Donating blood and back to high school

I have been thinking about it for a long time, but now I’ve finally done it. I have become a blood donor!


About a month ago I went to the hospital to take some tests, and since they all turned out well, I could start the first deposition at the blood bank :)

I also learned that my blood type is 0+. It’s the second most common in Sweden, but it’s good to know in case of an emergency.


I got a tshirt and some food, but I do this because I think it’s a nice way to  give a helping hand. You are allowed to donate blood 3-4 times a year, so the next time will be in the summer.


It felt much less than it looks like.


On the way back from hospital I stopped by my old high school, Sturegymnasiet, and I sat down and had a chat with my old teacher Ann. That was nice.


Just a few more weeks till I’ll be in America again. But before that I will have a lot of nice Easter celebrations with parties, food, dinners, lunches with friends and family.

And also a lot of work. In the Easter week I will work both Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Monday. Katching!

America – longing and sentimentality

One month left – goddamn how much I long for it!


April 20th I’m heading west. I’m finally going back to America, and it’s gonna be so amazing!


Monday I talked to Lauren, and it was so much fun. I’m ognna be with her in the beginning of the trip in Norcal, and in the end of it in Vegas. We had a long nice talk.


And the same with Cecily. I skyped with her today, and also had a long talk. Wonderful!


I love that I have such wonderful friends over there, and that I am going to see them soon.




With it just being a month left, you get to long so much. You remember all the things you liked over there and how much you miss Santa Barbara and the wonderful life over there.


I heard a song a little while ago, and it reminds me about how it is to just leave that life. It is about high school, but it works for college too.

So, here it is.



I miss America like hell. I’m all happy about all the things I have here in Sweden, but it’s just…sigh.

Nice weather and Melodifestivalen

The spring is coming, and with that, the nice weather. Today though, it’s cloudy and chilly, but the last days it has been really nice warm and nice. So now Im able to run outdoors, which is important since I’m gonna run the half-marathon Göteborgsvarvet in Gothenburg May 12th.


This weekend the Swedish contest to pick a represent for the Eurovision Song Contest was held. A lot of good songs entered, and the best one won. It was “Euphoria” with Loreen. Look it up on YouTube!

Sweden is now for sure going to win Eurovision Song Contest now!


I’m working a whole lot now. The next upcoming weeks I’m not free that much. But I make good money, and the more fun I can have once in America in a month =)

Weekend luxury

To work every other weekend means that you sit Friday and Sunday nights, wishing you did something else than copyediting texts and photos about bumpy roads in the middle of nowhere. But with nice coworkers it’s much more fun, and with dip and snacks it’s even better.

Because of a “moving-in party” Friday, a reporter got a new room, we had a lot of snacks to get in to during the night. That’s nice.


Plus en massa annat gott som inte är med på bild


Almost a week to the Swedish final of the competition to enter Eurovision Song Contest. I will this week write about my favorites, and grade all the songs.