Boring now, but fun yesterday

I'm at work now. I'm handeling the pages about the town Hylte, and the domestic pages about Sweden. Hylte is already done, and I have sent it away. The Sweden pages are done too, but I have to wait if something's happening. I'm following the flow from the news agency TT. Last thing came at 9:05pm, and now it's 10:47. But I still have to wait for a couple of hours more. It's boring.

But yesterday it was more fun. I went on a treasure hunt! !Together with new and old friends from the local youth leauge of the Moderate Party we walekd around in Halsmtad trying to find the stuff on our list. We were to find differnet things, like a brick, water from the fountain on the square, a soccer ball, a red flower and a lot of other stuff. One of the things was a fried egg. We didn't bring a real fried egg, but a piece of candy called "fried egg". The same creativity we used to find "a strawberry hat". I got a strawberry and then I wore it as a hat the entire evening. A well as eye shadow...

But our team lost.

Afterwards we grilled at the dock. Very nice.

Tomorrow it's Midsummer, the biggest holiday in Sweden. I will go to Öland to meet the relatives.See ya. and

Happy midsummer everybody!

Funeral and wedding


It has been a church weekend.

It started with grandmas funeral Friday. I found out that I’ve never been in Kosta Church before, even though I’ve been in the cemetery many times before. It was a nice funeral, not so long and with a good priest. It was also nice to meet my cousins on that side, which happens way too little.


Then on Saturday it was time for the biggest happening in Sweden this year. The wedding between Crown Princess Victoria and her Daniel. The wedding that media has written tons about in the last months.


Just so you know, I’m a royalist and I love stuff like this!


We were sitting at home and watched all day. It was so much fun I thought. Fist to see all the royal people from all over the world coming to the church and walking on the red carpet (which was blue this time). Then the ceremony. Victoria had such a beautiful dress, too. It was nice to see this and also after, the cortège through Stockholm. It was great that it was such a lovely weather.

The dinner in the evening was the highlight of the day. First great speeches by the King and Daniels dad. But then came Daniel. His speech was just so amazing and wonderful. Very beautiful, and after that there can’t be anyone that has any doubt about him as a Prince.


Daniel's speech


At work there has been a lot of things to do about the wedding. A lot of pages, both domestic and local. But now the reporting about this is over for this time. Now, the couple are to go out on their honeymoon. Then, the next media coverage will be when their kid will come. My guess is for it to be born in early April 2011. And my guess is that it will be a boy named Oscar. But I hope that it will be called Johan.


The official wedding photo (no, I haven't stolen these from a photo agency...)


Alla the royal and emperial highnesses, plus the family members


The kiss on the church stairs

Time for wedding!

Prince (to be) Daniel and Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden


No it’s finally here. For many weeks media has been writing everything possible about this, and even more than that. It’s the wedding between the Crown Princess Victoria and her fiancé Daniel. She will be the Queen of Sweden some day, so this is a historic day.


At home we have prepared with cake, sparkling wine and wedding chocolate. I have my shirt on. This is fun.


I’ll be back tomorrow with more.

Soccer world cup, jobs and politics

Soccer World Cup is on and that is nice. Even though there hasn’t been that good games yet it’s still nice to watch, and I love that it’s three games per day.


I’m not bothered by the Vuvulezas, the horns that you can hear all the time.  It’s fun to see how much people are mad at them. Chill! Here is an image. I like it a lot =)



I have started my job now. Page editor at Hallandsposten. It is nice to have as a summer job. Will mostly be working evenings (1.50 PM – 12.30 AM). Will be cool.


I’m now watching the debate of the party leaders in the Swedish parliament. Mostly the politicians are painfully humor free. I like how Björklund, Hägglund and Ohly shines up some times. But Sahlin and Olofsson are sooo boring. Politically The Alliance kicks ass with the Redgreens. Here is my judgement over the politicians.

