The Year In Review 2009, part 2. My personal year of 2009

For the sixth consecutive year, it is now time for my Year In Review. A former can be found here on the blog, the former is actually available on Lunarstorm, for those of you who have it. That was where I published it sooner.

This year, however, chronicle divided into two parts. The first part came yesterday, with news and stuff like a normal chronicle usually have. Here is now my own, personal instead.


  • My 2009
  • Some photos
  • My guesses about 2009 - how did they go?
  • My guesses of 2010

Whoa, where do I begin. It has happened a lot this year, but I will go through it chronologically, I think.

The year started with that I was to finish my studies in journalism at Gothenburg University. Elin and I were doing our final project about Iceland which we had begun with in the fall. We completed it with editing, reviews, and everything that should be done. I was very pleased with our results, and I think that Elin was also.
Then we would read the work of others, and after tough audits and reviews of everyone's work it was over. My studies in journalism college were over, and I got my Bachelor's degree. But most of all: I was finished. What should I do now?

I had already registerd for a class in International Relations. I had planned to do it just to have something to do while I was looking for something else. It was quite interesting to read, but a lot more studying than what it had been in the past few years on the journalism education.

However, I met many great new friends there. Hung out with Johan and Dominik. But above all, I got a good friend who meant a lot to me in the spring. She wants to be known as "Stabben". She lived just one bus stop from me so we met many times and watched movies and studied. But even more contact we kept through MSN actually. We sat and watched the same television programs throughout the afternoon and commented on them. Then we sat up half the night and discussed everything and nothing. We often got very crazy and totally fuzzy. We had a lot of fun.

Me, Katta, Carro and Linda went on roadtrip up to Umeå to visit Andreas. It was a long way to drive, but we had great fun. "Wheeeere’s the soap, grandpa?"

Eearly in the spring we began to campaign for the European elections. In The Moderate Youth Leauge in Gothenburg we did campaign a lot and it was very intense until the elections in June. There was much to do, but lots of fun. Made many new friends there as well, and met most of the candidates for EU Parliament also. But it also felt somehow just as a warm-up before the "real" election that will be in 2010.

The summer I worked on Hallandsposten. Had hoped to work as a reporter but it became editor again. Had lots of fun, however, especially with so many lovely co-workers. Quite a few woolly days and nights with Thomas, Maria, Dalila, Hanna, the photographers and everyone else. I just have to to say character crackers, Brüno, snails and hedgehogs. Okay, the rest of you won’t udnerstand waht I'm talking about, but it makes enough sense for those at “the daycare center” :)

During spring and summer, I had more and more abandoned the idea of finding a job and was instead more focused on doing what I have always wanted to do: go to America and study. In the spring I checked through several options. Katy who I met in the U.S. in 2008 helped me to look up possibilities for studying at Oklahoma University (Sooners!) But I also checked other other things. Daniel would go to Washington with an organization called IBS. I checked them up and saw that they had journalism studies in California. That’s not too bad, I thought. So I applied. And I came in! Was very pleased with this.

During spring and summer it was a lot to prepare for my move to Santa Barbara. This meant the application for a visa, applying for money from the government, go to the American Embassy in Stockholm and get the visa, buy new bags, clothes and lots more.

Then came at last August, and I was to move to the U.S. to study. My dream had come true! It would be absolutely fantastic, I had imagined. And it really has.

Much of what has happened, I have written in the blog already, so I do not take up everything. But some of it are still here.

When I flew to the U.S., it was a lot of stress and hassle, but I got there. In my house waited three Swedes who I came to live with in the fall: Jocke, Andreas and Emil. We have worked out very well together, and had great fun, lots of nice partying and together taught us about the life in Santa Barbara.

We quickly learned to know the other Swedes who were there. Partly because IBS arranged meetings for us Swedes, but also because it was most Swedes in SB at the time. The Americans were still on summer holiday at the beginning, so it was easy to get in contact with Swedes.

Two Americans moved into our house. Our house, I can mention, it has sucked. Flood, mold, rats, non-functioning washing machine / TV / internet are just some of the problems we had. And the area has not been any nice either.

But otherwise, I am as happy as anyone can be. I like everything else, the weather, the city, the country, the school, the education, the college life, the people.
The weather!
Six days in total as it has been raining during the time I was there, the rest have been sunny. In the beginning we were on the beach all the time, but then came the school to take more and more time.
The city!
Santa Barbara is a small town the size of Halmstad, but with more fun stuff to do. And you can sunbathe, swim, shop and do a lot of other things. One can also bike or walk wherever you want to go, it is good. I also usually a few times a week am out running along the beach at sunset. A fantastic feeling and something I had imagined before I came here. And it is as wonderful as I thought.
The country!
It is really cool to live in California and the United States. Much is different, but most are good. Fun to talk English, too.
The school!
An incredibly beautiful located school (even if the hill is tough to climb) and good class rooms for the most part and very good staff. The cafeteria is also good.
The education!
Although I have a bachelor's degree in journalism, I have learned an awful lot during the first semester, which is a very good grade for the school. We have had very good teachers, fun assignments, good standards for ourselves and not too much to study. There have been many hand-in-ssignments, but not so much to sit down and plow through thick books, which I know some others have had.
In the Photo Journalism class, there are two cool things that I particularly liked. Once we were at the fire department’s training facilities where they set things on fire, drove the fire truck, went into buldings woth smoke divers and such, just because we would have to take pictures. And we also had a police officer visiting us and showed his weapon and made an arrest - just because we would have to take pictures.
At the journalism class it was the most fun to follow the mayoral election in November. We had to go around to the various victory celebrations / moarning parties and talking with old and new mayor, and those who have been elected to the City Council.
College Life!
It's amazing to live college life, and what is almost cooler is that most of it are actually like in college films, especially parties. People are drinking from red plastic cups, there are beer kegs, good looking people and a awesome atmosphere.
Halloween must be experienced in the U.S.! Several days of celebration where everyone is dressed up, and as different things every day. It was really fun that everyone really went in to get a great costume. I myself was ninja and Raphael from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
The people!
There are so many wonderful people everywhere in Santa Barbara. I've got so many friends and many very close friends. It is never boring. In the beginning it was mostly Swedish I was hanging with. Maria  and Maria as I had most of the classes with, and Steffi, and the other girls from their houses. Johanna and the other from Chapala has been very cool to hang with. The lovely guys from Victoria (where I moved last week before I went home!) and so crazy people on Garden: P
As the fall continued, I began to socialize more and more with Americans. Above all, I would like to thank Cecily, Lauren and Elyse for everything this fall, and I hope we will have as much fun for spring.

