Year in review 2018

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Since 2003, I have been summarizing the year like this, so it would be sad to stop now. It will be a part of my personal year, and a second part about news, entertainment, sports and stuff. Sometimes it goes into each other.



2018 New Year
Deceased celebrities
Top 10 songs
Top 10 movies



There is one thing that I have to start with that includes so much of my year. It is that in January I met Therese, whom I was more and more seen with and which I am now happy to call my girlfriend. It has been so fun to hang out, find fun things, get to know each other as well as our friends and families. For several of the things I have done this year she has been with. I am so grateful that we have met, and I care for her very much.


But if I should go a little more chronologically, there were many trips during the first half. It started early in January with a nice weekend in Copenhagen together with large parts of the friends gang. Fun days with shopping and fine dining.



Then, on January 28, Therese and I met for the first time.


In February, it was heading north. Just like in 2017, I was able to follow Halland artists in Melodifestivalen via the job. Not just one, but two this year. Also, two that I attended high school at the same time (which I also wrote a column about).


One was Mariette, who made her third attempt to win, as well as the debutant Emmi Christensson. Both would compete in the race in Örnsköldsvik, so I went there. There were some really fun days, with a lot of work, but also very nice hang with other journalists, artists and others in the production. I also had access to a separate apartment in the middle of town via a colleague's acquaintance, which I had as a base between ropes, dinners and shows.

Outside Fjällräven Center
Henric von Zweigbergk 
Edward af Sillén
Emmi Christensson
Roland Järverup, aka Robert Gustafsson
Mariette went to the final, but not Emmi. I had prepared to go to Kristianstad to follow the Second Chance on behalf of the job, but instead I was able to go there completely privately, together with Anna, Andreas, Tessan and Henke, where we lived with Tessan's family.


Only two days after that weekend it was time for this year's big trip, together with the same gang. We had booked a two-week holiday in Thailand, and it was absolutely wonderful. First a week in Ao Nang, where we every day took boats out to islands and beaches where we could swim, snorkel, sunbathe and eat anything possible (with the exception of when Anna became food poisoned). So beautiful views and relaxing days together with lovely people.






Then a week at Kata Beach in Phuket. There we were on the same beach every day, and could relax, again eat and drink well, but also catch up on excursions in the mountains and nightlife on Bangla road. So much sun and bath, it was really needed.



 In the spring at home in Sweden, iI had a nice weekend in Skåne, with first an overnight stay and show with David Lindgren in Helsingborg with Therese, and then check out theater in Malmö with mom and dad, plus nice dinner at my friend's Jocke's restaurant.


In May it was again time for a big trip, even this time Mello-related. Then it went off to Lisbon, where the Eurovision Song Contest was held. Together with my mello friends Johanna and Jenny, as well as Jenny's Australian boyfriend with friends. We went to all the live shows in the arena, and saw many good performances. Very cool to be on Eurovision this way. I also work a little, and did an interview and wrote chronicles, but otherwise I was just a tourist and a fan. A very nice city, and a lot of fun in the arenas.



We also had the opportunity to meet Sweden's representative Benjamin Ingrosso, which was fun. It then went very well for him in the competition as well. After the jury points he was in second place, but when the TV viewers dissected his song, he was only seventh. My favorite, Czech's Mikolas Josef, came six.

Benjamin Ingrosso
Johanna and Jenny in the arena during Sweden's semi final

Johanna and I cheered on the Czech Republic in the first semifinals

Since I will be traveling later in the winter, I did not take as much vacation during the summer, but it was not needed. The summer was the warmest anyone can remember. Constantly 30 days several days in a row. Sun and bathed all the time, but also drought, watering and burning prohibitions, and problems for the peasants. But for us ordinary sun worshipers it was a completely magical summer, whether you worked or not. But I still had a lot of free during the spring.


But I did with a little trip even in the summer, during the week that I and Therese were free at the same time. Then it was off to Denmark, where we lived a few days in Vordingsborg, and from there went to various day trips on islands, cliffs, beaches and zoos. Very cozy and nice, especially biking around a small island. 



During the summer my friend Fredrik also married his Sara. It was a great wedding, which had been preceded by a very fun bachelor party.




Summer also meant a lot of soccer, when Sweden went far in the World Cup and the outdoor restaurants were filled with yellow-blue fans for several weeks.



My cousin Rikard got her second child, Ida, so we were on baptism.


There were two trips to Öland, both together with Therese. One in August, so you get some sun and bath, but then also a weekend at the harvest party, at the end of September / October.



In addition to a fantastic summer, it also became a nice autumn, with many walks in autumn colors, halloween decorations and pumpkin cooking.


I have also had time to record two television programs during the year, but none of them have been broadcast. Firstly, it is the new version of the game show Who Knows The Most?, with new host Johan Wester. Then Who Wants To Be a Millionarie? with Rikard Sjöberg. Both of these programs are broadcast during the spring.



Another quiz I was in was "Swedish champonchip". Me and my friends usually go to quiz night every week at Harry's, and they have also had a competition in all their restaurants in Sweden, where one team from each city could win a place in the national final. We won after four competitions, and I, Svante, Linda, Andreas and Henke got to go and represent Halmstad in the final in Jönköping. Plus dinner, party and the day after a visit to the match museum.

Our team, Fritz klyka

Because Therese both sings herself and also leads Laholms Men's Choir, there have been many concerts and such types of performances during the year, both with the man choir and where she has sung.


The year ended in Annestad outside Ljungby, where I followed Therese to celebrate New Year with her friends, and on New Year's Day she held a concert with her friend Rebecka.



This has been a fantastic year. So much fun has happened. Several wonderful trips, both in the Nordic countries and far away. Warmth, friends, good food, music and more. The summer was lovely, and a lot of other fun has happened. But above all, I'm happy to have been able to share so much with someone else. It means a lot to me, and has been a strong contributing factor to this being one of my best years so far.



The new year that went



News year 

In Sweden, there have been the big general election, but we do not know how it went. It was September 9, but still, so at the turn of the year, it is not deceided how it has gone. The parties do not agree on who will govern, and in which constellations. Two Prime Minister votes have been held, one about Ulf Kristersson (M) and one about Stefan Löfven (S). It may be held no more than two more, and they are scheduled for January. If these do not go through then it will be new.

The reason for all the chaos is that no block has its own majority. A little crucial is C and L, and how they want to do. No one wants to become dependent on the far-right party SD (although KD and M have wavered there) and the middle parties also do not want to cooperate with V.

The election campaigns was otherwise almost as non-existent. With the warm summer, nothing started until the end of August, it felt like, and with the election in early September, it was not as drawn as before.


Another big thing has been the tours of the Swedish Academy. After the metoo-fall last year, it was revealed that Jean-Claude Arnault, who is called the culture profile in the media, has caught on and raped several people (he was convicted during the year both in the District Court and the Court of Appeal), and leaked information about Nobel Laureates in advance. He is married to a member, and the Academy has been divided into two phalanges. Partly those who of course think this is reprehensible, since those who inexplicably defend the rapist. And they later won. The Permanent Secretary was dismissed, and as a result, several other members quit. Those with sensible opinions disappeared, and the bullies may remain.

