Tough week

It hasn’t been much blogging lately. Have had a lot of things to think about.


My mom is sick, but she’s getting better. It have been a hellishly tough week, but now it stats to feel better and things are going in the right direction.

My memories of September 11 2001


All day today there has been broadcasts about nine-eleven because of the 10 years-anniversary. Images from the attacks, from the memorial sights, interviews with witnesses, then-politicians, and so much more. One of the most interesting things was to see clips from the initial news reports, and the chaos that occurred during the first hours


Therefore I thought that I should write down my experience from that day ten years ago. I have never done that before, so maybe that would be a good things to do.


Swedish time this happened on a Tuesday at 2pm. I was in my freshman year in high school, had just started a few weeks earlier. I had math when it happened. But then I didn’t knew anything. I went home along with some friends to go to the bus, still didn’t know that anything had happened.


Once I was home, I was met in the hall way by mom, who came rushing from the living room, looking horrified and said “have you heard what happened?”


By how she said it, and that she thought I heard anything, I assumed something big had happened, probably some big news. My first thought was that a famous person had died, and my first ideas were either the Swedish King, or author Astrid Lindgren.


“Airplanes have crashed into Trade Center.”


“No, it hasn’t” was my response. In Halmstad there is a skyscraper called Trade Center, which is right next to my high school Sturegymnasiet. I was there just half an hour ago. There was no plane crash.


“In America. Terrorists have crashed airplanes, the World Trade Center has collapsed and the Pentagon is on fire.”


I went in to the TV room and sat there for hours just silently watching.


In the evening I had judo practice with Magnus, and on the way in there we listened to the radio about the development in the US. There were many rumors going on then. That panes were heading for Chicago and Los Angeles too. I also remember that they thought a plane had hit the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.


In school the next day there were no normal classes. We just sat and watched the news broadcast and discussed the events. The teacher asked us what we thought was gonna happen now. “World War III” was the common answer.


Thankfully that was wrong. Or was it? Ten years of wars followed in many countries with hundreds of thousands of deaths.


At the time I supported the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. But that was then.


September 11 affected the whole world, and of course me too. In one way, this led me to be involved in politics. Discussing the issue and America, I was “found” by youth-politician Gabriel Zsiga who got me into the liberal conservative Moderate Party, in which I have been a member since.


My love for America has always been great, and after going there for the first time in 2006 I knew immediately I was gonna come back. That happened many times, and after recently living there for two years I know that is the place where I will live in the future.


At the trip 2006 I visited Ground Zero for the first time (I’ve done it two times more since). It was so touching to be there. It will be really interesting to come back there again and see how it is now with the nice memorials and the new skyscraper. It will be nice to see the pools that represent the towers that no longer exists, and the names on the edges that represents the names of the people that no longer exists.


So today we honor the victims of that horrible day ten years ago.


September 11, 2001 – may we never forget.


The ice hockey tragedy

I will write two memorial blogposts now. One today about hte place crash in Russia, and one in a few days about 9/11.

What happend in Russia is so dreadfully horrible. A whole team was wiped out. So many lives at once. Airplane accidents are always aweful, and the relatives and friends always suffer. But when a plane filled with celebreties ges down, it feels like everybody is losing someone dear. Every person has some sort of relationship with some of the victims. Like, all Swedes "knew" Stefan Liv. That's why this incident affects so many more.

So many great hockeyplayers were lost. Players like Pavol Demitra, Ruslan Salei, Karel Rachunek, Karlis Skraistins and so many more hade significant carreers in the NHL, and many more had it ahead of them.
I want to highlight two of the deceased a little more, two players that, as I wrote above, I feel I have a little extra connection to.

Alexander Karpotsev

In Lokomotiv he was assistant coach, but it is as a player he will be remembered. In the '90s he played for the New York Rangers, and 1994 he was a member of the Stanley Cup winning team. Along with Alexei Kovalev, Sergei Zubov and Sergei Nemchinov, he became the first Russian player to ever win the Stanley Cup.
This is the first peerson from the amazing 1994 New York Rangers team who died.
He made several good seasons in NYR before he got traded to Toronto.
He was an uderrated player, and always reliable.

Stefan Liv

This is just so aweful. Liv seemed to be such a nic person. Always during interviews and after the games. he was a hapy spirit and was playful and both did and said funny things. Many journalist talks about how he always had a joke comming up, jokes that was in his own humor and often the journalidt had now idea what he meant, but htey laughed anyway and thought it was funny. And the always tumbled around on the ice after a big win. And he had a neat Jönköping accent. 

As a hoceky player he was also great. Incredibly great. He one three Swedish championships, one Olympic Gold and 2 World championships gold medals. You can't talk that away. He was big, and always the best when it mattered the most.
Well, not always, though. He never succeeded in the NHL and Detroit. I said the whole time that he should have tried with the farm team for a few more years, and give it a shot, and then go home if it didn't work out. Instead he left after just one year, and he was better off in Europe, and he seemed to like it.

It is a big man and player we have lost. It's just so sad. Rest in peace, oh you great Swedish hero.

Det är en stor man och spelare som har gått förlorad. Hemst är det. Vila i frid, du svenske hjälte.

Ullared and stuff

Once again it's been a long time since I blogged. I have been working. Im working right now actually. But there is nothing to do at the moment.

Monday, me, Andreas and Linda went to Ullared. It's a huge store in the mieedle of the forrest. It's famous all over Sweden as the cheapest place for everything imagineable, and it's so big. I bought a lot of unnecessary things. Not these though, even though they look realy sharp:

That's all fr now. See ya.