Spring break starts now!

Our hotel!

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Now, goddammit! Spring break in Cancun!


It will be so awesome to get away now. There has been a lot to do in school. Lot of midterms and stuff. It will be so nice with constant heat, sun, bath and party. We are ten people going, but I know about many others that’s also going there/ is already there.


We leave at 02 am this night from Santa Barbara towards LAX. The plane leaves at 7 am and we’re in Cancun by 3 PM local time, after a stopover in Mexico City.


This week has been very wuick. Saturday was the party at Josh’s and I met a lo of new people I haven’t seen before. It was very nice.

Really sleepy Sunday after no sleep, but I had to get up really early to go to a cheer competition. It was in Long Beach again. They finished third.

Then a lot of midterms. Did very well in graphic design. 94% on the written part and 100% in the practical one. The Digital Imaging midterm I will do after the break.


Today I have bought a Hawaii shirt and done laundry, and now I will pack my bags. Have soccer tonight too.


Tonight I am to leave, and I will commence an experiment. I will not bring my computer. One week with no computer or Internet. Never been without it for that long. Kinda. I’ll see how that’ll go. Will maybe panic and search all around half of Mexico in search for somewhere to check my facebook.


No, it’s not that bad. But because of this I won’t be reacheable during this week. Will not update the blog, be online on msn/skype or post anything on facebook.


Because the only thing I will do is get a tan, swim, drink, party, eat, meet girls, go bananas and just have the time of my life. To quote Chandler in Friends: “Spring break, woohoo!”

Fire boat in LA!

It has been a nice weekend even if it’s just Saturday morning.


Wednesday was St Patricks Day. I was to part with some people from the soccer team. IT was kinda fun to see how every player really wanted to get away from the practice to start the festivities. There were some half-attempts and not much running. Not until the coach said we could go and then everybody ran towards their bags and cars faster than anytime during the game :P


We went straight to some of the players place at Modoc. It was a lot of fun and we played different drinking games and then went to Sharkeez. It was a long line, but we got in and had fun. I’ve never hung ut with these people from the team, Sandra, Attilla, Emily, Björn, their roomies, plus Elyse that I usually hang out with, but I have to do that more often.


Friday the SBCC Buisiness club was to go to Los Angeles to go out on a yacht in the LA Harbor and get a guided tour of the harbor, and one of the world’s biggest shipping companies. Then they had planned on going to a basketball game. I was asked to join, but I didn’t really think I had the money. Nima, who is the president of the club, thought I could come along and write about it and take photos, so I should then not have to pay for the trip, so I came along.


We left from school at 8.30 am the boat was to depart at 11. I went in one car with Anna, Matilda and Caroline, and we followed another car. What we didn’t bring in to our calculations were the LA traffic. It was so heavy and we really had to struggle to get there on time. We arrived at 11:04 and then the boat took off. Without us. We saw it leave and all the others were on it. So effing annoying.


So we then walked around the harbor looking at stuff. When we stood there talking a fireman came up to us and asked where we were from and what we were doing. When we said we were from Sweden and we missed the business boat he said: “Ah, forget about that. Come here and I will give you a much better tour”.


So he brought us to the fire boat station and we got a guided tour at the fire boat! One of the biggest in the United States and he (who was the captain of the station) showed us everything, all the rooms, the engine room, water cannons, the command deck, everything. He was very nice and fun and we had so much fun. Way better than we would have had on the other boat looking at containers.


Me, Matilda, Caroline, Luis, Anna and Jose at the fire boat. The fire captain took the photo =)


Me in the Los Angeles harbor



When the others returned we had lunch and then went to Kintetsu, a Japanese transport company that is very large, and we had a tour there too.


The we all split up. Many went to see the basketball game. It would have been fun, but I think I need to save my money now so I left with some other people instead. We went home, but via Santa Monica and Malibu. In Malibu we stayed for coffee in the sunset. So amazing.



Tonight it’s a St Pattys Day party again. Josh, our Irish friend, is having a party at his place tonight since he couldn’t Wednesday. He have promised to wear his kilt.

Tomorrow there is another cheer competition, probably the last one. It is to be held in Long Beach again. So it will be another long, but yet fun, day.