The year ended with the guys I moved in with (plus/minus a few) went to Los Angeles for a few days before we went home for Christmas holidays. Christmas in Sweden (with snow!) I celebrated in Getinge with my parents. Days before and after, I have been around like a scalded rat to meet so many friends I can during the weeks I'm here. It's been stressful, but great fun to see people again. However, I long back to Santa Barbara.

This year I have also been good at blogging. This fall, I have written quite a lot in the blog. Want to thank all my readers for this year, and hope that you continue to follow my adventures even in 2010t. It's also fun to get comments, and it's great that you both commented on the blog, on Facebook or directly to me on msn.

The year has given me an enormous amount of experience, new learnings, new friends and a good life. 2009 has probably been my best year so far.


Some photos from this year


Graduation from the School of Journalism in Gothenburg in January

The gang up in Umeå in april

Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt and me during the election to European Parliament in June

Easter party at Carro's

Sunset in Santa Barbara

Beachvolely at the beach in Santa Barbara

The beach in Carpinteria

The Swedes from our house at a Halloween party

Me at Halloween as Raphael

Fire fighter, the photo is taken during a class in photo journalism

Me at the beach


My guesses about 2009

From last year's chronicle

  • Victoria and Daniel gets engaged, maybe even get married.

Hah! It was precisely so! They got engaged. Am I awesome or am I awesome?

  • The Sweden Democrats may (unfortunately) win a couple of seats in the European Parliament elections

Ok, there ends my awesomeness. No Sweden Democrats in the EU, however, the Pirate Party.

  • Obama makes a good first year as president

To win the Nobel Peace Prize is pretty good. He decided on the closure of Guantanamo and commenced its work on his health care reform. Hard to say if he had a good year, probably too early to say.

  • Måns Zelmerlöv wins Melodifestivalen

Nope, Malena Ernman did.

  • Swedish election campaign kicks off in 2009 and there will be many political duels (and disgrace) in the fall.

Politics-talk is it all the time. Have not known of the Swedish election-temperature when I was over there.

  • During the Swedish Presidency of the EU, it will be a few protests, but not so as in Gothenburg in 2001.

The protests came in Copenhagen during the climate summit instead

  • I'm moving.

I did

  • HBK wins the national championships in soccer!

It was not really so, unfortunately.

Okay, I sucked on the guesses.

But I will not give up. Here are my guesses for 2010:


Guesses about 2010

  • Sweden fails in Olympic hockey, but good in many other sports in the Olympics
  • I will get a great job this summer
  • The liberal-conservative alliance wins the Swedish election, but must enlist the help of the Green Party to gain a majority.
  • During the World Cup in South Africa is an attack of any kind
  • I will win a lot of money in Las Vegas
  • New York Rangers win the Stanley Cup!
  • Anna Anka gets her own talk show
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger says he wants to run for president in 2012

That's it for this year. Hope you have a good time tonight with straight, good food, drink, dance, singing and everything else you might find. We hear 2010!

The Year In Review 2009, part 1. News year

For the sixth consecutive year, it is now time for my Year In Review. The last one can be found here on the blog (only in Swedish, though), the other ones are available on Lunarstorm, for those of you who have it. That was where I published it before. They are only in Swedish, though. 

This year, however, I split it into two parts. Here is my short Year In Review about news, entertainment and sports. My pesonal Year In Review about me, and guesses about 2009 and 2010 is coming tomorrow.

I guess this Y.I.R. is leaning more to Swedish events in some cases.

Contents of this Y.I.R.

News year 2009
Entertainment year 2009
2009 in sports

A very brief chronicle of the 00s


Swedish Crown Princess Victoria got engaged to Daniel. Later also Princess Madeleine got engaged with Jonas.

During the year the talk was the lot of the swine flu. Or at least in Sweden. There was war headlines in the papers as soon as someone fell ill. In the U.S., it has not been so. There they understand that it is more rare than when people die in the ordinary flu each year.

Large forest fires raging outside Los Angeles. Large areas were destroyed and many died.

Much has been about Saab in Sweden. General Motors does not want it and first Swedish sports car manufacturer Koenigsegg was to buy them. But then they pulled out and no one wanted them. Dutch Spyker tried, but GM got tired and decided to close down Saab as brand.