As a result, it was chosen not to award a Nobel Prize in literature.


The severe drought led to extensive fires in Sweden during the summer. Later in the year, it has also burned very much around the world, including in California. In the south, it burned in Malibu among other things, and many celebrities' homes were destroyed. In the north there were even worse fires, and, among other things, a whole city, Paradise, was completely destroyed in northern California.


The climate situation has attracted a lot of attention during the year, both because of this and several other meetings that have been held. But still, world leaders cannot agree on how to overcome this. And it is above all a person who is the reason for this ...

Donald Trump.

Internationally, this year, like the latest ones, has belonged to this weird man. His decision is often not preceded by anything other than his own impulses, and is rarely anchored by experts. Only recently he said first that he should pull out all the troops from Syria. "It wont be very good," said all military and connoisseurs. Then Trump changes. Absolutely erratic.


His handling of refugees again received criticism, including when they were closed in cages.

But he also did other things during the year, for example he got a meeting with North Korea's dictator Kim Jong-Un. There, it would be promised that North Korea's nuclear weapons would be scrapped, but it doesn't seem to have helped.


In the fall, letter bombs were sent to several well-known democrats, including former presidents and actors. No one was injured. Later in the fall, the republicans suffered defeat in the midterm elections.


In Thailand, a soccer team with young people was stuck in a gave for a long time. They could eventually be saved. All young people survived, but a rescue worker died.


The Swedish king made a record of being ruler over Sweden for the longest time in history.


The EU decides to ban plastic disposable items eventually. The GDPR law, on data protection, is voted through. In Ireland, you vote for abortion to be no longer illegal. Homosexuality is decriminalized in India.


A Washington Post journalist, Jamal Khasoggi, is murdered in Istanbul, allegedly by Saudi Arabia. Later in the year, threatened journalists are appointed to Person of the Year by Time Magazine.


Greece and Macedonia have ended their incredibly silly name fight. Macedonia should change its name, and add a "North".


Dead celebrities

Lill-Babs, Avicii, Johannes Brost, Ingvar Kamprad, Mort Walker, Kenneth Gärdestad, Ulrika Hydman Vallien, Jerry Williams, Lys Assia, Winnie Mandela, Milos Forman, Barbara Bush, Ola Ullsten, Per Ahlmark, Aretha Franklin, Kofi Annan, John McCain, Burt Reynolds, Frank Andersson, Kim Larsen, Lisbeth Palme, George HW Bush, Stephen Hawking, Stan Lee.



It is perhaps difficult to talk about "entertainment", but the two biggest events during the year were two deaths. It is about two of Sweden's biggest artists ever, but from completely different eras. Barbro "Lill-Babs" Svensson died after just 80 years of age, and was a huge star from early 1950s till her death. The DJ Tim "Avicii" Bergling killed himself in May, only 28 years old. This created much discussion about the pressing life he lived, and a documentary about his life received new attention.


Melodifestivalen was in the final a fight between two childhood friends, Benjamin Ingrosso and Felix Sandman. The first water. The songs this year were good, but contained a lot of trams, such as Edward Blom who "sang" surrounded by dancing food. The program itself, however, was unsettled, and they were due to the script work and the director. The presenter David Lindgren and the side kick Fab Freddie did the best they could.


Eurovision then won by Netta, with an unusually up-to-date song, about metoo, disguised with chicken sounds.


Top 10 songs

  1. Peg Parnevik – Loafers
  2. Clean Bandit & Demi Lovato – Solo
  3. Ina Wrodsen – Stronger
  4. Alan Walker – Ignite
  5. Alan Walker – Darkside
  6. Bad Wolves – Zombie
  7. Imagine Dragons – Natural
  8. Mikolas Josef – Lie to me
  9. Vargas & Lagola – Roads
  10. Ava Max – Sweet but psycho



Superhero movies dominated the film year. Among the five most revenue-generating films were four of the films, namely Avengers: Infinity war (which was a great talk in the spring, especially for its ending), Black Panther (who refuted people who have not believed that they can make grand movies of and with black people), The Incredibles 2 and Venom.

In the third place came the new Jurassic Park movie.

Musical films were also successful in cinemas, such as the Queen movie Bohemian Rhapsody, the new version of A Star is born, and the sequel to Mamma Mia. It was worse than imagined to go to movies in old series, such as the self-standing Star Wars prequel Solo, the Harry Potter thing and the other movie in the Fantastic wonder series, and a new Stieg Larsson movie in American Swedish.


Top 10 favorite movies

  1. Bohemian Rhapsody
  2. A Quiet Place
  3. Ready Player One
  4. A Star is born
  5. Black Panther
  6. Ant-man and the Wasp
  7. Mamma Mia! Here we go afain
  8. Avengers: Infinity War
  9. Unga Astrid
  10. Venom



It was Winter Olympics in South Korean Pyeoungchang. It went great for Sweden, with more medals than ever. There were seven gold.

It was not with any NHL players in the hockey tournament.


Otherwise, the second major event was the summer's World Cup. Sweden unexpectedly did well and thanks to the hot summer it became folk parties during each match, and crowded outdoor cafés.

After winning against South Korea, it became a sad 1-2 loss against the big favorite Germany. But with the help of a win against Mexico and some other unexpected results, the reigning world champions Germany were eliminated and Sweden went on to the eighth finals. There, Switzerland, who became a mouthful of blue-yellow, waited for the first time since 1994 to reach the quarter-finals on the men's side. There, England waited, but Sweden made a very pale match. Actually, one should have been able to take them, but it was never really close.

Later, France won against the Senate team Croatia in the final. Belgium took bronze against England.

During the autumn, a new national team tournament, the Nations League, was introduced. No one has really taken the set up yet, but Sweden won their group anyway.


In Halmstad, HBK was very pale, and failed to get up from Superettan to Allsvenskan. However, Falkenberg succeeded. In the highest series, AIK won gold.


The new NHL team Vegas Golden Knights surprised everyone with how good they were. It went all the way to the Stanley Cup final, where they eventually got to defeat the Washington Capitals. This meant, on the other hand, that Alexander Ovetchkin and Nicklas Bäckström finally got to win.

Rangers missed the playoffs for the first time since 2010. A very bad season.

For the second time ever, a Swedish one was elected in the NHL rally, when Buffalo Sabers chose Rasmus Dahlin.

NHL has decided that the league will be expanded again in a few years, this time with a team from Seattle.


During the year, Stockholm worked to get the winter Olympics in 2026. The governing politicians are skeptical, but there are problems in the other candidate cities as well. So there are great opportunities that Stockholm takes home the hosting.

My year in review. 2017

(Also avilable in Swedish)

Well, then, it’s time to once again make a chronicle over the year - which I have done since 2003, in different forums. Since 2008 here on the blog (and since a few years ago the only thing I use the blog to). 


I’ll do as I have done in recent years: first my private 2017, and then news, entertainment, sports and other things from the big world.




