Thanksgiving and a new place to live

Now it has been a while since I wrote. We have been free from school in a lot of days and I have done - not so much. Has been the most relaxing and being at home chilling.

Thanksgiving was not quite as I had hoped. Were suppose to g out in the evening and celebrate with Elyse, who is the only one from our groups of friends who were still in town, but she got sick and could not do anything. So my Thanksgiving dinner consisted of a micro heated a turkey dish with mashed potatoes. Woho ...
The day before, however, we had "real" TG-food. The school served in the cafeteria, and all international students got it for free that day. That was nice. There was turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry jam, beans, bread and pumpkin pie for dessert. It was very good.


My Thanksgiving dinner...

The schools Thanksgiving food, a little better than the one above

The day after Thanksgiving is Black Friday. Then the entire United States go out shopping, cause all the stores are having sales to start the Christmas shopping. This day Elyse was healthy and we went out shopping and make up for yesterday's non-celebration. For my part, it just bought a long sleeved black shirt that I found at Macy's for $ 15. After shoppers, we went and ate at a restaurant and then came her friends and we went to the movies. We saw the 2012th I've already seen it, but the others wanted to see it and I did not mind seeing it again.

I have a new place to stay in spring! I signed the contract yesterday. I am to move in with the guys on Victoria Street. It is further from the school and the beach, and a smaller room. But I get my own room, it is close to town, get to stay with real cool people, but above all, a much better house. I do not have to live in this shit!

Am to move some steps at the time, and will be able to keep stuff there for Christmas. That’s good.

Have also felt very healthy this week. Have been to the gym or out running every day. I'll See if I might go swim or something in the afternoon only to then have been active all seven days a week.

New classes in spring: school newspaper and soccer

Now I have chosen classes for the spring semester. Except the mandatory classes Channels (school newspaper) and Digital Imaging I could chose whatever classes I wanted to, nd still get my journalism cetrificat. But I wanted journalism classes anyway even if I didn't have to.

Unfortunatly I couldn't take the Creative Writing/Non Fiction class as I hoped. You had to have taken a certain English class, which I hadn't =/

A big problem was the Cannels class. We need at least 12 units, and most classes are 3, but Channels are only 2. So I had to find a 1-unit-class or take another 3-unit-class and then have 14 units and pay extra for the extra 2 units.

But I found a fun class for 1 unit and it is - soccer! I will play soccer twice a week next semester. My friend Elyse is taken that class and she thought I should take it . So now I will bring my soccer shoes and leg protecton back from Sweden and once again hit the field :)

So as it looks right now I will take the following classes this spring:

Class code, class name, time, day

GDP 111, Graphic Design Basics,  8:00-10:20am, M

MAT 131, Digital Imaging I,  1:00- 3:20pm, M   W

PE 124B, Intermediate Soccer,  6:50- 8:10pm, M   W

JOUR 121, Channels Newspaper Lab 1,  11:10-12:30pm,   T   R

PHOT 109, Photo I,   5:00-10:05pm,   T



I really hope that IBS (the company organizing this trip) reads this. Thanks a lot for our house!

This weekend we had to face a new problem. We have rats in the house! And not just at the roof that you can hear. Yesterday I saw a rat coming out from a whole in the wall and then running out in the kitchen.

I made a little list of problems we had in ths house:

Fails in the house:
  • Winged ants
  • Rats
  • Water leak in the closet
  • Flood in half of the house
  • wet carpets being put back in
  • Mold
  • The TV was out of service for 2 weeks
  • Internet stops working now and then
  • Regular ants in the whole house
  • The laundry machine doesn't work
  • The dryer was broken for a long time
  • The heat didn't work up until recently
  • The toilet is rinning
  • The taps are leaking
  • The fridge was leaking
  • The fridge was broken for a wile
  • No lamps in the ceiling
  • No key the first week
  • The windows are windy


Fails in the neighborhood:

  • Shootings
  • The maffia and gangs
  • The train runs right outside
  • the freeway runs right outside
  • Car chase outside

I dont have  a new appartment for the spring yet, but I'll take anything but this!


The flood the other week


Winged ants earlier this fall

No meteors, but horror movie scenes and 2 X Sharkeez. And sillyness

Monday I went to Sharkeez for the first time in a long time. Sharkeez is a club here in SB, and on Mondays and Wednesdays they have a 18 year age limit, so then my friends can come aswell. Monday I prepartied with the Swedish girls from Elise House, and I had a lot of fun. Sharkeez was fun too. They had a black and white theme, so if you wore those colors it was cheaper to get in.