In Copenhagen, world leaders tried to come up with a new climate change agreement that would supersede the Kyoto Protocol. But even though they were there for several days, they came not up to anything good. A major failure of the entire world's heads of state and government.

During the summer, it was election in Iran. The oposition were silenced, but protests continued throughout the summer in Tehran. Many were killed, but the world started listening to the people of Iran.


In Melodifestivalen (the swedish entry for Eurovision Song Contest) the Grotesco comedy gang made all of Russia angry when they did a song called Tingaliin that contained a lot of Russian stereotypes.

The competition itself was won by Malena Ernman with an opera song. In the European final it went to hell as usual, and Norway won with a violin playing ‘gutt’ and a magical fairytale-song.

Very many celebrities died this year. That Michael Jackson died was the great event which affected the whole world and all the media and entertainment industry wide. Others who died were among others:
Patrick Swayze, Ingemar Johansson, Brittany Murphy, Earl Alfredius, Farrah Fawcett, Walter Cronkite, Ted Kennedy, Uffe Larsson

Some good songs
Lady Gaga - Bad Romance
Flipsyde - When It Was Good
Britney Spears - If U Seek Amy

Good films this year
Avatar, Zombieland, Inglorious Bastards, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince


Not a good year when it comes to sports. AIK won the Swedish soccer championship! Such a terrible thing ...

Sweden failed to reach the World Cup. For the first time since 1998 that we are not in a major championship. Big time fail.

Helena Jonsson won the World Cup in biathlon.

Sarah Sjoström took both a few world records and gold in swimming

Zlatan Ibrahmovic has been really awesome this year. He was both top scorer and won the Italian championship with Inter before he was sold to FC Barcelona. There he is best of all the scoring and leading the league too.

Pittsburgh Penguins won the Stanley Cup


Chronicle of 00s

I like this decade. It has been good music, TV shows and movies. A very important and cool thing has been the Internet's definitive distribution and that everyone uses it the way you want. In the 90s the internet was still new and complicated and ugly. Now it's a natural part of life and people would not survive long without Facebook, YouTube, Wikipedia, Google, blogs and everything else. All social functions, hotels, traveling agencies, schools, everything would go under without internet. Damn cool, and it is important for ordinary people during the 00s.
Here's a little walk through of the years for both me and the news.

What did I do, it was so long ago! Joined in eight / ninth grade and there it didn’t happened so much.

In the world George W. Bush won over Al Gore in the presidential election, and it has probably been one of the things that most influenced the decade. How would the world be  today with Gore as president 01-09? Newspaper Expressen said it quite well: it would perhaps not necessarily have been better - but it would have been different.

I started high school and a new life took off. I liked high school, it was fun. I also started with judo. I also had my first job. In the summer I worked a couple of weeks at Liljas Bil, a car dealer and repair shop, in Nybro.

But what came to affect the world all the most this year was obviously the 9/11 attacks Tuesday, September 11th. Two planes crashed into the World Trade Center so that the towers collapsed, one crashed in Pennsylvania and one in the Pentagon. Thousands of people died. Since then, the world has never been the same. The war on terror has influenced everything that happened after that. One can not travel as easily, governments are taking more and more liberties and surveillance society has seen a new spring. Then if it is good or not remains to be seen. A direct consequence was that the U.S. started the war in Afghanistan later this year.
In Sweden, demonstrators destroyed half of Gothenburg in riots on the Avenue during the EU summit and the Bush visit.

Our football team went to Italy to train, play football and partying. It was fun. Otherwise, it happened not so much this year for me.

The euro was introduced on currency in many European countries for real, and not just as electronic money.

I turned 18 and got my driving licence. I and Mange went to Cyprus for a week's vacation with sun, sand and partying. First of many trips like that I came to do in the coming years.

U.S. started a war in Iraq that they never seem to finish. This was to find weapons of mass destruction, they say, but a few like that they never found.
In Sweden, Foreign Minister Anna Lindh was stabbed to death, a sad day in our history.
Sweden voted in a few days later wheter or not we were to adopt the Euro here. Unfortunately, the people voted no.

2004 saw many changes for me. I graduated from high school and was leaving the security of  that life. Pulled into the military service immediately after graduation. Very big change. It was tough, especially mentally, but I do not regret that I did. A really good experience.

In Sweden, the media throughout the year almost only focused on a murder in Knutby, who had a lot of intrigue involved. Murder, jealousy, sex, religious sects, lies and much more.
In Madrid terrorist attacks on trains killed over 200.
The year ended with a massive tsunami caused by an earthquake in the Indian Ocean. Several hundred thousand people died. Over 550 Swedes among them.

I left the army and went out to island hopping in Greece with Mange.
In the fall I started at Halmstad University and studied Political Science.

In January Sweden was hit by the hurricane Gudrun, which had major consequences. 17 people died. As a member of the army I helped with the rescue and searching for people.
Some 50 people died in London after the terrorist attacks in the subway and on buses.
The Pope died.

Very many new things to me. I moved out and went to Gothenburg, where I had entered the journalism program at the University of Gothenburg. Got a place of my own for the first time and lived in a studnet apartment in 19 squares meters at Studiegången in Björkekärr.
I also went to the U.S. for the first time. At last I had come to New York on vacation!