  • My 2017
  • News year 2017
  • Sports year 2017
  • Entertainment year 2017
  • Best movies 2017
  • Best songs 2017
  • Dead celebrities 2017
  • How my guesses went about 2017
  • My guesses about 2018



My 2017


Melodifestivalen, and travel, is how you can summarize my 2017.


For me, the spring, both work and private, was about Melodifestivalen (the Swedish Eurovision Song Contest). For the Hallandsposten and the Hallands Nyheter newspapers, I followed the artist Mariette (who's from a village outside Halmstad). Even before the competition started, I interviewed her and her cousin Jenny (who’s a songwriter). Then I followed along in the competition in Malmö, as well as at the finals in Stockholm.

Mariette during the rehearsals to her song "A Million Years"


I had so much fun during these weeks. I stayed by myself at a hotel in Malmö, but spent the days with rehearsals, interviews, press conferences, and then in the evenings there were nice dinners and parties.



Me with the different artists in Malmö. Top row Mariette.

Then with Roger Pontare, Benjamin Ingrosso and Allyawan.

Bottom line with Etzia, Dismissed and Lisa Ajax.


Around the finals in Stockholm, I stayed with my Melodifestivalen-mate Jenny and her (and now my) friend Johanna, whom I both got to know last year.


In addition, I interviewed two other Halmstad persons, the dancer Tilda, and the jewelry designer Amanda (who comes from Getinge).


It was almost surreal to hang out with all celebrities and other journalists, eat luxurious food, and at the same time work and write about what I think is the most fun. A heaven of fun was it.



Welcome dinner at Stockholm City Hall.



The starting lineup during the final at the Friends arena.


Then I was a guest of the podcast "Schlager-Micke and his friends", with Mikael Olofsson and Marcus Björkander.




You can here it here (in Swedish, of course).


But between the competition in Malmö and the final I did something completely different, totally melodifestivalen-unrelated. My best friend in the United States, Cecily, was hving her birthday, and had recently got engaged. Her fiancé contacted and wondered if I wanted to come over and surprise her, so I did. I went to San Jose in California and surprised her totally, and had a great week, where I also met Lauren and Paige. We had a lot of fun and it was very successful.



Paige, Cecily, me and Lauren



 And of course we should get silly together, just like in the old days. Here with Cecily's colleague Kimia as well.


Later in spring it was time for the next trip, to Oslo. My childhood friend Jocke has lived there for many years and works as a chef, but now he saw the end of this and wanted to move home. That's why me and Andreas went up, along with Carro and her mother. Carro's brother would just become a father. It was a really awesome weekend, where we visited Jocke's restraurang at Aker Brygga, where we had to enjoy a powerhouse menu with eleven courses.


In June, mom and dad celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary. Mom has lived in Barcelona when she was young, and often talks about it. We have never been there together, but now to their day, me and dad decided to take mom there. We had a great Thursday-Sunday weekend where we went around and watched a lot of sights, and ate and drank a lot.



During the summer (when the weather was really, really bad) I did a couple of small trips to Gothenburg, but otherwise I was mostly at home. Had thought about hanging on the beach, but in the end, it was probably not even five such days in the summer. Really boring.


This year's major event in Halmstad was Tall Ships Races. Lots of great cool ships, food and singers who performed. However, the weather also caused problems. Linnea Henriksson, Mariette and Linnea Olsson had to cancel their concerts, and when we were watching Europe, it was raining all the time. But they rocked fine!




Me, Tessan and Andreas at Tall ships races.


I went to Öland tfor a few days, and me and mom also watched the artist show Diggiloo, which was in Halmstad.






The Diggiloo gang, with among others newly winner of Melodifestivalen, Robin Bengtsson.


There were some trips to Liseberg. The new attraction, Loke, had replaced Spinrock, and I was sad because it was my favorite. But this new was a better version of Spinrock, so I was very pleased :)



Plus I won several star wins during the year.



This summer, I was permanently employed again - for the third time at the same newspaper! Must be some sort of record. Especially as I've been working there since the summer of 2011.


In the fall I changed my position at work. From my position as “SLM editor” I had since December, I was transfered to a group of five people who will switch between that position and evening copy editing. Not what I wanted, and now I have had to participate less in the floorball games, pub quiz and other training. A bit sad.

But the evening gang is nice as always, so it's not hard when you're there.


I had saved vacation weeks, in case that Cecily would marry, but she will not do that yet. Nor did it get away with friends for traveling. But I got away anyway! Dad had received a gift card on travel when he retired two years ago. That one was about to expire, so he had use them, and if so, go somewhere. But I thought I could hang on when I still had vacation weeks to spare. So I came along, and the two of us went for a week to Fuerteventura at the end of November / December. Very nice to get away and get some warmth, sun and bath when you did not get it during the summer. 



During the year I have done a lot, and have been able to spend a lot of time with both friends and my family. It has been really nice.



News year 2017


Trump and #metoo.


There you have it, the title that summarizes the 2017 news year.



As for Trump, it's not a day without him being in the news. And maybe that's not that strange. He comes up with one idiotic statement after another, and there’s barely any group of people he has not offended. But not just annoyed. He makes a mess in foreign policy by saying (tweeting) things that he does not have support among allies or other Republicans.

Most of the time he has fought with North Korea, and there has been real nasty. Kim Jong-Un has intensified the development of nuclear weapons, and there has been a throw-in on total kindergarten levels between the leaders of North Korea and the United States. Example: Trump has constantly called Kim for "Little Rocket Man" and called him small and fat, and Trump said yesterday that "I have a bigger nuclear weapon button than you have." There you have the level of conversation...

The stubbornness began already when he took office and stubbornly claimed that he had a lot more audience than Obama had in his presidential inauguration, despite proof of photos that this was not the case.

Trump has also been against transsexuals in the army, even though the army is not. Much of what Trump said during the election year has not been implemented. He did not get through to remove the so-called Obamacare, and there is a long way to any wall at the Mexican border. He also has several times during the year been trying to get through the ban on entry for people from mostly Muslim countries.

During the first half of the year, there was also a lot of talk about Trump's breach of the constitution when he interfered various investigations. Several protest marches have been held during the year.

A crazy year where the United States has fallen in the eyes of virtually the whole world. And this is just the first of four (eight !?) years of the madman at the helm of the United States. Horrible.


But in the fall there was something else that has dominated the world's news, and it's Metoo. It began with Harvey Weinstein, when victims of sexual assault and rape for several years, accused him, one of Hollywood's most important decision makers. But that was just the beginning.

More and more people began to tell about their experiences. Actress Alyssa Milan called on all women who had been subjected to similar things to write #metoo on their statuses on social media, to show the magnitude of the problem this was and to make people who neglected it (men) realize how big it was. And all over the world women started doing just that. 

It was no longer just about powerful men in Hollywood, but also "ordinary" people. In all industries, countries, social classes, positions, everywhere. Weinstein was fired from his own company, kicked out from the Academy. More actors and executives followed his track. Accusations against Kevin Spacey appeared, where he a few years ago (and repeatedly afterwards) had harassed young boys. He was fired from the main role of the Netflix series House of Cards. Other people who left their job were comedian Louis CK, and politician Roy Moore, in Alabama, who failed to be re-elected after his deeds came to the surface.