Yesterday we had photojournalism and for homework we had to make an illustration of coffee or caffeine. We could do anything as long as we kept in that subject. Here is my contribution: Mathias studying much harder with coffee in his system.


Mathias, coffee addict

During Monday and Tuesday you could see the Leonid Meteor Shower. So yesterday we were suppose to go see them. We were a large group that went up to the mountains to get as far away as possible from the city lights. Up there it was very desolated and dark. To dark. Cause it was cloudy and foggy. So we didn’t see a thing.

The place itself was very well suited for a horror movie. Dark, desolated, foggy, a big lake, lots of wood and deserted cabins. And many scary sounds. We scared each other up about what was making all the sounds, and when a raccoon decided to scare the living shit out of us, damn we got frightened and screamed. It was hilarious XD


Today it’s Sharkeez again. This time with the American girls.


Here is btw another silly image. It’s from my Media Design class where we were suppose to create an animated gif image. And when Johan Hammerby is to do an animated image, then you know it’s going to be silly! Here you go!


The jumping picture :)

Here is a little addition to the previous entry. Amanda's photo of me jumping at the beach. That's all for now. Now you can read the real entry, that is jut below this one.

Hopping and jumping at the beach. Photo: Amanda Lewis

Sunsets, football and many car rides in the trunk

This is were I run my jogging routes


Now, all of you in the cold Europe will become very sour on me. Because I'll start today's post by complaining about the sunny weather.

I was out the other day and took pictures. In a couple of weeks, we have for the photo class an assignment where we should take pictures of the weather, that kind images that could fit into a newspaper for an article or image note. "The problem" here in Santa Barbara is the following: It is always the same weather! On the day it is sunny, maybe a bit foggy in the morning and at night it is dark. That's it! Since I came here in August, it has rained three times. Clouds, it is very rare.

I know I should not complain about that. And from a personal standpoint I do not either, I love the weather here (although it could perhaps be liiiittle bit warmer, please). But purely in terms of photo lesson, it's a disaster. What to take pictures of? Since the weather is always the same so it is very difficult to think of anything that might be of interest or newsworthy. Last Thursday when I went out and ran, it was cloudy and the sunset was so amazingly nice mixed into the clouds and mountains. It had been a perfect photograph, I thought. But I had no camera with me. So next day I biekd away to the beach with the camera when it was sunset. Took a lot of pictures. There were no clouds, but quite nice nonetheless.

I know that pictures of sunsets are the most cliché-ridden type of photos there is. Everybody take pictures like that, especially when they are on vacation. But since the weather here is so monotonous, I’ll maybe get one of those three weather pictures in a few weeks become a sunset if I do not think of something really creative or some cool weather will occur.

Friday night was the movie. See review of the film in 2012 in post below.


We disrupted Lauren all the time, but she still took the time to check out her own cheerleaders and photographers:)

After a kinda hard work out on Andrei Aggasis gym on Saturday (I have not had as much training stiffness that I thought I would have), it was football that mattered. SBCC had its last home game of the season. I did not go for footballer's sake, but because I had told Cecily, Lauren and Linnea that I was to come and watch, because it was their last cheerleading too.

The game was good. After having sucked all season, SBCC was really on the go against East LA. They managed to keep pace, but too many mistakes made that they could not subtract. After full time it was even, 46-46.

The cheerleading was also good. But I believe that Lauren was a bit embarrassed by us. I, Elyse, Elyse's friend Amanda who come visiting from Maryland and one of the Elyesa friends sat in the front row and had our own cheerleading for Lauren. A lot of "Go Lauren” and other chants, and I took a tonne of pictures, it was great fun. Do not know how much fun Lauren thought it was, but she seemed pretty amused. However, so was not her other cheer friends. They probably thought we ruined their performance.

Cecily thought it was funny when we "disturbed" her.

After completing the four quarters we thought it was an extension so we the bench went away to buy drinks. As a quarterback in football is not 15 minutes but as long as it possibly can we thought we would have plenty of time.

We were on our way to Albertsons, but then we got a call that the game was over (CC had lost :/) and that we should move on to the party. I did not know where it was, but I just went along in and before I knew it we were on the highway towards IV.

