RIP Missan 1993-2012

Christmas 2009


Fuck. What a horrible day.


When I was eight years old I got a little kitten for Christmas. It was black, white, orange, tiny and so cute. It had a little white dot at the tip of the tail. My big wish had come true. I named her Missan.

Pretty fast she took over as queen of the house. We were her servants. Or, that’s the way she wanted it to be. In reality she like us a whole lot, I know that.


When I grew up she has always been there, waiting for me after school, after practice, after trips. She slept in my bed, laid in my lap, purred.


No matter how long I was gone, like when I lived in Gothenburg or in the States, she has always shown her appreciation as soon as I have come home.


She has lived a very active life. She had four kittens, that we sold, she was outdoors all the time, she hunted, she jumped around, played tricks, picked a fight with the magpies, picked a fight with a pheasant (only once, tohugh), climbed trees, ran in the fields, defended her territory, tried to carry home a baby bunny and much more. She had had a active and great life.


She got older, but it was hard to notice for a long time. All her life she was curious, alert and happy. But the last couple of months she got old very fast. Trouble walking, her hearing got worse, she slept for 23 hours a day. When she walked in the stairs she was in pain. You could hear that.


We hoped she was to get one last summer, but today it didn’t work any more. Mom called me at work, saying she had talked to a vet and that there was really one humane thing to do.


We went all three to the pet hospital. Every year we took her there to get her annual flu shot, and every time she hated that and us. Today she was calm. Seemed to enjoy herself. That made it so much worse.

I have never had to do something like this, and it was horrible. But I was with her till the end and got to say goodbye.


Now we will bury her in one of her favorite spots, that’s the least we can do.


Thank you for everything, Missan. You were an amazing friend and you have meant so much, both to a little eight-year-old boy as to a twenty-seven-years old.


Rest in peace.

Summer, soccer, Eurovision. movie and Rangers

Once again it’s been a while since I updated the blog so here is yet another long post. I’ll try to keep it short.



It’s finally warm! Last week it was warm all the time, and in the 80s each day. And what’s even more lovely is that it has been so warm in the nights. Even after midnight it has been around 70 degrees.


We played minigolf in the nice weather



Our local team, that’s in the second division this season, is doing very well. I have watched games both live and on TV, and it’s looking good. And soon it’s the Euro tournament.


Eurovision Song Contest

Sweden won Eurovision Song Contest! Loreen and her song Euphoria were so professional and it was truly amazing to see. Next year I will be in the stands when the competition is being held in Sweden, no matter which city it will be held in.

I was watching it with Anna, Elin, Daniel and others in Gothenburg, and it was so nice.

Loreen!! :D



I saw Men in black III Friday, and it was really, really good. That’s all.



Sigh. It looked so good. But now it’s over. I have seen a whole lot of games this year, and Rangers have had positive surprises all along. I am so proud of how they have played, and they will have many good year ahead of them. Hopefully they will keep the team intact without any major roster moves. Now I’m looking forward to see Rangers players get awards in June, and I can say that I endorse Los Angeles Kings to win their first Stanley Cup. But just this year, cause we will be back in 2013. Let’s Go Rangers!

Gothenburg half marathon

Because of problems with my timetracking chip I got another bibnumber, 76117.


I have run the first long distance race ever, the half marathon Götebrogsvarvet in Gothenburg. And goddamn it was fun! And most of all: I made it under two hours!


I decided already in the fall that I was to run. But the preparations haven’t been the best. Three weeks of partying in the States, and not that much work-out the weeks prior to that (but I’m still on my New Year’s resolutions-schedule with at least three times of workout per week).

Also, I didn’t sleep the night before the race. Or, I slept 2 hours, but I laid awake from 1am to 7am, unable to sleep.


Since I haven’t run any long distance race before (it might be good as part of the preparation to actually run that same distance at least once before) I didn’t know how to plan ahead or what tactics to use. But I understood that it was smart to start out slow, and keep that pace throughout, to stand the whole race. So I did, and it worked.


I felt immediately that it went well. Many people overtook me in the beginning, but that was part of the plan. I was to overtake them later, I thought.


What surprised me the most with this event was how fun and nice it was. It was well arranged, a lot of things was going on by the starting line, and also along the course. Over 50 music events along the course. And despite the fact that the winner was done a few hours earlier than I started, there were so many people along the way cheering, singing, dancing and showing us a good time.


My idea about the pace turned out to be correct. The further I got, the more people I overtook, despite me keeping the same slow pace as before.


Because of my (lack of) preparations I thought that I could do it in two and a half hours. But the longer I kept running, the more I figured out that I was to do really good. I could even make it under two hours. So when the last time, at 20 km, was shown I saw that I was to make it and got extra energy to last all the way to the finish line. I got a great time, 1:58:18, and I was so happy and felt so good


My foot hurt a bit, but I wasn’t that numb in my body. I had had a perfect pace. Now that days after, my legs ache a bit though.


I stayed with my friend Daniel Friday and Saturday. It was nice to see the Svenssons again, and we stayed up late and talked.

We also watched the hockey game, where Rangers advanced to the semifinals! Woohoo! Let’s Go Rangers!

The weekend ended with customary Sunday night dinner with the Halmstad gang. An amazing weekend!

Wonderful vacation in the States

I didn’t write a lot of posts during the vacation, so instead comes here a long one. The one about Norcal I wrote on my way from there, the rest once I got home. You can read the whole, jump between the parts or just look at the photos. Anyway, enjoy!



  • Norcal
  • Santa Barbara
  • Las Vegas
  • The trip home
  • Rangers



(Written Monday April 23, 2012)


I’m now once again sitting on the bus between LAX and Santa Barbara. It feels so good. So far I have had a wonderful weekend up north.