Those who took courage and began to tell about everything were collectively appointed the Time Magazine's Person of the year.


But, as I said, it was not just in the United States this thing shook up, but also in Sweden. Here things began to roll out when first the journalist Cissi Wallin told us that it was Aftonbladet's columnist Fredrik Virtanen who had raped her eleven years ago, but had not been sentenced for lack of evidence. After much back and forth in media how to do with name publishing, his name eventually came out in "regular" media after having been online for several weeks.

Several people also accused TV4's Martin Timell of both sexual assault and a horrible leadership style. It was also apparent that TV4's executives held his back. In the end, he lost his job, and his home improvement show was cancelled after more than 20 years.

Other people who received charges against them, and left work, were SVT's Lasse Kronér, Lotta Bromé from the radio, former Left-wing Party Leader Lars Ohly and TV4's Ingvar Oldsberg. The latter, however, not for sexual abuse, but his leadership style, which began to be examined at the same time as Timell. 

And many, many more, both in the United States, Sweden and around the world.

Many consider that this has meant a major milestone in history, and that such behavior will be more noticeable, and hopefully reduce a little. You can always hope.


But much else has obviously also happened.


When so much has happened in the United States and with Metoo, it's easy to forget that some Swedish politics happened.

Anna Kinberg Batra's popularity as the Conservative party leader decreased and decreased during the spring and summer. In the end, it became too much, and she left without having led the party in an election. She was succeeded by Ulf Kristersson.


A major political scandal was noted during the summer. The National Transportation Board had issued secret tasks on contract in other countries, and data could have spread. The government and prime minister Stefan Löfven were criticized for not acting at all initially, and then did not suffice much. With the threat of distrust voters, several ministers resigned: Interior Minister Andreas Ygeman (S) and Infrastructure Minister Anna Johansson (S). At the same time, Minister of Health and Sport, Gabriel Wikström (S) also resigned, but for health reasons. Löfven and Defense Minister Peter Hultfors stayed.


In April, a terrorist attack occurred in Stockholm when a truck drove into people along the shopping street Drottninggatan and eventually crashed into th storehouse Åhléns. The driver survived, but five people were killed, and many were injured.


Another attack took place in Manchester during a concert with Ariana Grande, where 22 were killed and 500 were injured.


A major massacre killed over 50 in Las Vegas.


In Catalonia, it has been troubles during the year, since they voted to become independent from Spain, and also proclaimed their own republic. Spain said no and deprived them of their autonomy. It is far from over how it will go there.


Ban Ki-moon was replaced as UN leader of the Portuguese António Guterres.


Sweden's population reached 10 million.


Emmanuel Macron won the presidential election in France.


There has been great forest fires this year. More than 60 died in Portugal in June, and major areas of southern California were destroyed in the fall and winter.


Nazis has demonstrated several times in Sweden, and also in the United States where a strong extremist wind has blown since Trump was chosen.


In Sweden, all old money were taken out of circulation, and has been replaces with new coins and bank notes.


Several huge hurricanes destroyed parts of the Caribbean, including St Maarten, Antigua and Puerto Rico, and also caused major damage in Houston in the United States. By the end of the year, especially the Philippines suffered from devastating storms.


A lot of secret papers are revealed ("Paradise papers"), where there were information about wealthy people and companies that have tried to hide taxpayers.


In Zimbabwe, a military coup took place, and Robert Mugabe stepped down after 37 years as the country's leader.


Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia got a son, Prince Gabriel.



2017 in sports


The Swedish Women’s soccer team team were really bad at the European Championship.


On the other hand, the Swedish men's soccer team had an amazing year. They won against France in the summer, and made a total of such good games that they beat Holland and finished second in the qualification group. In the play-off qualifiers they were matched against all the toughest opponents - Italy. But it went all the way after two hugely exciting matches, and for the first time in 12 years Sweden will play the World Cup next year, in Russia. 


Swimmer Sarah Sjöström continues to be the best at everything, and took several gold medalists.


Halmstad soccer team continues to be bad at everything, and were eliminated from the top league.

Malmö FF won gold in soccer, HV71 in hockey.

Östersund is unstoppable in the Europe League, and has moved on to the round of 16th, where they will face Arsenal.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic got injured at the beginning of the year and had the year destroyed.


During the World Cup in athletics, Mo Farah and Usain Bolt made their last race ever (as they said now). Bolt missed the gold medal for the first time.


Pittsburgh Penguins won the Stanley Cup for the second consecutive year, something that has not happened since 97-98.

The New York Rangers did a bad play off, and went out in the second round. But Henrik Lundqvist was in the mood for more, and joined Swedish national team Tre Kronor and won the World Championship gold.

NHL also got a new team, Vegas Golden Knights, and now has 31.


Tove Alexandersson took three World Cup gold in orientering.


Entertainment year


Much of the news reporting about entertainment has been about metoo.


Otherwise, this winter's biggest buzz was the Academy awards, where the wrong winner of the best picture was announced. They mistakenly said that La La Land had won. The film team and actors went up to stage and held speeches, and the gala would soon be over, but as it turned out, instead Moonlight had won. 


In Sweden there were many good songs in the final of the Melodifestival, which eventually was won by Robin Bengtsson's "I can’t go on". It then ended fifht in Eurovision, which was won by Portugal for the first time. Unfortunately it was with Salvador Sobral's sad song Amor Pelos Dois. But what's good about that is that I have already decided to go to Portugal in 2018.


The big thing in Eurovision, however, happened earlier in the spring. Russia decided not to participate. They selected an artist who had performed in the Crimean peninsula, and according to Ukrainian law, you can not enter Ukraine in three years after that. Russia wanted to play victims, and had also chosen a woman in a wheelchair that people would feel sorry for, and it seemed successful. However, Russia never intended to participate in the first place, but since they became "victims" and Ukraine became "the evil", it went as Putin wanted.


Two of Sweden's biggest comedians ever, whom I, thanks to my parents, have grown up with, died: Hasse Alfredson and Gösta Ekman.


Two songs have been played all year long over and over, and you could not escape them anytime in 2017. One was Ed Sheeran's Shape of you, and the other, who also broke Psys YouTube record from 2012 was Despacito, with Luiz Fonsi, Daddy Yankee and Justin Bieber.


Best movies

My favorite movies of 2017, of those I have seen during the year.


