As you might have noticed, I haven’t blogged in a while. There has been so much to do this week, and it’s not over yet.


Monday I had my first interview for my internship SCORE. It went well, expect the old man was late.  Today I have another interview.


Plus two meetings for the paper, Academic Senate and Board of Trustees. After all the commosion at the paper, I’m right now doing both.


Plus photo assignment, and I’m also wrapping up my first big project in Creative writing, that is due Monday. Two interviews for that this week, and another one today.


The reason I want to do all this by today is that we are going away for the weekend. Today it’s Cecily’s birthday! Yay!! So when she finish her production at the paper, a big group of us will be going to Anaheim to spend the weekend there partying, hopefully go to Disneyland and also see Lauren’s competitions.


Speaking of that, the cheer team won their competition last weekend!



The team after the victory


Me and Lauren before the competition



So I’m going to Anaheim this afternoon. See you some time after the weekend!

Tornado, snow and storm – the extreme weather is here

Whenever I talk to people in Sweden about the weather they often become cranky and say stuff like “You live in California, you donät know what cold is, you never have bad weather or snow, yada yada yada”.

Ok, Sweden, I raise the stakes. Try to beat this. This is the weather we have had today, during one day, Saturday:


  • Hurrican winds
  • Rain storm
  • Snow!


Yep, all that is true. The rain have kept pouring down along with the winds, so I haven’t been outdoors since Thursday, until tonight. Me and Ola went down to the train station to get Pontus who’d been in LA so he didn’t have to walk in the rain.

It was impossible to see because of the heavy rain, so we had to drive like 5 mph.


We went ot McDonalds to eat, and on the way home the radio broadcast was interrupted by a message warning the public for tornados that could occur outside Carpinteria and eastern Santa Barbara. The urged people to not go outside, go down in the basement and bring supplies of food and water.


This is all in my home town!


While there still was visilibity today you could see how the moutnains started to be covered in snow. It has come a whole lot in some areas in the moutnains, but also down in the town.


Snow and palm trees. Not everyday you see that!


Maybe Armageddon is approaching?


So what have I been doing today? Not much. Some homework. One thing for a photo assignment, where we will make three dimensional stuff and photo. Here is my figurine: Gangsta-Lincoln.


Ey, yo!


See you another day if I hasn’t blown away by then!

Pingpong, I’m the new news editor, swollen lip and other stuff

I have got more tasks at the school newspaper. The news editor is no longer news editor. I’m not gonna go into what’s happened, but he’s no longer with the paper so now I have taken over his assignment along with the Editor-in-chief Cody. So now I’m both managing editor and news editor. I’m the News Editor! That’s really cool. And also very good for my resume.


We have bought a pingpong table! We have been talking about it for a while, and checked Craig’s List, but didn’t find any nearby. So Wednesday we went to Kmart and bought one. It took a while to assemble it, but it went well and it has been really fun the play the last days.


It’s not small…


Very calm day today. It was a hard night yesterday, literally. I fell and hit the ground, so now the lip is much bigger than normally. But don’t worry, I’m fine.

I have spent all day watching YouTube clips with stuff from The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. For hours I have laughed at stupid people failing to answer simple questions in Jaywalking and Battle of the Jaywalk All Stars.



Sunday it’s time for the first competition of this years cheer season. I will go with Lauren and take photos and cheer for the City College cheerleading team just like last year. It’s gonna be very much fun.


No school Monday cause of President’s Day. The I am going to have my first interview for my internship. That’s gonna be nice.

Stupid T-Mobile! But thanks Foppa.

Why does T-Mobile have to be difficult!? Now my automatic payment hasnät come through, so after class I have to go down to the store and pay it myself. But the most sucky part is that here in America, it’s not only me who cannot send texts or call. People can’t send to me either! So for a couple of hours now, I’m unreachable. Pain in the butt.


The weekend was nice though. Nice day drinking at La Brezza Friday and a fun Channels party Saturday night.

Yesterday was Valentines Day, and I spent most of it in school. Went out to eat with Cecily in the evening.

Now it’s time for The Channels. Tomorrow afternoon our online issue will come out.


I was very surprised yesterday when ice hockey player Peter “Foppa” Forsberg announced his retirement. I had faith in his comeback, but apparently his injuries were too bad.

Forsberg is one of Sweden’s best athletes ever, and here is my Top 5 of Swedish hockey players.


  1. Nicklas Lidström
  2. Peter Forsberg
  3. Börje Salming
  4. Mats Sundin
  5. Tough, maybe Loob/Kenta/Honken/Lundqvist/Zetterberg


I don’t think Forsberg ever played a whole season without being injured. If he would, he could have become the best one ever. He was so all round. Both Gretzky, Howe and Lemieux lacked Forsberg’s tough style. Gretzky always had a couple of body guards on the ice, while Forsberg was the one who made the hits himself. He also never gave up. A good example is Sweden’s miraculously comeback in the World Championship in 2003 versus Finland (in Finland!) where Sweden recoverd from 1-5 and won by 6-5.