After drink purchases (and drop off of Elyse’s friend) we first came home to Elyse, where she and Amanda was getting ready we continued to Cecily where we thought we were going to preparty. We could not, however, cause both had one of her room mates gone to bed, and so had the other an own party there. So we had to go somewhere else.

The problem, however, was: We were 6 people and there are 5 seats in a car. We proposed that a person could go in the trunk, and I put up as a volunteer.

It was not as bad as it sounds. Elyse’s car is a jeep and it has a large trunk, which is interlinked with the rest of the car, and I had the window. However, I had to lie down so the police could not see me, so I had no idea where we went. I didn’t see the other, but only half heard what they said, which led to where I would get into conversations, so it was kinda funny.

We drove around a lot during the evening / night and wewere in a lot of different parties in both Santa Barbara, Isla Vista and Goleta. It was fun at every party (most fun in Victoria!) And we had great fun in the car too :)

People got drunk and happy; we went to Freebirds and bought the night-food (burritos!) And then went home to Cecily where we were many who were sleeping.

Today, Sunday, has looked like last week's Saturday. We were a bunch from yesterday that today was at a picnic on the beach in Carpinteria. It was very nice, despite the noicy birds and even louder rude bitches next to us :P I was really not dressed for the beach because I had yesterday's clothes on me, but it still worked out fine anyway. I am waiting to see a picture that Amanda took of me when I jump on the beach. It was very cool and will be my new profile picture on Facebook when I get it :)

The beach in Carpenteria

Then it was into town and go into a lot of stores. Since I was the only guy with along a lot of girls we went to so many girls shops. A store with only handbags? Woho... But we had fun anyway and walked and talked and watched the serious and unserious outfits.

Now awaits one more week with a lot of photohomeworks and a journalism test on Tuesday. I’ll see if I can move into my room. I slept on a lot of places in the last week, but not in my own room. Hope that it is completely dry and mold-free soon.

Just figured out that I had not had any images on the oil rigs! Therefore:

Whatever one thinks about oil and stuff it's really cool to see the big oil platforms (they do not look so big out here but they are). 9 of them, I have counted between Santa Barbara and the Channel Islands. Especially cool in the night when they are illuminated.

Movie: 2012

Last night we went to the cinema, the world premiere of Roland Emmerich’s (Independence Day) new disaster movie 2012. It was a very long queue outside the cinema even for us who already had tickets, because here you don’t get numbered seats, but those who is in the front of the line will get the best sites.

The film has its origin in that the Maya Indians have predicted that the earth will come to an end in December 2012. The film begins in 2009 when unusual solar activity is detected, but it’s dakened by the world’s governments. Then it jumps to different things until 2012, and meanwhile the governments are preparing something, but you do not really know what.
Then once it is in 2012 as hell breaks loose. The world's doomed and disaster emergencies. The movie follows a broken family (John Cusack and Amanda Peet) who tries to save themselves, and the president (Danny Glover) and his geological expert (Chiwetel Ejiofor). Plus a lot of extra characters (Woody Harrelson again!).

The film is a Disaster film with capital D. A fatter and more awesome film has never been done, the special effects are so breathtaking that you probably have never seen anything like this! Some of the scenes are so incredible amazing. Shall not reveal much, but I can say that the explosion of the Yellowstone Park is probably the coolest thing I've ever seen on film.
These effects must be seen in cinemas. Don’t download it (yet). See the movie in cinemas first, it is definitely worth the money!

The film reminded a lot about Emmerich’s other films, and one could discern a pattern in what would happen next, but not later in the film.

A funny thing was how many of the politicians who were portrayed reminded about the world's real leaders. The U.S. president was black, the California governor was a big strong Austrian who have been actors, the German Chancellor a middle-aged woman, and I almost thought that you could see someone who looked like Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt too. And Queen Elizabeth looked like she had always done J

I think it must be hard to create a bigger disaster movie after this. What is Roland Emmerich to do now? What will Hollywood come up with now? This movie, especially with its special effects, sets a whole new standard for the genre.

Some things the film we could have done without. I thought it was a bit too much focus on people in certain parts of the film. Then they rather could have been destroying another city or so. Less John Cusack, more disasters, simply.

The movie was very good anyway. Not quite perfect marks. But the grade is still 4 of 5 collapsing cities.

John Cusack runs and runs (and you can see why here)


Past movie reviews.
Jennifer's Body
Sorority Row

Brian Leetch in the Hall of Fame

Today I dedicate the entore blog entry to my idol since the early 90's :D


Number 2 forever!