It, Star Wars XIII: The Last Jedi, Jumanji, Wonder Woman, Lego Batman Movie, Get Out, Baywatch, Passengers, Logan, Raw


Best songs of the year

 My favorite songs this year:

  • Bebe Rexha & Louis Tomlinson - Back to you
  • Dua Lipa - Be the one
  • Julia Michaels - Issus
  • Tiesto & Bright Sparks - On my way
  • Darin - Tvillingen
  • Axwell ^ Ingrosso - More than you know
  • Kamferdrops – Jag trodde änglarna fanns
  • Justin Bieber & David Guetta - 2U
  • Koit Toome & Laura - Verona (Estonia in ESC)
  • Kygo & Selena Gomez - It's not me


Dead celebrities


Emma Moreno (The oldest person in the world, and the last person born in the 19th century), Hans Alfredson, Gösta Ekman, Siewert Öholm, Lennart Nilsson, Lars Erik Berenett, Stig Grybe, Björn Granath, Hans Rosling, Bill Paxton, Lars "Dille" Didricson, Chuck Bery, Sven-Erik Magnusson, Roger Moore, Adam West, Michael Nyqvist, Jerry Lewis, Janne "Loffe" Carlsson, Hugh Heffner, Magdalena Ribbing, Tom Petty, Bo Holmström, Fats Domino, Rikard Wolff, Ian Wachtmeister , Charles Manson, Helmut Kohl


How my guesses went for 2017


  • I'm doing a couple of bigger trips

It happened! USA, Barcelona, ​​Fuerteventura, and several small ones.

  • HBK actually has a good season.

Oh, no, no, no.

  • Something happens that affects Eurovision in Kiev.

Russia left, and in any case it was quite big in the ESC world.

  • Sweden reaches the World Cup 2018.


  • Now then. Rangers wins Stanley Cup!


  • Overall, I'm guessing a good 2017.

It was, at least personal. Many trips, lots of time with friends and family. However, the news year was a lot to complain about.


Okay, so and so for my new guesswork.


My guesses for 2018

  • Sweden is surprisingly good and does well in the World Cup. 
  • A major disaster will occur due to Trump.
  • Trump is no longer president at the end of 2018.
  • I'm going to have a really amazing 2018. Please?
  • Halmstad returns to Allsvenskan.

The year in reviw, 2015

Hello everyone! As you may have noticed, the blog has not been updated since last year's annual review, but here goes anyway, this year's highlights.


  • My 2015
  • News
  • Entertainment
  • Music
  • Film
  • Sports
  • Dead celebrities
  • My guesses about 2015, how did they go?
  • My guesses about 2016



  • My 2015

Here's a review of my year. 2015 has been a good year. I've had fun, I did a lot of funny things and socialized with so many wonderful friends, both new and old. I have been traveling both in Sweden and abroad, attended concerts and sunbathed and bathed. I, Andreas and Henke has gone around the country, people have come and visited me, fun parties at Katta’s place and with the floorball girls, game evenings with board games, several after-work and gatherings with people from work, and I have also hung out a lot with my new friend Emma and her cat Hugo.

But I start off chronologically, kind of.

I turned 30 in February. That day I worked, and suddenly two policemen came into the newsroom. I recognized one of them. First I thought they were there because of a burglary we had had in the newsroom a few weeks earlier.
They went up to the news editor Cicki and asked for Johan Hammerby. They showed pictures of him (me) and had a service of notice. Right in front of everyone.
The images were printed from my facebook, and the evidence bags had candy and soda that I got. Everything was orchestrated by Andreas of course. Very funny, and a great way to draw attention to my day :)

However, there was no 30th party on the weekend, because then I was in Gothenburg, where I, Andreas Henke and Caroline went to the Melodifestivalen. I am such a Mello-geek, it is weired that this was actually the first time I was there live. But it was very enjoyable and there will certainly be more to come of that. For example, in Halmstad in 2016, for the first time to have a competition (the “second chance”). However, there was a 30th birthday party in August.


At the end of March I was with Henke and Andreas in Stockholm to attend a concert with Katy Perry. Really great show, and an awesome weekend.


Great concert

In April it was time for me to be in the television program “Who knows the most”. I went up and recorded in Gothenburg. It was a Nordic specialty weeks, with two participants from Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark. It was great fun to record, but almost more fun then was keeping quiet for all about how it had gone. At work, they were really on me (especially Janne) and tried to get me to say too much, but I managed to keep it quiet.
I finished fifth in the program, and I'm pretty disappointed. But hopefully I will participate another time in the future, and then I promise that it will go better!

In May, it was the first time a gay pride parade in Halmstad, so it was fun to be in and celebrate the rights of all people.

Ther were lot’s of great sports to watch. The Ski World Championships in Falun saw Charlotte Kalla win more gold medals. I followed the Rangers in the playoffs, which this year lasted until the semi-finals, where they were knocked out in game 7 against Tampa Bay. In June, the European Championship Under-21, where it was really fun to follow Sweden, which went all the way. They won the U21 Championship in the Czech Republic, and was celebrated as heroes throughout the country.


Ridwana, Linda and me

Summer was initially rather bad. It rained most of May and June. A really, really hot week began in July, but then there was no more super heat. But it was decent weather then, and August, September and October were really nice.
In the summer, I had two weeks of vacation only. I managed to pinpoint those really hot days, so then I got some nice beach days in Tylösand and Eastern Beach. Also, after beach at Hotel Tylösand, as well as the Monday Night Club. One of the times, I met with Henrik Lundqvist there. Very short though, but I could shake his hand and say that he was the best.

The second week of the vacation, I was with Henke and Andreas on a road trip. Via Jönköping, we went up to Norrköping and was there for a few days. A very nice city. We were also at Kolmådern zoo, but it rained so much we really couldn’t appreciate everything. Then we went down to Öland where we stayed with my grandmother for a few days where we went around the island, played croquet, and was able to swim a little.


In August, I ran the half marathon The Prince's Memorial in Halmstad, but it was not so good. I choked in the heat and got a time around 2:25.

Halloween, I celebrated in Gothenburg. Liseberg theme park had a Halloween special. They had several haunted houses open, but the only thing we did was to stand in line. Then Ridwana had a housewarming party, themed the 20s / The Great Gatsby.


Henric, Caroline, Linda, Margareta and me

Then in November it was time for the big happening! Me, mom and dad went away on a two-week vacation in the Caribbean!
It was a cruise that started from Fort Lauderdale in Florida. First, it was two days at sea, then five days of new islands every day, and then two more days at sea. The islands were Tortola in the British Virgin Islands, St. Kitts, Dominica, Antigua and St. Maarten.
Cruise life was absolutely fantastic. There was so much to do. Several pools and bars and restaurants everywhere. Wonderful service, fantastic staff. There were shows every night. Great buffets for breakfast and lunch. Every night we also had dinner at our own table, who each evening buffet was of Joy and Viacheslav. Absolutely amazing food every day, always three courses. Ten alternatives to each starter, main course and dessert. The menus were changed each day, so there was plenty to choose from.

On the islands we went on tours, layed on the beach and shopped. On Tortola, there were awesome nature and cool beaches. We also visited a 400 year old rum distillery. On St. Kitts, we had a beach day, at Dominica we took a trip into the mountains and rain forests. Antigua has 365 beaches, so of ocurse we had to check out one of them. The last day, on St. Maarten was one of the things I had looked forward to the most. The island's airport, Princess Juliana Airport is located right by a beach, so there you can see the planes land and take off just above your head. Absolutely incredible cool, really!

This vacation was really what we all needed.

Tortola, BVI
St Kitts
St Maarten
Princess Juliana airport, St Maarten
Here is my video clip of the plane landing


In December, I made my first trip to Norway. When Jocke turned 30 we surprised him at a dinner party, I, Andreas, Caroline and Jonas. A lovely weekend it was!