There were elections in Sweden and there was change of government. The liberal/conservative alliance won and Fredrik Reinfeldt took over as prime minister.

Nothing special this year. Went to Greece with Padde.

First half, I had a internship at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. Had a wonderful time with writing texts, shoot pictures, take care of the state visit and assist the ministers. Had our large Iraq conference in May where I was to shoot photos and see some of the most powerful politicians in the world. Great fun to live in Stockholm (Solna) too.

You can se photos from the Iraq conference here:

Made several trips during the fall. Poland, the United States and Iceland were some of the places I visited.

Most of the year was about U.S. Presidential election. Barack Obama ran his slogans on Change and Yes We Can and won over John McCain and became America's first colored president.
The financial crisis also struck down hard, and have still not completely ended.
Many natural disasters occurred with earthquakes and cyclones in Burma and China.

I moved to Santa Barbara in California! A big change for me, as has been the fun all the time. This the studying, college life, partying, sunbathing, swimming and making friends for life.

People in Sweden was afraid of swine flu, but in the USA people didn’t feel the same fear.
Michael Jackson (and many other celebrities) died, which affected much of the entertainemnt life.

All grades are set

Now I have to brag about myself. I have recieved the grades in all my classes. Some of them I thought I was doing well in, but others I was worried about. But now came the last grade – and I got an A in all my classes!



So this is a good indication of that I have kept my studying and spare time activities/partying on a good level. That’s nice.

Hockey and interview

Here is another entry. Have two things to talk about.



Today I got a call from the locan newspaper Hallandsposten. I will be interviewd tomorrrow about the fact that I’m turning 25 in february. It will be an article for the People & Family Section that will run on my birthday, February 2. But then I’m in America so they will do the interview already now. Since I have been working on that paper I hope I get to meet some old friends and that not all of them are out on jobs.



I have bought hocke tickets. I will attend my life’s first game with the New York Rangers!!! And even better: it’s a rivalry game!

January 12th I will watch the Rangers crush New Jersey Devils in Madison Square garden. I almost can’t believe it. I’m so excited tight now. It will be so freakin awesome.


This is what it will look like many times when Blueshirts pulverize the Devils from  New Jersey.

Christmas, Avatar and stuff like that.


I hope you all had a great Christmas. Apparently I have had a little break from blog-writing for a couple of days. I’m sorry. So here comes a little sum-up of what I have been doing and what is to come.


The Christmas (which we in Swede  celebrate on Christmas Eve, not Day) was very pleasant. It was just me, mom, dad and my cat Missan. We had snow för the first time in  Getinge for many years. We ate a lot of deliscious food, got nice gifts, saw the most impotants TV shows (Donald Duck, Can You Whistle Johanna and Svensson,Svensson) and then Christmas candy, drinks and other nice things.


Some photos (a lot more on Facebook)


Christmas tree


Christmas food


The fire place with Christmas decorations





Christmas Day is ususal in Sweden (and especially in smaller cities) the day when everybody goes out in the evening to meet all the people that have returned “home” for Christmas. But this year, for the first time in many years I did nothing.


Saturday I met Anton. We had a real fun day with recordings of new episodes of our radio show Captain Sun.  As we usual do we made a song, and this time about young Swedish fashion bloggers. They will hate us if they ver hear it. Let’s see if we ever publish it, or any of our other old songs for that matter. We also played Lips. It is a game similar to Singstar, but for Xbox 360. It was very funny and me, Anton and Ida sang for many hours that night. (beer was involved, I might have to add). And then we went to the pub Three Hearts.


Sunday I met a lot of people. First some old friends from Muf Halland.  Evelina, Sonny, Lundholm and a new guy, Mikael. Fun to meet again and sit and talk for a couple of hours.


But the meeting-a-lot-of-people-day wasn’t over. It was Christmas dinner at Andreas place and the whole gang was there. Lindskog, Birgersson, Svenne, Katta, Carro, Linda, Nina, Emelie and Bettan.


Everybody brought different things for everybody to eat, and we had such a nice evening with cooking, eating, talking, playing games and more. And then we went to the movies to see Avatar.


Oh! My! God! It was such an incredible movie, one of the best I’ve ever seen. It was freakingly beautiful, a good story and all awesome. Unfortunatly we didn’t see it i 3D. But when I get back to America me and Jocke will hopefully see it on an Imax theater. Cause I will absolutly see it again.


The grade? Everything else than 5 Na’vis out of possible 5 is out of the question.



This upcoming week I will mostly relax and await New Years. The drinks are already bouth, now I just have the fireworks left.


Today I have booked my tickets to America. I let my cheapness go before the convinience. I will fly from Copenhagen to London in the evening on January 10th. Then I will wait there until the morning to take a plane to Dublin and from there go to NYC where I will have a few days of nice vacation. A tricky trip, but I save 3000 SEK ($450) by doing that. And I will see Great Britain and Ireland for the first time too. Even if it’s just the airports.


Soon it is New Years and you can all look forward to my Year In Review! It is the sixth year in a row that I’ll do that. It has only been in Swedish before, but now i will make one in English too. It is about my year and also what has happend around the world. And also, you will all get a little bonus with my review of the last decade that also comes to an end by Thursday.


Review of 2008 (Swedish only)

Snow, snow and snow

It has been snowing so much today. Since this afternoon has has just come pouring down and it doesn’t seems to stop. Let’s really hope it will stay here till Christmas, or otherwise it has just been in vain.