  • Fredrik Reinfeldt (m). Can be way to serious. Relax! You rock! Always present good ideas.
  • Maud Olofsson (c). Why. So. Serious? Usually boring.
  • Göran Hägglund (kd). Can joke around a lot some times. Fun man, but many times with suspicious politics.
  • Jan Björklund (fp). Mixes humor with politics that are so tough that you sometime don’t know how to react. Did he really say that?
  • Mona Sahlin (s). Most boring person in Swedish politics. Ever. She is also evil. self-righteous and difficult Why did they choose her? There are so many better social democrats. But thanks J
  • Maria Wetterstrand (mp). Very talented and good politician, but is to much on-going. Gets mad when she doesn’t gets what she wants.
  • Peter Eriksson (mp). Why isn’t the norlandic gnome there more often? He is cool, but weird when it comes to politics. Way worse than Wetterstrand.
  • Lars Ohly (v). I hate his politics, but he is still one of my favorite politicians. You just laugh at him. Both his jokes and his politics.

A really good weekend

The pleasant week in Gothenburg was followed up by a very nice weekend in Halmstad and Getinge.


Yesterday I was in the city and met Maria. She was down here this weekend and we took a coffee and sat and talked about everything and nothing from Santa Barbara, the summer and what we have done since we got back to Sweden. Very nice, indeed.


In the evening it was time for a birthday party. Evelina and Hanna had a party at the club house of Getinge IF. There were a lot of people and so many I haven’t seen in a long, long time. Food, games, dance, drinks, music and a very fun and great evening.


Now it’s time for soccer. It such a bad weather outside, so it’s very good that there are three games per day in the World Cup.

Very pleasant in Gothenburg

It was so much fun in Gothenburg, even though it was shorter and rainier than planned.


I went there Wednesday, and at the station I was met up by Elin and Anna. It was so much fun to see them again, and we had so much to talk about. We went to a Chineese restaurant, where we have eaten many times before during the JMG time. We also went downtown to go to shopping and also took a “fika” (coffee and stuff). Very much Gothenburg, very much fun.


I then went to Mölndal to meet Evelina. Really nice to see her again after we had so much contact over MSN the last year. We cooked and went out walking her new puppy Hera. Whated a movie and listened to fun music.


Next day she had her last day in school before the summer, so she went there, and I met her up donwtown after that. She wasn’t feeling to good  so she went home to rest and I went to The Avenue to meet people form Muf Göteborg (the youth organization of the Moderate Party).  I met a lot of old friends, which was very nice. We also went campaigning at Kings Gate Square. A lot of people there, and for the first time since I came back to Sweden I met people from Santa Barbara, just by a coincidence. Mathilde, Isabelle and Louise.


Evelina was working in the evening, so I was by my self all afternoon, and that was so much fun. Took the time to go see the old spots again. Went to the School of Journalism, but nobody was there. Then did what I ahve done so many times before when it was nice weather, I walked up to Studiegången, where I used to live. When it’s sunny it’s such a nice walk. But now it wasn’t. The rain kept pouring down. So I got wet, but I thougt “well, I’m already wet, so it can’t get much worse”. So I continued to walk to Studiegången, I ate at the thai restaurant (no 11, chicken kaboob in peanut sause, like always) and then took a  walk down to the lake where I used to swim. Then back. Walked in to the city again in good time to come out to Mölndal again after Evelina finnished her work.


But we had had contact during the entire day cause she wsasn’t feeling to well. She was very sick actually. We discussed if her or me was to sllep in another place so I wouldn’t get infected too. Eventually we decided that it was the best if I wnet home to Getinge already that evening, since she wouldn’t be well in the upcoming days anyway. Bot her and me thoguht it was so sad that it had to be that way.


But despite the trip being much shorter and wetter than I expected I have had a great short vacation with a lot of old friends, nostalgia and memories. I will go back many times this summer, and hopefully the rain won’t be as hard then. Let us hope.

Stanley Cup to Chicago

Stanley Cup 2010

Philadelphia flyers lost. So great. Don't know what I would have done if they, after stolen the last playoff spot from the Rangers, had won the whole thing. Thank god now they didn't.