This week I have two midterms. Had one this week that didn’t go that well. Got a B. But I made it at the written DMV test! Yaaay!

But this week will just be a long waiting for Thursday. Sprind break in Cancun Baby!

Happy St Patrick’s Day!

Today we are celebrating Ireland by drinking! Just as the Irishmen themselves. I was going to buy Guinnes. But I hate it. But it’s Irish, I thought, so I kinda have to. But then I found a Irish lager, Harp, so that’s what I’m drinking tonight.



Everything is green today. That is cool. If you don't wear green you can be pinched. And that's for real.



My column is in the schools newspaper today! It’s kinda funny. I wrote about the bad weather that has been the last couple of weeks. But today is the warmest and most beautiful day so far this semester. Irony!


Here is it:



Yesterday we went out fordinner to celebrate the arrival of Sam. We had very nice mexican food at Sandbar.


Nima, Dennis, Sam, Erik, me and Franco at Sandbar

Tonight it's soccer and then party. See ya!

Cheer competition in Irvine, and some other stuff

I can so be a cheerleader! Here I am as back spot, Lauren and Cecily are base and Riley a flyer


This weekend has been unusual calm. Except a little beerpong Thursday there was no partying at all actually.


Friday evening I took it easy because early in the Saturday morning I went to a cheer competition. Me, Cecily, Riley and Lauren left a quarter to nine to go to Irvine, south of LA. We came there so we had plenty of time to eat and take a nap in the car before the competition.


Me and Riley had a lot of fun in the stands commenting everything. I guarded bags for Cecily, Linnea and Duprel. So despite the fact that there were hundreds of girls in the arena, I was the one with the most purses :P

Then it was time for SBCC. They were really good and synchronized and ended up second. A good result, but they should have won. Even the winners thought so, we heard while eavesdropping.


When we came home to SB I had a problem. I had forgotten my key. I called Nima and he told me that everybody was in Montecito. Really everybody. I called a lot of people and everybody were really there. I hung out with the girls. Cecily was to go to dinner with her mom but me and Riley could come along even though we kept saying it was embarrassing to intrude to their dinner. But Cec’s mom likes us so it was okay.


Then everyone was so tired. Nima was to come home for a short while, and then he could let me in. I went to bed at midnight a Saturday. It was a very long time since that happened last. But after a long day with car rides, competition and a lot of heat I was just so exhausted.



Now Sam is here visiting. He lived here in this house last semester. Nice to have him over for a visit.


And I just need to comment on the Melodifestivalen. Wring song won. Sweden wont stand a chance in Eurovision Song Contest.


This week I have both midterms and written test at the DMV.

Journalism arguent and other stuff

This week I have been mad at the editors and done some sport.


The reason I was mad at the editors have to do with my two articles. Or the only one. Cause one of them (the concert), the one I did late Sunday evening and made me miss the Academy Awards wasn’t even in the paper! It on the website, but not in the printed edition. Here it is:




The other one (lacrosse) is in the printed paper, but they have altered it so much that I don’t recognize it any more. The worst thing is that one girl was completely left out, but her quotes were kept and given to others. Totally unacceptable. So I have argued a lot with the editors this week and everything isn’t completely solved yet. But it will be okay.


Even though I don’t like it anymore, here it is:




Today we have played football. We were supposed to play basketball at the school where we use to. But there were still kids in school so we weren’t allowed to play there. So we went to the nearby park and played football. I’ve never done it before, but it was a lot of fun.


This week I also played ice cold soccer Monday. Wednesday was better, cause the weather have been better and it’s warmer. Also some jogging and gym. The healthy life style before spring break is working good. Except today and yesterday when I had hamburgers, beers and ilk shake.


Tuesday we did motion photos in the Photo class. We took photos so that it looked like there was a lot of speed in them. It is cool to learn new things like that. This is something I will use a lot in the future.





This week all of us have walked around humming the Erasure song Always. This is since we all have been hooked on the flash game Robot Unicorn Attack. A rainbow unicorn that running and jumping among the clouds. Very simple and addictive. And the music just sticks to your brain.


Tomorrow there is another cheer competition, maybe the last one. I think it’s in Irvine and that’s far south. So we will be leaving early in the morning.