Today Brian Leetch was introduced in the Hockey Hall of Fame at its annual ceremony. This is so big, and I’m so happy for him.


When I was a little boy and started to collect hockey cards it became clear pretty soon that New York Rangers was the team for me.


And my favorite player was soon to be Brian Leetch. An offensive defenseman that could wirl up all opponents from home zone, all across the ice and score a wonderful goal just like any given top forward.


Together with especially Mike Richter, Adam Graves and Mark Messier Leetch was the most prominent figure when the Rangers won Stanley Cup in 1994. For this he received Conn Smyth Trophy. So far the only American to do so.


He is one of the most Rangers players. If he just was given one more season he would have been the Rangers with most games ever, and also points.


But that didn’t happen. The man from hell, Glen Sather, traded away Leetch along with 10 other popular stars, including Leetch, Nedved, Kovalev and others.


The others who are introduced in HHOF today is Steve Yzerman (one of Detroit’s best ever), Brett Hull (a true class act player) and Luc Robitaille (important in Kings and Penguins built up). Concratulations to you to!


A super star and a great person, according to all atricles and interviews on hin I have read and seen.


The hat off and concratulations to Brian Leetch: The greatest Ranger of all times!

Flooding =( But also shopping and a nice weekend

I tend to write chronologically in my blog, but now I must start with the worst. We have had a flood!


Flooding with 1 inch water in our bedroom!


The chair is not suppose to have a reflection in the carpet!


Oh yes, we have a lot of electric devices in our room... Emil got a hell of an electric shock.


Last night I and Jocke lay in our beds with computers, listening to music / watching movies. Jocke was to go out to the kitchen and when he gets out of bed so he walked into 1 inch layer of water!

The whole room is filled with water, and things floating around and everything is super wet. Also the corridor and the bathroom was filled. Emil ran into the bathroom to see that it is the toilet standing there flowing. He takes the suction cup and succeeds in stopping what would be stopped. But everything is already wet and horrible.

We had to begin removing all liquid water and begin to mop, pour away water and produce a lot of towels.

Have I told you by the way that we in our flooded rooms also have carpets?

We are trying to save as much as we can from the floor. Paper and books are destroyed. Clothes are soaked, but can we hang out so that hopefully dry sometime.
Luckily, we didn’t have our computers on the floor, which we usually have at night when we sleep.

We saved some clothes and moved into Emil and Andreas room. Where we slept last night, as some kind of friends overnighting when they are kids.

Today our landlord Dave was here and we have cleaned out our room. Packed up all the clothes, moved all the furniture and now he has torn up the carpet. He has also put in fans in the other Swedish room cause the water has been in there too.

What is happening now we do not know. We can sleep in this other room for now, but perhaps we should find someone else to go to our room works again. May look up this weekend.

Thursday I was at the Camarilla oulet with people from Victoria. It was really nice, like a city built by the outlet stores. I went to the Calvin Klein store. Two pairs of pants and two shirts for $ 100. Something that is even more positive is that I cannot have the sizes I have in Sweden. All my clothes are too big. It's nice, it goes in the right direction!

After that it was birthday party for Nima. Congratulations!

I have started going to the gym now. Worked out Wednesday, and Friday, I swam for an hour, interspersed with bath in the Jacuzzi. Wonderful!

Friday I went to Cecily where her friends were also. We tested a lot of good drinks and beer and stuff. It was rocking.

Saturday was just relaxing day for all those remaining. Watched Kill Bill on TV. Then we went and traded a lot of food and snacks in the evening and had a picnic on the beach. I, Cecily, Vaios and Elyse went to Carpinteria and was at a beach where we could watch the sunset. It was really beautiful.


Here is a picture of us which I stole from Cecily's Facebook. Vaios, Cecily, me and Elyse.

Election parties, the mayor, I was on TV + a funny car-bicycle-trip

Santa Barbara's new Mayor Helene Schneider surrounded by City Council members Grant House and Harwood "Bendy" White.

I think I got a good photo here. The winner in focus and in the background you can see the flag and campaign sign. (Yes, Michael is her name)


Yesterday was the election of Santa Barbara, as you have read in my previous post. And we had the assignment of covering the election, which we also did. It was much funnier than I thought.
I had worried a lot because it just might be too hard and stressful, and that it would not be able to enjoy all the fun that happened. But as luck was, I was wrong. It was great fun!