I finish off with this image, from the Olympic Games 1994 and Peter Forsberg’s goal in the shootout. Thank you for a wonderful career Forsberg!


My articles

Also this free Friday I spend in the Channels lab. I am to help one of the reporters with her story, then I can have a weekend too.
Well, the weekend kinda started yesterday when I went to the Sexy Party in Isla Vista. It's been a while since I partied out there. During the day me and Cecily went downtown to find some sexy outfits to wear, and I think we succeded pretty well.
Today it will be daytime-drinking at La Brezza and tomorrow there's a basketball game where Lauren has a cheer performance, and then Channels party at Joel's.

I have forgot to link my articles, so here they are, all four of htem:

My story about Sarah Palin and Dick Cheneys visit in Santa Barbara that was followed by protests:

My story on the fact that City College is going to change email provider, and that every student will get Gmail

My two-part story from last week's Student Senate meeting. The first one is about the meeting it self, and the second one is about the most discussed topic, that faculty could take parking spots from the students' carrpool parking.

Tonight Peter Forsberg is playing his first game in Colorado this time. It's gonna be fun to see how well he will be doing. Tonight is also a game for the Rangers against Atlanta. It's time to start winning again after five losses in a row.

Eventful birthday week

It's been a very fun and eventful week. I have had this much fun, but also had a lot to do in school.

I've got a new computer. Now I have a Macbook Pro that works very well. Take some time to get into all little details, but it will probably be fine.

Me and the new computer


We have a new room mate. Nima has had to go back to Sweden now Pontus has moved in.

The birthday was very nice. The day before we were a few who were out to dinner, for the actual birthday I had school most of the day. It was the editorial board meeting at the school, and Cecily brought cupcakes we ate there. Thanks!
I took time off from soccer in the evening and then there was a party. We had great fun throughout the evening and night.

It has been very busy with school newspaper this week. Now I have also experienced the negative things about being editor.
This happened. A couple of weeks ago, we set up a schedule in which Person A would attend and write about the Student Senate meeting. Fine. Then we decided who should cover the different areas and parts of the school, and Person B was given the Student Senate. Because it is better that a person is there all the time we decided that he would take over the story. He wanted it, and it was alright for Person A.
This week, Person B know that he would be in court on Friday when the meeting was. The problem was that he had not told us editors, but only to Person A. She could not do the story because she was booked to work because she would avoid meeting. She comes and tells me. I'm trying to find someone who can do this, but failed and must do it myself, and must devote all my free Friday about this. On Monday I'll sort out a few things with Person B.

The second story has been very enjoyable. Sarah Palin and Dick Cheney have visited the town, and that I should write about. I was going to talk to Republicans at the school, but the problem was simply that there are no Republicans in the school. None at all. In addition, I was denied press passes to this event. But I went down to the Reagan Center anyway, and there were demonstrations both days. Several of them were from the City College, so I could interview them. There will be a good story anyway.


The protesters talks to a Palin fan

During the weekend we had a visitor. A girl like Ola's mother know has been here and visited to check how it is going to the American school. Neither Ola and I knew her, but it has been really fun having her here and we've had a great time. Emelie was her name. She also studies to be a journalist, so she was with me when we visited the demonstrations. She came with me when I did interviews and we went and drank coffee and talked a lot about the newspaper and what it is like to study to become a journalist.
On Friday we went bowling and ate, and yesterday we watched the movie all of us.

Today I was out taking pictures for my class. It is called the fine art photography, and I would find an image that catches my artistic style. Say what now? I have no artistic style. So it got boring sunsets instead. Got a few good pictures of other things too, but I'll edit’em in Photoshop tomorrow so they can not you see now. So you have to make do with some views of the day. C ya!



The harbour earlier tonight


Ledbetter beach, about 50 yards from where I live

A little of this and that before the bday

It was a lot of partying last week. Both mine and Ola's birthdays were celebrated, and we had a lot of fun. But I have a feeling of my birthday isn't yet celebrated for the last time.

My bday is tomorrow, and I will be mostly in school all day, for instance at the ed board meeting. But hopefully in the evening I will go have dinner and/or go out with my friends.

Now I'm in the Channels lab, finishing up the first issue of the year, which will come out tomorrow. I think this issue wil be pretty good.

I have a problem. My computer is on its last run. There are problems starting it up, and now also the lid has broken. The computer still works, but it's a bit sketchy and I don't know if I can trust it to be reliable. So I'm gonna buy a new one, which is good since the dollar is so low now.

Bye for now, and I hope to see you soon. Maybe tomorrow or after. Take care!

Me in the lab

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