It was nice to see Chicago win. An Original Six team that hasn't won in 49 years. What was so great about the victory was that they have buildt it up in such a long amount of time. They have draftet prospects, they have aquired young promising palyers and then buildt the team around them. And it paid off.

Now it's up to the NY Rangers to decide how they want to do in the future. I think they're on hte right track. They only need to more things.

A scorer that can take some of the hard work off Gaborik's shoulders.
A good defenseman that can take a big responsibility now when Staal is gone.

After that they don't need so many more new things. Build on what you got. Then you will see that Lord Stanley's trophy will next year make the trip from The Windy City to The Big Apple.

Stanley Cup 2011 (-94)

It’s raining

I know it was too good to be true. The first days in Sweden was just wonderfully warm and nice. “great” I thought. But now it’s raining. As usual.


Hav ealready had time to meet a lot of people, and soon there’s more. Going up to gothenburg for a couple of days and meet people. It will be very nice.


In one week I’ll start working. It will be pretty good. Get some money. And also fun to try all my new InDesign skills I learnt this past year.

R.I.P. Anna-Lisa Hammerby 1926-2010 =’(

I was going to start my first post in Sweden by talking about how it is to come home, and my successful trip (Air New Zealand is the best airline I ever travvled with!) but I won’t.


Because I just learned that my grandmother (on dad’d side) died yesterday. It wasn’t that unexpected. She has been ill for many years, and lately she has been extra sick. So I was prepared that it was soon to happen.


But it’s still tough. It’s the first time a so colse relative dies. And now thre is noone left on dad’s side (grandpa died already in 1977).


So now I will soon go to funeral in Kosta. I don’t see my realtives on that side of the family that often, so that will be nic eto see them, even thoung it sucks that it had to be because of something like that.


Grandma was ill for a long time and this went fast, so she didn’t need to suffer anything. That feels good, that now it’s over and she can get her peace.


But I’ll miss you grandma.


The photo is from when I was maybe 2 or 3. It’s taken at Astrid Lindrgens Värld in Vimmerby. And yes, I was blond back then.

Sum up of my year in Santa Barbara

Last day in Santa Barbara. Does not feel good at all. It will be fun to come to Sweden and meet everyone, but I will miss everything here. So it feels good to know that I will be back.

It's been a fantastic year, that’s the only way I can summarize it. I have been through so much fun, met so many wonderful people, learned a lot, seen so much and experienced a lot. Everything is just so wonderful here.

I wrote a summary of the fall, so what I did then you can read there, so I don’t write much about it here.


A little of what I have done this spring

This semester I have been a lot more outside Santa Barbara than last semester. One reason is that I traveled with my friends in the cheer-leading team. I've got to follow the competitions in Anaheim, Long Beach and Irvine and took photos and got to know the team. The first time I did it for the school’s newspaper, but then it was just for the team’s and my sake.  I have lived in cool and good hotels and got to see what cheerleading competitions are all about, plus got to know a lot of new people.

The cheer team at a competition in Anaheim

Me with Cecily, Lauren and Riley in a cheer competition in Irvine

Has also been in Los Angeles a couple of times. For one, me and my parents not so long ago, but also with people from the school newspaper at the journalist conference JACC. Very much fun and I got to know some of the "colleagues" in the newspaper a lot better.


On the day off at the JACC conference in LA, me Paige and Maria A

Most memorable of the semester is two things. First of all it’s my parachute jump. It was the single coolest thing I ever done. Total freakin’ awesome, adrenaline-pumping, exciting and a complete sense of freedom. I have longed to do it all my life, and now I finally got to do it.

The other great thing was Spring Break. We were ten people who went down to Cancun, Mexico. A whole week of sun, swimming, alcohol, parties, girls, good food, wonderful friends and a fantastic week. Those of you who just followed the blog and have not met me in person have not heard about the juiciest stories. You may this summer. There are a lot of crazy stories to tell. NOTE: Sorry, Mom and Dad, you are not in that group of people who will hear those stories.