We left from photo journalism at a quarter to seven and went to City Hall. There was nothing. We went out, and then in again after a while. Then there was more going on in there. The City Council chamber was the place where the first preliminary results were to be presented. It soon became full of people. Many students, a lot of media, some politicians and a lot more weird people (a hippie-like old man stood up and asked if it was okay if he smoked his medicine).

Half past eight came the results and some candidates were happy and some sad. The mayoral election was interesting, but I was not to write about it. I was to write about the election to City Council (in this text "CC"). 13 candidates battled for 3 or 4 places. Many of them had celebration parties in completely different parts of town.

A large portion of us began with going to Dargans, which is just a street from City Hall. There was both the (most likely), newly elected mayor Helen Schneider (d), there were city council candidates and advocates of NO to Meassure B, a referendum on the house-building which has been very important this election campaign. So there was someone for everyone to interview. I thought. The newly elected CC member was not there. So I talked to the new mayor instead. It was fun. Took some quotes to my topic and then we talked about a lot of other things.


Frank Hotchkiss

But I needed people I could use also. I went to a republican / independent-election party a few feet away. There was a big party. Both candidates (Frank Hotchkiss and Michael Self) who was arranging the party had won. This many conservatives (3 of 7 members of the CC) it had never been before.. First I talked to four 45-year-old people on how the atmosphere was. All were drunk, and one of the women began to hit on me. Creepy…
Found also the newly elected. Did not know in advance what they looked like, and that the woman was named Michael did not do much easier. But I had good chats with both and stayed to see their victory speech. It got great interviews and great pictures.

After that I didn’t know what to do. The other election parties were far away and it was cold and wet. I chose to call one of the CC-member (Grant House) and did a telephone interview.
By then Cecily and Alexis came back from the losing mayor Dale Francisco’s election party. They had not much left to do either.
But when I talked with House he said he would come over to the mayor and the Democratic Party. So then I could get an interview on the spot with him, and so could the girls.

There, at Dargan's again, it was real big party. The new mayor was there and two elected CC-member. Got to talk to everyone. Also got to talk to the outgoing mayor. She is an old lady who will stop with politics, but she still had the same enthusiasm and strong words that the youth politician at. She was awesome! Her name btw Marty Blum. Second woman this evening with a male name. A bit confusing if you're searching for them.

When they held their victory speech and did interviews, off course the media was there. Because all television stations were on display in the hall we also saw on TV how it looked with the live broadcast. It was awesome. And even more astonishing was that when we stood there and interviewed and took notes we appeared in the TV! I have been on American TV! How cool isn’t that! :D

After our interviews, we were ready, I thought. From our class, I think it was just me, Cecily and Alexis left. They would go by car home and I would bike. It was cold and raining and they did not think I should have to bike home in the dark in this weather wearing only a thin shirt. So they could take the bike in the trunk so I could get a ride.

That wasn’t as easy as it sounds. The bike did not fit. To be a Dodge it had the incredibly small luggage space.

So somebody thought that it might fit inside the car. This was a very clever idea ... But while we were in and trying to squeeze it in we became more and more tuned to that we need to get into the bloody cycle, we could not give up.
"We can’t let the bike win" in the words of Alexis.
And we did not. Eventually we got it inside. This is by folding the front seat, take in the bike there and have it on the diagonal backward.

How could we sit then? It'll work!

I sat in the back right passenger seat folded down. Or rather, I lay on my back.
Alexis sat in the left passenger seat squeezed between the door and the bike wheel, so it looked like she was in a cage.
Cecily was driving with a handlebar right next to her head.

Then it was just to go home and keep track there would not be any police cars nearby.

Cecily driving with a bike inside of the car


Alexis caged between the door and the bike wheel


It went well. Today I sat and wrote the article. It was really good I think. You might have read it sometime if you want.

Tonight it's election night

In school now doing research for tonights election. Today in Santa Barbara there is election for mayor, city council and some referenda. For the journalism class we have an assigment to write about this. I am to write about the city council race.

It's much to do with that. There are 13 candidates running for 3 seats. Or it can be 4 seats if Helene Schneider (d) or Dale Francisco (r) wins the mayorial election.

Anyhow, I have done research on all the candiadtes and also contacted them. Most of them has responded and now I'm inveted to many victory celebrations/ losing partys.

It will be a lot of work, but I think it will be good.