I’ve just been outside shoveling snow. Tomorrow morning it will show that is has been for no reason and I must do it again. But I guess that’s the way it’s suppose to be at Christmas.


Shoveling snow


I’ve been in the forrest, choping a Christmas tree today!


Normaly me and dad use to go to “downtown Getinge” and buy a tree, but this year we were to late and everyone was gone. There was like two left at the gas station, but they didn’t look too good. So dad called a man he know and asked if we could come to him and get a tree. He has a forrest and was happy about it, so we joined him out in the pine forrest.


We drove a long way into the forrest and walked in the snow. I wasn’t reallydressed for it, but it worked anyway.


So now we have a tree and snow. Tomorrow is the last gifts to be bought. Chrstmas spirit is approaching!


Me (unshaved...) with an American lollipop and a Swedish cat. Missan!


Our house earlier in the afternoon.


As a conclution for today I just have to share a video from Friends that I saw tonight. I have seen this many times before, but it’s still one of my aboslut favorite episodes. Ross is trying to flirt with the pizza delivery girl. He’s not that good at flirting XD

Eddie Izzard!

My seat was much better than it appears on this photo. Had a great spot actually. But I didn't bring my good camera.


I have been around quite a lot these days I have been in Sweden. Thursday I got here and went to Getinge, Friday to my relatives in Småland, Saturday up to Gothenburg. Yesterday there was this very nice Christmas party at Anna and Anders’ place (where I’m also staying) with Christmas beer, snacks and presents. Then also out to the pubs of Gothenburg.


Today I have met Tina for the first time since this summer. Very fun, we ate and talked for a long time. Very nice.


Today I have had one of the funniest evenings in my life. I have seen Eddie Izzard live on stage at the arena Scandinavium. I have liked him for many years and many of his shows contain humor that is among the best ever made. So I was so thrilled this summer when I found out that he was coming to Gothenburg.  I was very excited and had also very high expectations.


And they came true! The whole show was extremely funny from the start to the end. Eddie though had no women’s clothes today. Jeans, shirt and jacket. He was “under cover transvestite” today, he said. But he had some emergency make up back stage if that would be necessary.


The topics of the show were sort of a walkthrough of the history. From everything’s creation to the dinosaurs (a very funny bit), ancient Egypt, the Stone Age, Hannibal and other stuff. Also many biblical things, like Creation, Noah’s Ark, The Exodus and the Ten Commandments. It was mostly completely new material, but he also made references to old jokes from other shows (”I’m covered in beeeeees!”). I had hoped for more stuff about Sweden but some things about the pronunciation of Gothenburg/Göteborg was good. All fact he has learned on Wikipedia, he said :)


A little more than 2 hours entertainment with clever jokes, funny sounds, dance and mimic. I really love how he always comes back to jokes he said earlier in the evening. Laughter almost constantly and well invested money. I am so happy!


And don’t forget:


You shall not cover thy neighbor’s ox!

In Sweden again

Now I'm in sweden again. Its freezing!

Please read my "liveblog" below. I wrote it in word during my flights and aat the airports,but couldn't publish them until now.

Now awaits some days when I am to visit my relatives in Småland and visit friends in Gothenburg.

PS: Many thanks to David Lee who drove us to Los Angeles Saturday, and then drove back the car. Without him it wouldn't been this good.

"Live"-blog from the flights and airports

Here I will write during different times of my journey. It will be like a live blog from the plane and airports. Unfortunately I can’t publish it live, so there the whole thing of live blogs gets lost. But you can play along anyway.


I write both the time zone of the place where I am and Pacific Time, so you know what time it is for me in my head.


Written 07:51 Pacific Time, somewhere 33 000 feet up in the air


I’m now flying over USA on my way towards Philadelphia. Don’t ask me why. Just like when I got here August I have to stop on a place in the US that I hadn’t expected. This time in Philadelphia. I just had some juice. Around me are only old men. No young people or good looking girls. Just my luck.


Now we are flying over mountains, earlier over something that could have been Grand Canyon. Or, no, now there are only clouds outside. I’m in the aisle but can see out through some of the window.


I’m tired. I’m about to turn my day around to easier overcome the jetlag that will come later.  I have been awake since 10 AM yesterday, which now makes 22 hours. I have planned on being awake all of this trip and at the airport in Philly. Then, damn it, I can finally sleep! If I then sleep all the way to Frankfurt I will wake up when it’s morning in Europe. As you are suppose to. That’s my plan. Let’s see how that will work out.


In Frankfurt I am to meet Franco. I’ll see if I found him.




Philadelphia Flyers sucks. That’s what I can say about the city I’m heading to.


Am listening to the music from Shrek 2. Now I will watch an episode of South Park I think.




The pilot just told us we are close to Denver. I can see the Rocky Mountains down there. Trying to see Elyse skiing or snowboarding in the Colorado snow. Don’t see her.



I didn’t watch South Park. Maybe I should now when I’m above Colorado. But I don’t have that much battery power left so I save that till Philly when I can charge the computer. Instead I’ sitting and reading the magazine Sky Mall that was in the pocket in front of me. It is so funny! Some things are good and useful, but other things are just so hilarious or just stupid.