Parts of the gang at Spring Break in Cancun


School newspaper is one of the new classes I had this semester. Has written a lot of different articles. It feels great to be back in journalism-thing again.
Have also had Photography, great fun. Also graphic design where it mostly was InDesign has been easy, and the pretty bad photoshop class Digital Imaging. One nice thing in spring has been that I have played soccer two nights a week. It's been great fun to have something like that to do again. It was long ago.

There has been much more studying this semester, but it's been very good anyway. Many nice assignments, and it is also nice in terms of scores. A in all classes. Yeah.



This semester I have lived in the world’s smallest room. Seriously, all that could fit there was a bed. All my stuff was on shelves above it. Not the world’s best house (faaaaar from it) but with five amazing roomies it has been all good anyway. We have had so much fun with great parties and beerpong tournaments. Big thanks to Ludde, Dennis, Nima, Franco and Steven.


Putting up ballons outside our house before my birthday party


I have seen two holidays that are not American, but is still celebrated much here. Ireland's National Day March 17, St. Patrick's Day, and the Mexican feast Cinco de Mayo, May 5. Both are celebrated as it should. Drink! On St. Patrick's it’s Irish beers and Drinco The Mayo tequila and Mexican beer.
Also got to be part of an American College graduation. Actually, I shouldn’t be there because I'll go another year, but it was still cool to be there with black robes and hats, graduation song and speech. Very cool.

The music here is much more hiphop than at home. More gangsta rap and heavy music. but I have learned to like it. But otherwise it's very much party music related. MGMT, Hoffmaestro, MIA, Ludacris, Ke$ha, Lady Gaga and others, I associate very much with this year. One song, however, I think somehow sums up the year here, and that is Party In The U.S.A. with Miley Cyrus. Not that it necessarily is so great, but it was played a lot in the fall when I came here, and I associate it with a lot of positive occasions. The song is also about something similar to what I have experienced. A person moving to California from a small and very different place (Sweden / Nashville) and find that the new place is really beautiful with a lovely festive atmosphere. Here is the song:
(Stupid Hollywood Records who doesn’t let one embed it)

The Americans

I have learned a lot, not only on what I learned in class. Have learned a lot about this country, culture and people. And most of the prejudices that exist about Americans is only that, just prejudice and is not true at all.
I know that California is not representative of the entire United States. People here are much more open, broad-minded, tolerant and healthier than many other parts, particularly the South and Midwest. But here are some things I noticed about Americans and the U.S.

  • People are open to new people and welcome students from other countries (including Asia and South America)
  • People are not overweight. On the contrary, most of them are very active and concerned with how they look.
  • People are not stupid. Most I've met are very intelligent and well versed in a lot of things.
  • People are interested in other countries. It is known that there exist other countries are the United States, Mexico and Canada.
  • People care. There has been a lot of support  victims in Haiti and Chile.
  • People are not religious. Mexicans perhaps, but not Americans you meet.


I would also like to mention some of my friends here. I have met so many amazing friends here, and very many that means a lot to me. Some were here just in the fall, some came here this spring, and some I have been with all the time. I would like to mention a few people that I known the whole year and that has meant extra lot to me during my time in Santa Barbara. In no particular order.

Thanks to Cecily, I have come to know a lot of Americans and got into the American culture and life. Cecily has been a fantastic friend and we have had a lot of fun together. She is amazing. I have been with her to many of her stuff and she has learned about Swedish things and phenomena. We met in journalism class last fall and have school newspaper together this year. This has meant that we have gone to school together and it has meant many trips to coffee shops and lunch places before and after class. We have much in common and always something to talk about and we are both interested in each other's backgrounds. I really love having her as my friend.

Me and Cecily at the JACC conference in LA

Jocke and I shared a room last semester, and I must say that a better roommate than that is hard to find. We have a lot in common and similar background. When everyone else is around five or six years younger, it is nice to have someone who is as old as you. He also likes the same things as me, such as Varan-TV and Family Guy, and we can always find something fun to talk about. We think alike on many things, and it was in common discussions that we both decided that we wanted to remain here even in fall. Without each other, it would probably have been less likely that any of us would return.