And today  there's also Photojournalism, where we have to leave eraly, us who are covering the election. Now I will try to put togehter some good photos for the police and Halloween homework. 

Happy Halloween!

My costume on Friday!

My costume on Thursday and Saturday.


I made a long post today. But it's been a long weekend too. There are many photos here, but another 150 or so you can see at Facebook.

Now I have celebrated Halloween in three days, and it has been just so awesome. I have been to several super fun party, have met a lot of nice and wonderful people and I have seen so many costumes like never before.

I write chronologically about the three party days.

Some people partied on Wednesday, but not me. I was out cruising the late night with Cecily and Vaios. It was fate, funny and nice.

So the first Halloween party was Thursday. It was at Garden the party was held. There were, among others, Sailor Moon, cats, Sweeney Todd, a ninja, Edward Cullen, the Pope and more. It was great and we got very drunk. We went to Wentworth and continued there ‘cause we had heard that they would close down the parties early in IV. IV (Isla Vista) is a place outside SB where 40 000 people have come over the weekend to celebrate Halloween. It must be experienced sometime during the weekend. But not this day.

Ida the cat, Jocke as Sweeney Todd, me as a ninja and pirate Helena

Halloween pumpkin

Filip as Edward Cullen from Twilight and Hetta as Sailor Moon


Friday day was most about hangover. That’s what you get, I guess. And school work in the DAC lab also. It was tough. The evening was all the more enjoyable.

It was a party at Garden Street again, though in a different house. It was a big party with many people and it was great fun. Large house and large backyard, so you could be in many places.

I was Raphael this evening. When I went to the liquor store in full costume the people working there thought it was great fun. "I hope your ID says 'Ninja Turtle', haha" in Spanish-American.
There were many other very cool costumes at this party. Mathias was really scary as Jigsaw from the Saw movies, Mikel had a V For Vendetta outfit, and then a bunch of sailors, cowboys, Luigi, fire woman, hippies, baseball players, nerds, Matilda as a Teletubbie, and much more.

They had early ordered a taxi bus that would go to IV and would leave around ten o'clock. But when it came everybody was not at all eager to go to IV. I had forgotten my cell phone at home this evening, so I did not want to go to IV and could get lost among the 40 000 people and no way to contact anyone I know.

So I, Emil, Mikel and a few others went into town. Went into a pub. It was pretty boring there, and expensive. So I went home and slept.

Mathias as Jigsaw, Emil as a geek

Maggan as a teletubbie!

Pirates and baseball players


Saturday had a lot of different parties. I, Jocke and Emil started by going to De La Vina. There was a small barbecue, but then they would leave very early to IV. We did not want to go so early, so we went to Victoria instead.

There was fun, I drank beer out of beer bong. Damn what the beer runs down quickly then.

Along those at this party, there were a party at Wentworth too, and some other place, so they ordered a big party bus heading for Isla Vista.

We were crowded in the bus, but when we arrived: damn! So many people! The entire Del Playa Drive was smacked with people. And police officers. Damn what a lot of policemen. LAPD had come to help. They were even more crankier, and looked more dangerous than the SBPD usually do in IV. It was also full of helicopters in the air.

A lot of people, many fun costumes, but not as much fun otherwise. Just go around and squeezed.

Cecily then contacted me. She and her friends, among them Lauren and Vaios, were at the eateries and would leave for a after party and wondered if I would like to come. I would. It was fun. After a couple of judo matches and photo sessions: P we went and rented horror movies. We then sat and watched one of them (The Haunting In Connecticut, very uncomfortable) and then the mad TV programs on night-MTV. We sat up to half past five or something like that.

This morning we got up at 10 and went and drank coffee at Starbucks and now I'm home.

The swedes from our house! Harlequin-Jocke, toga-Andy, ninja-Johan, and hobo-Emil

Crowded at Del Playa Drive in Isla Vista

Afterparty at the saturday with  Cecily, Vaios and me


Has been and taken photos to my photo homework, which was Halloween pictures. Is it good if you take them AFTER Halloween is over? There we see on Tuesday ... Didn’t get any good ones today, so I’ll have to come up with something creative now.

Tonight I jsut think I will lay in bed and watch a movie.

To sum up the weekend:
  • Super fun partys
  • Very funny costumes
  • I've had fun costumes to wear
  • I have hanged out with many wonderful people
  • I have not slept so much
  • I've had just so much fun
  • I love Halloween in the USA!

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