Last year, I was laid off from the job due to cutbacks. But I have worked all year, and this fall I became a permanent employee again.

So, I have done for a lot of years. I must say it has been a great year, and I look forward to next year, which will hopefully try to surpass this awesome one!

Me and a new friend, Hugo


  • Year in news

Very much this year has been about the increased flow of refugees into Europe, mainly from Syria. Millions have fled the civil war and the ravages of ISIS. Many have come to Sweden to seek shelter.
This was symbolized among other things with a photo of a little boy, Alan Kurdi, who was found dead on a beach.
Domestically, politics have therefore focused on how to act. The government has been criticized for proposals for ID controls and that they wanted to be able to close the Öresund Bridge. The proposal received so much criticism that they had to backtrack on it. The Green Party was also criticized because it has previously been very for those with refugees freedom, but that they would rather sit with the government and has the power than to stand up for their old ideals.

The Sweden Democrats had two high-profile advertising campaigns during the year. One with an English text that was put up in a subway station, and one where they handed out pieces to refugees in Greece where they were lying and bullshitting about Sweden.

Otherwise, terrorist attacks, in particular in Paris, also symbolized this year. It began in January in France where the terrorists entered the editorial office of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, and killed 12 people there. A few days later the one to attack, which was linked to this, and a few died.

On 13 November another terrorist attack took place in Paris, but this time it was bigger. In several places around Paris the terrorists opened fire or detonated bombs. Among other things, at a soccer match at the Stade de France and at a concert. In total, 130 people were killed and houndreds were injured.

Turkey also saw a part of the terror, when nearly 100 people were killed in two explosions in Ankara.

Attacks were also in Yemen.

Sweden also had something that by some can be classed as a terrorist act. A masked man entered a school in Trollhättan, with the sword, and cut down several people. Three people died, plus himself. The motive was racism.

A passenger plane crashed in the Alps, after the co-pilot deliberately crashed the plane, as a form of suicide.

A Swedish 17-year-old Lisa Holm, disappeared, and the case involved many. She was later found dead, and a man was sentenced later this year for the murder.

The Supreme Court of the United States states said that same sex marriages should be allowed in all 50 states.

Prince Carl Philip married Sofia, who is now a princess. The day after, Princess Madeleine gave birth to her second child, Prince Nicolas. Later in the year both Crown Princess Victoria and Princess Sofia announced that they are expecting a baby in 2016.

Very many died in Mecca after panic broke out and people ran over each other during a stampede. Exactly how many people died is not clear, but over 1500 probably.

Volkswagen has been cheating in environmental tests, and withdrew very many cars.

In the United States, a television reporter and photographer was killed during a live interview.

There has been a lot of things happening with FIFA, with bribery scandals and other things. The chairman Sepp Blatter was re-elected, but announced then that he would resign, but then he was fired.

In the US, the preparations for next year's presidential election are on the way. For the Democrats, it feels like it is Hillary Clinton who will be the candidate. For the Republicans, Donald Trump participates, and many thought he would be around for a while and then disappear. But he has led the polls throughout the year, and although he said one racist and sexist comment after the other, he still hangs on and gets attention for everything he does.

In December, finally the tunnel through Halland ridge was inaugurated. It should have been done already more than 20 years ago but have been delayed by environmental scandals and other things.
In December there was also a big climate meeting in Paris.


  • Entertainment

Among the coolest this year entertainment wise was that Sweden won the Eurovision Song Contest!

It was a very good year in the Swedish contest, with only good songs in the final. New this year was that you could vote via an app, and it floundered at first, but then it was a success, but failed again in the final. But in the end, Måns Zelmerlöw won, with the song Heroes, ahead of, among others, Mariette from Halmstad, Hasse Andersson who made a coemback and Samir & Viktor, who sang the not so subtle text that they would take a groupie tonight. Hostess was Sanna Nielsen, Robin Paulson and Filippa Bark, who were all very good.

In the Eurovision song contest then, there were also many good songs, such as Estonia, Israel, Russia, Italy, Montenegro and Iceland. This year Australia was also invited, to celebrate Eurovision's 60th anniversary. They also had a really good song, that got Sweden's twelve points. But best of all was thus Måns (perhaps not his song, but the whole package), who won Sweden's sixth victory. So next year it's time for the Eurovision, to be held in the Globe Arena in Stockholm, and hosted by Måns and Petra Mede.

Several big Swedish entertainers died in 2015. The most sad was that Magnus Härenstam died. Also Robert Broberg died.

Ingemar Stenmark won Dancing with the stars.

It was a good round of Swedish Idol. The best was Amanda Winberg, but she came second.

A big deal in the beginning of the year was a picture of a dress, where the world went bananas when you would decide whether it was black and blue or white and gold. It was pretty funny how people could really see so differently to the same image. It was clearly blue and black, which I thought from the beginning.



  • Music

This has been a great musics, I would say. Especially in the summer it was very good. A look at the list below, for example. It is as Sweden Ranking looked the first week of July. Number one, Sun is Shining, is not visible, but if you look at the other songs, it is those who were played during the summer, and all of them were good, I think. So all of those on the list will be featured on the soundtrack for the summer of 2015 for a long time to come.

The artists that have dominated the music calendar otherwise are Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Adele, and in Sweden also Zara Larsson.

But this will still my list of the best songs in years.

  • Axwell ^ Ingrosso - Sun is shining
  • Miriam Bryant - One Last Time
  • Jason Derulo - Want to want me
  • Badpojken - Johnny G (The Guidetti song)
  • Bebe Rexha - I'm gonna show you crazy
  • Adam Lambert - Ghost Town
  • Elina Born & Stig Rasta - Goodbye to yesterday (Estonia in the Eurovision)
  • David Guetta / Nicki Minaj / Bebe Rexha / Aforjack - Hey Mama
  • Norlie & KKV – Ingen rör mig som du
  • Zara Larsson - Lush Life


  • Film

There have been many great movies that came out this year. Several long-awaited sequela, like a new Avengers film, a new Jurassic Park, seventh Fast & Furious movie (with Paul Walker, who died before the film was finished), last Hunger Games movie, and then this year's big happening in December, a new Star Wars movie. In fact, Star Wars: The Force awakens was the year's best film, I think. Hunger games went up to the cinema when I was on the cruise, and I have not actually seen it yet. Therefore, there is not on my list of top ten.

This is a list of my ten favourite films from 2015, though without any particular order.

Star Wars: The Force awakens, San Andreas, Ant-Man, Jurassic World, Paper towns, The Martian, Magic Mike XXL, American Sniper, Spy, Mad Max: Fury road

  • Sports

The best in sports year terms was clearly U21 European Championship gold. So darn delightful to follow the boys' tournament in the Czech Republic, which led all the way to the final, where it was decided on penalties.

World Ski Championships in Falun went well, especially for Charlotte Kalla.

The Rangers made it to the semi in the NHL.