Me and Jocke at a after party after the neon party at Sharkeez

Andy has always been the chill guy who is really nice to hang out with. To a word that he used to use a lot: He is a neat (actually “ball” in Swedish). He and Jocke have hanged out a lot with us in Victoria and there is always something fun and crazy happening. That he is also the same age has been good. Since he’s off to Umeå / Malmo / Norway I do not know when I will meet him again, and it feels very unpleasant. It was one of the hardest goodbyes the past week.

Andreas and me in the sports bar at the hotel in Cancun

Lauren, I met as Cecily best friend and she became one of my best friends as well. We always get along and always seem to bond and think alike. We have been to a lot of fun parties, cheer competitions, tours and more. Most fun was probably her birthday gift, when she wanted a photo shoot. She came to the studio at school and we were there an entire morning and took lots of pictures with different outfits and had fun. She is always up for coffee or food or just hang out and it's always fun to be with her.

Lauren and me playing with Photoboth at a party at Cecily's

Maria H
Maria is one of those I spent time with most, and that’s is part thanks to the school. Last semester we had all the classes together, and this semester 3 of 5. It was therefore in the fall that we always sat together and worked together and helped each other and commented on each other's jobs. We have always been at the same level and had great fun together in all classes regardless of what it is about. Whenever there has been something happening, we've been talking to each other, regardless if it comes to school or otherwise. She is very nice to hang with and it is a pity that she is not coming back in the fall. But hopefully we will be seen this summer when she will be a lot down south in Båstad.

Maria to the left, me to the right and Stephanie in the center at our graduation

Of course it is very many others who meant a lot to me and that I had a lot of fun with. This was just a small collection of honorary mentions of five people who were with me throughout the year and that mean so much for me.

Right now I’m at Cecily’s place. Trying to stay awake so I can sleep during my flight tomorrow. Now it’s just to wait for my return to Sweden. At 4:30PM, local time, I go from LAX to Heathrow. Changes to Copenhagen and then train to Halmstad. I think I will be in Halmstad around midnight between Thursday-Friday, Swedish time. Three in the afternoon, Thursday, U.S. time.

It will be very nice to meet everyone in Sweden again. We will have so much fun and it will be wonderful to talk with you and hear how you've had it.
It will feel good to go to Sweden. But it’s still tough to go away from here. But I know that it is not forever. This fall I will return to this life again. So, right now I say goodbye to Santa Barbara. Love you. And see you again soon.

Home alone

Now it’s only me left at Victoria House. Everybody has left and went home and so will I soon.


It has been a long weekend with get-togethers and goodbyes and sentimental stuff. =( Some people I will see again, and some I will never again.

Therefore it has also been a lot of parties. Man, it has been a hard week. But extremely fun, really. I’ve had so much fun.

It has been very hard to say goodbye to people, but it will also be nice to come to Sweden and meet the people there.


Now I’m all alone in my house. Ludde was the last one to leave this morning, so the whole day it’s only me here. I went downtown to take care of freezing my gym membership, the telephone and tomorrow when the bank is open I will go there. And also to school and take leave some papers for Jocke. Today everything is closed cause it’s Memorial Day and everything is closed.


Can also show you my final grades from the last semester:


Graphic Design Basics A
Channels Newspaper Lab 1 A
Digital Imaging I A
Intermediate Soccer A
Photo I A

How about that?

Here is also a photo of the staff of the school's newspaper The Channels. We took both serious and goofy pictures. Here is one of the goofy ones.


Sold my bike yesterday and got 70 bucks. Yeah.

Been out on a last run at the beach today. Really nice. Today it is packing, cleaning and just chill and watch tv.

Tonight is the last night here cause tomorrow I will stay at Cecily’s palce. Riley was here today and took my bags to the apartment, so I don’t need to carry them around tomorrow. Cause she and Lauren are leaving for home tonight and Cecily isn’t here till tomorrow. But tomorrow I will go there after I left Victoria House for good hopefully.


I will be back with one final post before I leave Wednesday. Then I will have a sum up of the year and what I have done here and some people that have meant extra much to me. Don’t miss that!

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