  • Trash bin shaped as the world. Ok, why not.
  • A world map that is 9 feet. Can be problematic when you have to look up Iceland or Greenland.
  • A little piece of lawn that you are to have indoors for your dog to go crap on. Yes, that’s actually what it’s for! Stop being so lazy and go outside with your dog!
  • A stair for your dog to easier enter your bed. Hm
  • Marshmallows gun. Haha
  • A foldable wall that you can use to trap your dog into a corner of your room. Oh, how I wishyou could see the image XD
  • Marshmallows BAZOOKA! Now, this is a candy weapon!
  • Plastic Christmas Palm tree. No, no, no!
  • Chess where the pieces are soldiers from World War Two. Something for Patrik?
  • A translator that apparently thinks that French uses upside-down exclamations marks that Spanish does.
  • UV light so you can see all the stains on your sheets. Euw!
  • Dog house shaped as a football helmet (a lot of things for dogs…)


Oh, here comes great stuff!

Garden figures (in natural size) in the shape of:

  • Sumo wrestler
  • Zombie
  • Cheetah
  • Peacock
  • Egyptian sarcophagus
  • Bigfoot!
  • A Easter Island head
  • Anubis
  • Crocodile


Other stuff:

  • Magic wands from the different Harry Potter characters
  • Dark Knight money clip
  • An Academy Award in chocolate
  • Haha, Alien-gnoms in metal kidnapping a garden gnom.



2:52 PM Philadelphia time (11:52 Pacific)


Damn it! I fell asleep at the plane. Now I’m awake :/ I hope I can fall asleep on my next flight. It leaves in an hour and a half. Now I’m by my  gate. It was tricky finding a power output. Now the wire is connected in a telephone booth and the cable is laying across the floor to my seat. Let’s hope nobody falls on it and then I’ll get sued.


There is a Santa walking around here. He is suspicious.


I did get to see the city’s skyscrapers while descending. Hope I get a window seat on the next plane so I can take some pictures. Hm, checked my boarding card. I have seat 13B. B is not a window seat :(


3:09 PM


The airports speaker system is having a malfunction so it sounds like a mix of important notice and a rap song with a fat base


3:40 PM

It is fun to watch people in the airport. There are many good looking girls at this gate. That’s nice. Also many funny people to look at. Think that Santa earlier was drunk.


6:10 PM Pacific Time, 9:10 PM American East coast time, 1:10 AM Central European Time


Now I’m somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean I think. I have no idea. Everything is dark. Both outside and inside the plane. People are sleeping. I slept before. That was good. But it would’ve been good if I could get some more sleep.


Off course I didn’t get to sit even close to anyone of all the hot girls from the terminal. Some old Jewish men and a German lady.


I have been watching Ice Age 3, one episode of Two And A Half Men and now after the sleep one episode of New Adventures of Old Christine. After this post it will be some other movie and then try to get some more sleep.


I have eaten chicken with mashed potatoes, vegetables, salad, bread and chocolate cake. And now a bag of Sour Worms.


9:30 PM Pacific Time, Somewhere over Europe


I will not be allowed to see the movie I’m watching. It’s a shame; it has just started to get good. It’s called Post Grad. A college-chick flick-teenage-drama-comedy. It is nice in some way. But there was a message saying the Inflight Entertainment will stop in a few minutes. And there is more than that left of the movie.

Before this one I saw The Taking of Pelham 123. A hostage movie. Nothing else, nothing around it, just a hostage situation in the New York Subway. A good movie with John Travolta and Denzel Washington.

No my screen went black and music started playing. We are probably about to land in Frankfurt soon. Or in a while at least. Why can’t you watch a movie during the landing? That’s stupid.


Now the plane said I have to turn off my computer.


9:15 AM Central European time (12:15 PM Pacific time), Gate B10, Frankfurt Airport


Me and Franco are now sitting and waiting for our flight to Gothenburg that is to leave in a little more than three hours. And still we have waited even longer here. We have also eaten. The first meal in Europe for half a year, and where did we eat? McDonald’s! Haha. We are so American nowadays :P


There are very big airplanes outside our window. But we’re not going by any of them.


A regular plane between two big ones


Ha-ha, there is a microphone hanging from the ceiling. Besides that everything is boring right now.




I have now bought booze. It’s cheap in Germany, and even cheaper at the duty free shop at the airport.

We just discovered a machine with free coffee, chocolate and stuff like that. I took something called Wiener Melange. Tastes like poo.

There was a lot of Ukrainians and Lithuanians here a moment ago, but now they have boarded their plane to Vilnius. Hopefully the next plane to park here will be the one towards Gååffffenbörg (Gothenburg with Gothenburg accent).




The plane to Vilnius has still not left. Wonder how long it will just stand there blocking the way for our plane that is just behind waiting to come forward.


13:55 Somewhere over Denmark

The flight was delayed a bit but now we have been flying for a while. Me and Franco also managed to get us seats next to each other and, as we found out, good space for the legs.

I managed to sleep a bit before we were served Camembert sandwiches and drinks. I got apple juice and when I was to have a refill the flight attendant were chocked that I wanted it in the same cup as before and not a new one. Environmental thinking ftw! But I’m not the one who should talk about environment after flying for over 24 hours. Then one plastic cup more or less doesn’t make that big of difference, I think.


They said something in German in the speakers. I don’t understand. According to the translation it was that we are now flying over Copenhagen and that it’s winter in Gothenburg.


So soon I arrive at my destination. I hope you have enjoyed my live blog even though it hasn’t been live.

