It was fun playing, but the Difficulcy-level was set on to easy. Next time we have to try a harder level.

I also tried to go out and take som sports photo. But it was to warm, so nobody was doing any sport. I'll do it some other day.

Right now I'm very mad at Swedish TV4. The last couple of days I have been watching episodes of Swedish Idol online at their homepage. It's fun to still be able to see it since I have followed it the last years in Sweden. The service of watching it online have been perfect. 
But today when I was to watch it there is just a sign popping up saying that I cannot see it because I'm not in Sweden and therefore they have no rights.
I have been able to watch it before. And: what do they loose on letting me watch it? What do they gain in not letting me see it.
I thought it was a lot of good singers in this year's edition. I really looked forward to it a lot. Let's hope that people put videos on YouTube instead.
Concratulations you in Sweden who will be able to see it this fall.

I'm cranky now :(

Homework: Watch my favorite movie!

Sometimes homework is really boring, but sometimes they are just wonderful. This was maybe not a real homework, but more that the teacher said we could do this to have a discussion on monday.

In the multimedia class we are to watch a short film called La Jettee. From the 60's or something. But this movie inspired Terry Gilligan to make the movie Twelve Monkeys 1995. Our teacher therefore thought that it could be good if we saw this one aswell so we could discuss it in the next class.

This was the best homework ever! This movie is one of my all time favorites, if not THE best. So tonight I had a little private movie evening with ice tea, Car-candy (from Sweden, which I saved for a special occation), headphones and the computer. But since we had an O.C.-night here tonight I couldn't start watching the movie untan half past eleven, so now the clock is 2 AM. But it doesn't matter; the house is quiet and dark, and I hav just enjoyed the movie.

It'shard to tell about the plot of the movie, but here is a short try. After 5 billion people died by a virus in 1996-97 James (Bruce Willis) is sent back in time to the 1990's to try to find out what caused the virus. All he knows is that it has something to do with something called The Army of the Twelve Monkeys. He ends up in a mental institution since no one believs him when he says that he is from the future. At this place is also the patient Jeffrey (Brad Pitt) and the doctor Kathryn (Madeleine Stowe).

It's no idea to say anything more, and it's kinda complicated.

But, as I said, thisis one of my favorite movies ever, and since I hadn't seen in for a long time this was an amazing homework that I gladly did :)

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