Sweden managed to advance to next year's European Football Championship. This via qualifiers against Denmark, which as usual Zlatan decided. We actually managed to see match on the boat, because they had a sports bar there, and the match was shown on ESPN.

  • Dead celebrities

Magnus Härenstam, Robert Broberg, Anita Ekberg, Stig Bergling, Leonard Nimoy, Christopher Lee, Tomas Tranströmer, Günther Grass, BB King, Bo Larsson, Wes Craven, Göran Hägg, Henning Mankell, Linda Haglund, Karin Söder, Peter Lundblad, Lemmy.

  • My guesses abour 2015, how did they go?

I make at least two major trips
One larger trip at least.
At least two ministers resign from the Swedish government.
Nope, they all remains.
New York Rangers goes to the final. Oh, stop being a wossy, Johan. They win!
= (
At least one major change in my life. However, nothing’s going on right now, but I have a positive feeling.
Well, not really. Became a permanent employee again.
Sweden is doing a poor in the World Ski Championships.
No, it went pretty well.
Boyhood wins the Oscar as best film.
It was Birdman.

Pretty bad guesses. But I will try again for 2016:

  • My guesses about 2016
  • Sweden go pretty far in the UEFA European Football Championship
  • Sweden makes one of its best summer Olympics in a long time. Above all, Sarah Sjostrom will be the best
  • Rangers win the Stanley Cup after a final series against Dallas.
  • Hillary Clinton wins the election in the United States, against Ted Cruz.
  • I get a car


The year in review, 2014

There you go, then it was time for my annual chronicle. A few days late, because I've been on the road, more precisely in San Diego. But more on that further down.

As is customary since 2004, every year I write about my personal year, as well as news, movies, music and more. Here it comes again. Enjoy!

  • My 2014
  • Year in news 2014
  • Entertainment year 2014
  • Top ten songs
  • Top ten movies
  • Dead celebrities
  • Sports year 2014
  • So went my guesses about 2014
  • Guesses for 2015

My 2014
Job-wise, it started with something I have not experienced before. I became a permanent employee at Hallandsposten. After 2.5 years as a temp in all the newspaper’s departments, I was officially, January 1, 2014, a permanent employee as HP's letters to the editor. Very fun.

Two other fun stuff happened on the job. In the spring I blogged about Melodifestivalen and Eurovision for HP's behalf.

In January it became crazy when one of the letters were widely circulated on the internet. It was about just that, to shut down the Internet. The topic and the way it was written in, meant that it spread and read over 50,000 times, other newspapers picked it up, I was interviewed in several media, and even abroad it was taken up. Completely crazy.

All was not fun at work. My permanent employment lasted only 10 months. The owner company Stampen’s economy is anything but good, for various reasons, and in recent years they have at various times let people go. So far, it has worked with termination benefits when it comes to HP, and none have thus become fired, but went voluntarily.
It was not like that this time. Nine people had to go, according to company management, and at HP seven people chose to leave. Thus, two had to go, so I plus one more was made redundant. She has now been re-employed after another one quit, and then it was just me who was completely redundant. Yay...
During my period of notice, I did other things than before. I went back to being an night editor, and it was very fun to work night again. Then I did a few days as a reporter, and compiled the year-in-review for HP.
I will in the next few months go on a temporary with the letters to the editor again. So, again, I am a temp at HP ...

But there was fun stuff in 2014 as well. In May, a happy bunch went up to Gothenburg to go to the festival Summerburst, with house music, DJs, electronic music and such. Hella fun, good music, sweet atmospehre, a nice gang and fantastic weather. Wonderful!


Us that went to the festival. From Carro's instagram

Gothenburg received several other visits during the year, including two trips to Liseberg theme park, where the new rollercoaster Helix was new. Awesome that Liseberg has fierce coaster now.

However, there was no Liseberg visit during Christmas. Then it was Stockholm instead, which was greeted by me, Andreas, Linda, Ridwana and Carro, and David who was there. Christmas in Old Town and Skansen stood among other things on the schedule.

 Stockholm in december

Midsummer was celebrated for the first time in a couple of years on Öland, with visits from the US.


This year was the first time I took time off in the summer just to be idle. In previous years, I have always taken the vacation weeks to go away, but now I had three weeks where I just was vacant and could enjoy life. Perfect, considering that it was a fantastic summer with around 30 degrees C (86 F)during much of July. For several weeks was the lowest temperature never below 20 degrees (70 F).
However, I did a couple of short trips. I was with my parents in Burg in Germany, where I and my father was the year before, for a lovely weekend. Another nice weekend trip we made in August, when we went to Stockholm.

In August I went to Herrljunga, where I acted as photographer for Tina and Jakob's wedding. Also a fun weekend.


In the fall, I saw a stand up show by the always hilarious Al Pitcher. I and Svante also had a Halloween party.


Twice I have also seen the magician Joe Labero. First as a birthday gift in Malmö, where I was also surprised by friends at a dinner. The second time I got him review for HP's behalf when he was in Halmstad.

With Joe Labero and Elin, in Halmstad

In the spring I had the pleasure of being able to follow the New York Rangers long playoff with many late nights. They went to the Stanley Cup finals for the first time in 20 years, but lost to the LA Kings. This year's season began weakly (like last), but in writing, the Rangers NHL's hottest team, and I have great hope that last year's success can be repeated, if not even better.

 This it how it looked many nights in the spring.

Also saw some matches with HBK. After a lousy spring saw it long lookedlike they would go out, but a strong fall meant that they did not even had to qualify, for the first time in several years.

Speaking of sports, it was really cool to follow the women's and men's relay gold in the Olympics. Charlotte Kallas at the final leg,  will survive for long.

I have also made debut as a handball player. Or, kinda. HP has had with a team in the O'Leary's Cup, which has been exhibition matches in half time when Drott have played. Twice we played, a draw both matches. I made no goal, but it was fun!

One of the year's trends was the so-called ice bucket challenge. You poured a bucket of ice cold water over yourself  (or someone else did), and then invited others to do the same. Meanwhile you donated money for research on the disease ALS, or ignored  pouring water, and donated more money. Obviously, I made the challenge, because it was fun and for a good course.


2014 ended and 2015 began in the United States. I went to San Diego to visit my friends Cecily and Lauren. Two lovely weeks holiday with good weather, good food, lovely celebrations and above all wonderful people. It was just what I needed after all the hassles at work, and a lovely way to start the new year.


Year in news, 2014
Missing plane, Ukraine, Ebola and super election year

Quite a lot has happened in 2014, both in the world and Sweden.

For the Swedish part, most of everything was focused on the elections. Since it was election to the European Union, municipality, parliament and county council in same year, 2014 was called the super election year.
In the European elections the Sweden Democrats and the Feminist Initiative was elected in.
In the big election in September, it became an unclear situation. However, the Alliance lost and it became an alternation of power, and Fredrik Reinfeldt announced his resignation as both prime minister and leader of the Moderate Party.
It was unclear how the victor, Stefan Löfvens Social democrats would reign. Especially since xenophobic Sweden Democrats received 13 percent of the vote, and no other parties had any willingness to cooperate with them. Hence had no political block held the majority.
In the end, the Social democrats and the Green party formed the government, however, without knowing if their budget would go through in December.
Once the vote came, so chose SD to vote on the Alliance's budget, and the government crisis was a fact. Prime minister Löfven then announced that there would be new elections in March, for the first time in Sweden in over 50 years.
On December 27, however, it became a new notification when the Government and the Alliance decided on the so-called December agreement. It means to make it easier for minority governments by the minority should abstain in the final vote. Thus the new election was called off. However, the red-green government govern with an alliance Budget during the first half of 2015 because it had already gone through.