Sweet days in Los Angeles

Now I have been in Los Angeles for a couple of days. It has been very nice and I’ve had time to se different parts of LA. It is embarrassing that I haven’t been there until now, but better late than never.


We were 8 people that left SB for LA. We had a nice hotel pretty close to the airport LAX. It has been real nice that we’ve had a gym, Jacuzzi and sauna. Many nights has involved sitting in the Jacuzzi with open sky, stars, palm trees and warm baths. Lovely!




The night of our first day we went to LA to party. We went to Saddleranch at Sunset Blvd where we had delicious food and a lot and good drinks. We had a very good waiter who took care of everything and got us a lot of nice stuff, like cotton candy, beer and shots. He made our evening and he also got a well deserved tip.


Cotton candy at Saddleranch


Sunday we took off to Santa Monica and walked the pier. We ate at a very nice Italian restaurant called Buca di Beppo. All I could think about then was just when Peter in Family Guy believed that he could speak Italian :D (YouTube-link)


The Piren in Santa Monica at sunset


Monday me, Nima and Franco went to Hollywood. It was very nice (except for the bus ride there and back) and we visited Madame Tussaud’s. We walked around there for a long time and stood next to, posed with, played with and took photos of tons of celebrites. There are many photos on Facebook, but here you get some of them:



Bruce Willis!!!

Nima, president Obama, Franco and me

To stand eye to eye with Anthony Hopkins from Silence of the Lambs was very scary actually

I'm singing! Simon Cowell, though, doesn't seem that impressed...

You have to pay respect to the Godfather

And then the mandatory photo of the Hollywood sign


Tuesday have mostly been waiting for airplanes. We are now three left of the original eight. Franco’s flight was delayed with 24 hours and he had to wait. For this he got a night at a hotel, and that’s where we are right now. I won’t sleep tonight but try to change my time in order to prevent a bit of the jetlag.


Now I’m soon on my flight. Next time you’ll hear from my I’ll be in Sweden. C ya!


Good bye for this time, California!

Leaving Santa Barbara for a while :(

Hey everybody!


I’m leaving Santa Barbara now. I don’t want to. But I think it will be okay anyhow. It will be nice to see the people in Sweden.


Don’t know when I will be online the next time cause I’ll be going to LA. So here is my schedule for the upcoming days so you know where I am and what I’m doing.



9 AM Leaving with the guys from Victoria to Los Angeles for some days of luxury and good times.



11 AM Leaving from LAX towards Frankfurt


Thursday (European time)

~ 9 AM Lands in Frankfurt, Germany


~11 AM Leaves from Frankfurt towards Gothenburg


2.15 PM Lands at Landvetter Airport in Gothenburg



I don’t know if I will have internet connection during these days. So therefore I might not be able to respond to anything. I will still have my phone with my American number until leaving from LAX. After that I will have my Swedish number. They are both listed on Facebook.


But first a couple of cool days in Los Angeles. We will stay at a very nice hotel and then look up the city life and night life in Americas second city. It will be so sweet.


Santa Barbara, I already want to come back! I will so much miss all the lovely people here. Especially my wonderful friends Cecily, Lauren and Elyse. But I’ll be back in January.


If I don’t writing anything more this week you’ll just have to read my old lovely posts.


C ya!

Christmas party, moving out and the last of the finals

Yesterday we had Christmas party at Cecily. Me, her, Lauren, Elyse and Vaios cooked, gave each other Christmas presents, ate cookies, drank glögg and watched a movie. We were suppose to go to Sharkeez, but we didn’t get that far. The food and everything took a long time and we also got in to food coma cause we ate so much. And then Cecily  injured her foot somehow and it started to bleed. None of us, especially not her, really understood what happened.


We also surprised Elyse with a birthday cake. Her birthday is December 23rd and by then none of us are here. We managed to get her surprised in the dark. That was nice.


It was an amazing night. Very good food, yummy cookies, lovely gifts, nice atmosphere and most of all: fantastic people. Thank you so much!



The kitchen staff:Lauren, Vaios, Cecily and Johan

The christmas tree

I did the sallad and got to use my skills from my time working at the restaurant Harry's in Halmstad.

Lauren, Cecily and Elyse


A  good thing about us not going out yesterday was that we had a final this morning at 8, for journalism. It was much to write but I think it went well. It feels like all of my finals have turned out well. That is nice.


I have moved out today! Finally I will get away from the lousy Wentworth. I packed all my stuff and then came Cecily and she drove me and my stuff to Victoria St. I am here now and feel better already. (Also have to say that Patrick Seastar have moved with me…)


Btw, on Saturday I’m going to Los Angeles! Yeah!


And one last thing: Happy Birthday Jocke Birgersson!

One final done, with pizza! Plus Christmas shopping

Today I had my first final. It was actually fun. It was in the photojournalism class. In advance our teacher has told us to look up the tests we did for the midterms “because I have a feeling that you will recognize the questions in the final”. So I studied the old test, and it paid off! It was almost an identical test we had today. Just a few questions had been replaced. The last question was nice. It was kinda like this:


Mike Eliason is the best teacher we ever had, all the way back to kindergarten. He have thougt us so much and we will miss him and his stories

A: True

B: False


I said A. And not only cause that’s what he’s expecting.  Mike has been an amazing teacher. It has been interesting lectures, fun assignments, creative home works, we have seen a lot of cool pictures, we have had fun in class and Mike has been a great instructor. I will miss him and this class a lot.


