Thanksgiving and a new place to live

Now it has been a while since I wrote. We have been free from school in a lot of days and I have done - not so much. Has been the most relaxing and being at home chilling.

Thanksgiving was not quite as I had hoped. Were suppose to g out in the evening and celebrate with Elyse, who is the only one from our groups of friends who were still in town, but she got sick and could not do anything. So my Thanksgiving dinner consisted of a micro heated a turkey dish with mashed potatoes. Woho ...
The day before, however, we had "real" TG-food. The school served in the cafeteria, and all international students got it for free that day. That was nice. There was turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry jam, beans, bread and pumpkin pie for dessert. It was very good.


My Thanksgiving dinner...

The schools Thanksgiving food, a little better than the one above

The day after Thanksgiving is Black Friday. Then the entire United States go out shopping, cause all the stores are having sales to start the Christmas shopping. This day Elyse was healthy and we went out shopping and make up for yesterday's non-celebration. For my part, it just bought a long sleeved black shirt that I found at Macy's for $ 15. After shoppers, we went and ate at a restaurant and then came her friends and we went to the movies. We saw the 2012th I've already seen it, but the others wanted to see it and I did not mind seeing it again.

I have a new place to stay in spring! I signed the contract yesterday. I am to move in with the guys on Victoria Street. It is further from the school and the beach, and a smaller room. But I get my own room, it is close to town, get to stay with real cool people, but above all, a much better house. I do not have to live in this shit!

Am to move some steps at the time, and will be able to keep stuff there for Christmas. That’s good.

Have also felt very healthy this week. Have been to the gym or out running every day. I'll See if I might go swim or something in the afternoon only to then have been active all seven days a week.

New classes in spring: school newspaper and soccer

Now I have chosen classes for the spring semester. Except the mandatory classes Channels (school newspaper) and Digital Imaging I could chose whatever classes I wanted to, nd still get my journalism cetrificat. But I wanted journalism classes anyway even if I didn't have to.

Unfortunatly I couldn't take the Creative Writing/Non Fiction class as I hoped. You had to have taken a certain English class, which I hadn't =/

A big problem was the Cannels class. We need at least 12 units, and most classes are 3, but Channels are only 2. So I had to find a 1-unit-class or take another 3-unit-class and then have 14 units and pay extra for the extra 2 units.

But I found a fun class for 1 unit and it is - soccer! I will play soccer twice a week next semester. My friend Elyse is taken that class and she thought I should take it . So now I will bring my soccer shoes and leg protecton back from Sweden and once again hit the field :)

So as it looks right now I will take the following classes this spring:

Class code, class name, time, day

GDP 111, Graphic Design Basics,  8:00-10:20am, M

MAT 131, Digital Imaging I,  1:00- 3:20pm, M   W

PE 124B, Intermediate Soccer,  6:50- 8:10pm, M   W

JOUR 121, Channels Newspaper Lab 1,  11:10-12:30pm,   T   R

PHOT 109, Photo I,   5:00-10:05pm,   T



I really hope that IBS (the company organizing this trip) reads this. Thanks a lot for our house!

This weekend we had to face a new problem. We have rats in the house! And not just at the roof that you can hear. Yesterday I saw a rat coming out from a whole in the wall and then running out in the kitchen.

I made a little list of problems we had in ths house:

Fails in the house:
  • Winged ants
  • Rats
  • Water leak in the closet
  • Flood in half of the house
  • wet carpets being put back in
  • Mold
  • The TV was out of service for 2 weeks
  • Internet stops working now and then
  • Regular ants in the whole house
  • The laundry machine doesn't work
  • The dryer was broken for a long time
  • The heat didn't work up until recently
  • The toilet is rinning
  • The taps are leaking
  • The fridge was leaking
  • The fridge was broken for a wile
  • No lamps in the ceiling
  • No key the first week
  • The windows are windy


Fails in the neighborhood:

  • Shootings
  • The maffia and gangs
  • The train runs right outside
  • the freeway runs right outside
  • Car chase outside

I dont have  a new appartment for the spring yet, but I'll take anything but this!


The flood the other week


Winged ants earlier this fall

No meteors, but horror movie scenes and 2 X Sharkeez. And sillyness

Monday I went to Sharkeez for the first time in a long time. Sharkeez is a club here in SB, and on Mondays and Wednesdays they have a 18 year age limit, so then my friends can come aswell. Monday I prepartied with the Swedish girls from Elise House, and I had a lot of fun. Sharkeez was fun too. They had a black and white theme, so if you wore those colors it was cheaper to get in.


Yesterday we had photojournalism and for homework we had to make an illustration of coffee or caffeine. We could do anything as long as we kept in that subject. Here is my contribution: Mathias studying much harder with coffee in his system.


Mathias, coffee addict

During Monday and Tuesday you could see the Leonid Meteor Shower. So yesterday we were suppose to go see them. We were a large group that went up to the mountains to get as far away as possible from the city lights. Up there it was very desolated and dark. To dark. Cause it was cloudy and foggy. So we didn’t see a thing.

The place itself was very well suited for a horror movie. Dark, desolated, foggy, a big lake, lots of wood and deserted cabins. And many scary sounds. We scared each other up about what was making all the sounds, and when a raccoon decided to scare the living shit out of us, damn we got frightened and screamed. It was hilarious XD


Today it’s Sharkeez again. This time with the American girls.


Here is btw another silly image. It’s from my Media Design class where we were suppose to create an animated gif image. And when Johan Hammerby is to do an animated image, then you know it’s going to be silly! Here you go!