In Halmstad, power was unchanged. The election campaign’s big thing was that it appeared pictures on SD's front-runner while wearing a swastika band. She retired before election day.

During the year there has been an outbreak of Ebola in West Africa. Thousands of people have died, and there has been much to prevent the spread.

Russia and Putin have gone mad house in 2014 and is acting very nasty. They invaded the Crimea and now call it Russian. They support the rebels in eastern Ukraine who want to become independent or belong to Russia.
Russia was expelled from the G8.
In the fall it was suspected that Russian submarines were in the Stockholm archipelago. After much searching, the military found nothing however, although there are indications that they were actually there. Also, Russian aircraft violated Swedish airspace during the year.

It was a bad year for the aviation industry. In March a plane dissapeared from Malaysian Airlines. It was just gone. For several weeks there were speculations of whether it had been hijacked, crashed, landed, abducted by aliens. It has not yet been found, but it is most likely that it crashed in such deep that you can not track it.
The same airline were hit when one of their planes were shot down by rebels in eastern Ukraine.
Even in Iran, Mali and South East Asia crashed plane during the year.

A Swedish journalist, Nils Horner, was killed in Afghanistan.

In Nigeria many girls was kidnapped to be held as slaves by the terror group Boko Haram.

In Sweden in the summer, a train strike affected many.

In Halmstad was the big thing this year was that the ship Najaden was sold to Norway. Large protests were held in July, when the ship was handed over to the new owners.

Getinge, where I grew up, had major floods in the summer. Large sections of the village, including the street Klockarevägen where I previously lived, was hit so hard that the residents had to be evacuated from there. It will take at least a year to renovate.

In Västmanland it was the opposite. There, it burned, and significantly. The biggest forest fire in Sweden in modern era harvested one fatality and substantial damage.

During the year the group Islamic State, IS and sometimes called ISIS acted in the Middle East where they want to see an Islamist state. The group is classified by the outside world as a terrorist group.

After a young man was killed by police in the town of Ferguson in the US there was riots and demonstrations throughout the year. Racism against African-Americans was brought up.

A human-made object landed on a comet for the first time.

Princess Madeleine had a daughter, Leonore, and announced at the end of the year she'll have another child. Prince Carl Philip became engaged to girlfriend Sofia.

The young Malala Yousafzai won the Nobel Prize for peace after fighting for schooling in Pakistan.

President Obama decided to warm up the relationship with Cuba that the United States had (not had) since the 50s.

Entertainment year of 2014
Swedish Idol had several good contestants. I had three favorites, and these became top three, so then I was happy with whoever’d be the winner. They were Josefin Myrberg, Mollie Lindén and Lisa Ajax. Eventually Lisa won.

After so many attempts Sanna Nielsen won Melodifestivalen. She later ended third in the Eurovision Song Contest, which was won by Conchita Wurst.

Two great actor died. Philip Seymore Hoffman took an overdose, and Robin Williams took his life after a prolonged depression. Also many other celebrities died during the year.

During the Oscars, Ellen DeGeneres (or, really Bradler Cooper) took a Selfie containing several major actors, and the image becomes the most retweetade ever.

Seth Rogen and James Franco made a film, The interview, which was about the assassination of North Korea's dictator Kim Jong-Un. North Korea threatened to attack if the movie is released, so it was pulled in from the big premiere on Christmas Day. Some small private movie theaters showed the movie, and I saw it when I was in San Diego. The film was actually very funny.
At the same time the company Sony, which was behind the film, was impacted by an extensive hacker attack.

Others who were exposed to a hacker attack was a large number of celebrities who got their nude pictures scattered on the net. Among others, Jennifer Lawrence was affected.

The last episode of How I Met Your Mother aired. The final season was good, but not the final last double episode. Too bad.

Many celebrities took part in fun ways in ice bucket Challenge. See my verision further up.

Music 2014
My ten favorite songs during the year.

  • Sia - Chandelier
  • Taylor Swift - Blank Space
  • Ariana Grande - Problem
  • Taylor Swift - Shake it off
  • Ariana Grande – Break Free
  • Emily Kinney - Julie
  • AronChupa - I'm an albatraoz
  • Laleh – En stund på jorden
  • Katy Perry - Dark Horse
  • Selena Gomez - The heart want what it wants

Movies 2014
Some of the best new films I've seen this year, which has been quite numerous.
Boyhood, Interstellar, Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1, Annabelle, Divergent, The Fault in our Stars, If I Stay, Edge of Tomorrow, 22 Jump Street, The Interview.


Dead celebrities
Ariel Sharon, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Alice Babs, Robin Williams, Brasse Brännström, Kim Anderzon, Klas Ingesson, Olle Häger, Richard Attenborough, Björn Waldegård, Richard Kiel, Viktor Tikhonov, Jean Beliveau, Joe Cocker

Sports Year 2014
Winter Olympics in Sochi gave three Swedish gold. Charlotte Kalla took two, one individual and one with a relay team where she made a historic pickup. Also the men's relay team took gold.

NY Rangers lost in the Stanley Cup Finals against the LA Kings.

The Soccer World Cup was held in Brazil. The home team had a match that will go down in history when, in the semifinal, they lost against Germant with 7-1. Germany later won the gold.

In Swedish soccer the city of Malmö dominated, both on the men's and women's side. Malmö FF and Rosengård became champions. MFF also went to the group stage of the Champions league, as the first Swedish team since 2000. They were however lousy. On the women's side, the Swedes fared a little better when Tyresö went to the CL final, but lost.

In the European handball Championships the Swedish women won bronze.

Soccer hero from 1994, hero Klas Ingesson fought long with his cancer, but died in the fall.

HBK did a crappy spring and a great summer / fall. However, the coach Jens Gustafsson got fired after the season and was replaced by Janne Jönsson before 2015.

So went my guesses about 2014

Germany will win the World cup.

Yes! Correct!

Sweden will win the Olympic hockey, and get a total of 13 medals.

They got the silver in hockey, and a total of 15 medals.

It will be a great summer, with many things to do.

Warm and great summer, and lots of fun things happened.

Change of government in Sweden after the election.

Yep, that’s true.

I get a car.

Dammit, I was so close in getting them all correct, but no car.

Overall ways really good guesses can I say!

Guesses about 2015

I make at least two major trips
At least two ministers resign from the Swedish government.
New York Rangers goes to the final. Oh, stop being a wossy, Johan. They win!
At least one major change in my life. However, nothing’s going on right now, but I have a positive feeling.
Sweden is doing a poor in the World Ski Championships.
Boyhood wins the Academy award for best picture.