As an extra nice ending of it all Mike got pizza for us. He had ordered a lot of different pizzas so we could have slices from them all.  And we got to end class early. Thanks for everything Mike!


Pizza! The photo is stolen from Charlotte.


Tomorrow is our next two finals. In the Media Design class we will just present our projects. For me it is the newspaper I did. And then almost the same drill for Multimedia. We will hand in and present our Power Points. I finished mine Sunday.



I have been Christmas shopping today. But not for the people in Sweden. That will come. Today it was just to my American girls. And what do you know, when I’m in one of the stores I run into Cecily and Lauren. They had also been shopping. No one of us wanted to show our gifts or bags, but we still wanted to say hi and talk. A very awkward feeling but also funny. This is Christmas shopping, folks!

Karaoke and Christmas parade

The weekend involved a lot of things, but I don’t need go into everything. But the main thing is belly dancing, karaoke and a Christmas parade.

Thursday I, Lauren, Cecily and Vaios went to a Moroccan restaurant to watch when Elyse and her dance group would perform with Arabic belly dance. It was a pleasant evening with good food, great entertainment and fun atmosphere. Most of the dancers danced well too. Unfortunately, there will be no pictures either here or on Facebook, because of Elyse veto :P


Lauren, Cecily and Elyse at the preparty Thursday!

Later in the evening, it was more party. Preparty at Vaios place, and then we went to a karaoke place in La Mesa. It was fun to play the songs (even if I wasn’t allowed to sing, damn karaoke Führer) but then there was a lot of fuss, argument and commotion outside as we could have done without.


Lauren, Elyse and Cecily is singing karaoke (more photos on fb)

On Friday I and Jocke went to the gym, but not for training. We spoiled ourselves with sauna and jacuzzi bath. Just because we could. Yeah.

At the gym, we were told by a man in the sauna that it would be Christmas parade on State Street. Jocke and I hurried home, picked up Andreas and took off to State. We stood there and watched the parade and it was very nice. Marching bands, Santas, decked cars, cheerleaders, flags, newly elected mayor Helen Schneider and then a large inflated balloon-Gingerbread man who hovered over everything. Very nice.


A lot of audience all along State Street


A big flying gingerbread man!


One of many marsching bands






Truck with kids and ugly painted Disney characters


(more photos on Facebook)


We went and ate good pizza at California Pizza Kitchen and then on to Victoria where we watched a movie (Semi-Pro with Will Ferrell, very funny) as an end of the Friday.

We have a lot of studying to do right now. Have finished my portfolio to Photo Journalism now. We could take 10 photos from the fall semester. Unfortunately, we had to take from various assignments, which is bad because some assignments I am very happy with but some not at all. We would also choose a song to be played while the images are presented. Guess what I chose. Yep, E-Type! On Tuesday evening, when we eat pizza in class and watch the pictures I will teach Americans what genuine Swedish fine culture is J

Tomorrow, Sunday, it will be studying and maybe a little gym time. Then begins the hard finals week, but will involve both studying, tests and some party as well. Then it will be Los Angeles before we go home. Shit, am I about to go home already? It will be great to meet all the people in Sweden, but I will miss the people here. But I’ll come back again soon America.

My own death. And Christmas spirit. And photos!

There are many different things in today's post, with both text, a lot of pictures, music and video.

It is Christmas in the city. All lights and decorations have come up. Entire State Street looks like Christmas at Liseberg (a Swedish amusement park). Very pretty, especially at night.  But it is still very weird to see the palm trees with Christmas lights in ... We were to take pictures of stuff like this for photo journalism. So me and Jocke and Andreas went out in the middle of the night Monday and took pictures. They didn’t turn out so great, but here are some of them.






Christmas spirit on State Street

And something else that gives Christmas spirit: I bought Julmust (Christmas soda) and glögg! Found it at World Market by State so I had to buy it. It tasted heavenly.

There is much to do in school now. Finals are upcoming to end the semester here. I have two tests next week, and two submissions of projects. One of them, I have already done and submitted. It was a newspaper that I have made of all the projects I have done in Media Design class during the semester. Every picture I've done in the fall, I used as it would be an accurate picture and so I wrote a short article about it. Very funny indeed, but much to do. Although, I was happy with the results. On Wednesday I’ll see if the teacher and the rest of the class also think so.

My newspaper


My newspaper

We had a very weird but interesting assignment for the journalism class. We would write about our own death. We are writing obituaries, articles about people who have recently died. To be a good person to write about, we would choose ourselves, for it is the person we know most about. We got to decide for ourselves how we would die.

I did not know what I would choose. A heroic death would have been cool. But I didn’t do that, so it was a plane crash instead.

It was weird to write about myself as "he was" instead of "I am" but also fun. An interesting task anyway.

The weather pictures also was submitted this week. Even got a "pretty" on them. Yeah. Here comes the three of them.






My M key is loose from my keyboard. Happened to peel it away yesterday when something was stuck under it. So now it's a hole there, and a rubberthing, so it's harder to write now.

Oh, what the heck, I post a picture of a crab just because I have nothing to do right now



A little music now, it has really not been much of that on my blog. Two songs have haunted me in my head this week. The first one is Rihanna's Russian Roulette. Very nice and nasty track.

The second is Lady GaGas song Bad Romance. A cool song but with an even cooler video. It is directed by Francis Lawrence. Here it comes as the conclusion of today's lengthy post:

Have a good one!

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