All flights went well Friday, and when Lauren came to meet me up at the airport, we saw the storm of emotions we had expected. So lovely it was to see her again.


Friday night was mostly some shopping and great food at the Cheesecake factory.


Saturday though was very fully scheduled. The first hours I spent on my own, while Lauren was getting her hair done and Kyle was working. So I wandered around in Williams, a town of 5,000 where they live. It was so incredibly hot. I had to stop many times to buy water. It was in the 90’s all day. After a while I came to the restaurant where Kyle and Lauren work, and I got a beer to ease the thirst.



Later we went to Lauren’s family’s farm and I got to ride, and also feed the horses. To do horseback riding at the Californian countryside feels very American.


Lauren and Kyle




Something that is even more American is guns. We had a little shooting practice at Kyle’s parents’ land. I tried on a few pistols :)


After that we went to a bbq in Colusa, with many people, nice food and beers. Nice.


Everybody then went to the same bar from earlier that day. We waited for the clock to strike twelve, so that Lauren could become 21 and start drinking. Right after midnight she was given so many drinks, shots and champagne.


Sunday was here birthday, and we celebrated it in Chick, at the Sierra Nevada Brewery, that also is a restaurant. A lot of Lauren’s friends and family was there, and afterwards, us young people went to discovery Chico’s bar life.


A happy gang at a pub in Chico



After a well needed American breakfast at Denny’s this morning, Lauren drove me to the airport and I headed south. As I said, I’m now on the bus, awaiting to come home to the lovely Santa Barbara once again.


Santa Barbara

(Written May 9)

Finally home again! Almost one year after I left this heaven on Earth I got the opportunity to come back to see the places and people. Everything was good. Kinda.


During the days I was all by myself, since the people I lived with (Nima, dan and others) was in school. I spent every day wandering around in the town and visit all the places I’ve missed. So many emotions. Of course, a lot of happiness, but also a kind of sadness. When I walked around all thoughts came up, how I used to live here and have the perfect life, but that I don’t anymore. This is no longer my home. The wonderful life I had is no more. I have a great time nowadays, too, but not in the same way.


But of course most things was pure wonderful on my trip. It was so amazing to see everybody again. It was fun coming back to the Channels lab and see how they worked. They were doing the Commencement issue, and they were as stressed as they should be.


There was a whole lot of partying, as it should be when you’re living the college life. At the most I had nine nights in a row of partying, then a few days rest, and then on it again. Wonderful! Many games of beer pong, and Malibu pong once the beer was gone, nights out, and margarita nights. A whole lot of fun with great people.


The weather wasn’t that good all the time. Overcast many days. But since I was out walking and running during the days it was kinda nice that it wasn’t straight-on sun. But I got to have one day at the beach with tanning, and you get some color just by being outdoors.


I also have time to eat at a whole lot of food places I had missed. Many lovely lunches and dinners at Sandbar, the sushiplaces in the Harbor and Paseo Nuevo, Kahuna grill, Freebirds, Shoreline Café, ice cream at Yogurtland, cupcakes at Crushcakes, and many more. Some I didn’t have time to visit, like California Pizza Kitchen and Elephant bar. I’ll go there next time.


Went to the movies twice and saw to nice movies. Safe, an action with Jason Statham, and The Raven, a thriller about Edgar Allen Poe. Both well worth watching.


It was so nice to see my old friends again. Party with Nima and Dennis again, hang out with Gaby and the other people form The Channels. I saw Paige a whole lot, and we went kayaking on the ocean. So much fun, can’t believe I haven’t done that before in Santa Barbara. And finally Cecily showed up, oh how I’ve missed her. It wasn’t that many days we met, but it was fun while it lasted.


The school, and overcast


Paige and Cecily! <3


Las Vegas


Back in the desert, and the incredible fun city that has everything. It took a while to get there, the traffic was horrible all the way from Thousand Oaks, all through the greater Los Angeles Area, and a bit in to the I15. But me and Cecily got there, and met up with Lauren, Kyle and their friend Paul at the Tropicana.


We had an intense weekend, but so amazing. Party around different hotels and casinos, we went in the roller coaster at New York, New York, and relaxed by the pool at our hotel.


Saturday night we had birthday dinner for Lauren at Kokomo’s at Mirage and then went to see a show with Cirque du Solei at Treasure Island. So awesome.


Cecily and Lauren in Vegas!




The trip home

The others left on a flight at 7am, (Cecily drove) and I had my flight at 11am. It was bad weather in all of the Midwest, so the plane was a little late to Chicago, but I got there in time. But that didn’t matter. The bad weather continued, and the plane couldn’t leave until it was three hours too late. Therefore I missed my connecting flight in Frankfurt. They got a replacement flight, but I also missed the bus from Copenhagen. But there was a train I could take almost immediately at the station. Because of the construction work there was a change train/bus/train in Ängelholm and Laholm, and eventually I was back in Halmstad after a few weeks of amazing vacation in the beautiful California and Las Vegas. Friends, sun, bath, party and pure awesomeness.


I don’t know when I’ll be back. Haven’t planned anything, but hopefully it will happen again, one day or another.



During the time in America I have had time to watch a lot of hockey. The games have been broadcast in early afternoon, when my friends was in school anyway. And it has gone well. Rangers plays better than never before, both in the regular season, but mostly in the playoff. For a long time this year I have had a good feeling about this, but now it feels that this is the real thing. This year might be the year. It’s time. And I believe.


The best games was last Wednesday against Washington, when the game went to third overtime period before Gaborik could score. The game was so nerve thrilling and exciting all way through. Both teams could have won, but Rangers did.

Also fun that Lundqvist is nominated for three awards. Two as MVP, and also goalie of the year. Also, Tortarella is nominated for best coach. But first there is another silver trophy that needs to be captured. Let’s Go Rangers!