First school week done

It has been a good and strange first school week. Friends have been ill and other stuff have happened, but it has mostly been fun. And this semester will probably be nice. I have five classes:


Graphic Design

The same teacher as last semester. It will be more focus on InDesign. But it’s early in the morning so I will be tired a lot. I take the class with, among others, Elyse and Fernanda, who also took the Media Design class last semester.


Digital Imaging

Photoshop class. It is 35 people in the class and more than 20 of them are from Sweden. Think it can be useful.


Intermediate Soccer

So much fun! I haven’t played in a long time, but I immediately rediscovered how much fun it was. It was a good level of the game, but I noticed I hadn’t played in a long time. But when I get in to my rea game and work up my cardio in will be just amazing. To play soccer two nights a week will be both fun and good exercise. Janna and Elyse is also in the class.

The Channels Newspaper

I will write for the school newspaper. It will be nice. Already when we first got there the first time they had already decided the first issue and I got to write a CD review. I picked Ke$ha :P In the future I will write other stuff. I have said that I want to write about news and sport. Cecily is also in the class and Maria and Maria will take photos.



It is a beginners class but I think it can be useful anyway. I wanted to have a photo class this semester. The teacher is just amazing. Maria A took this class last semester and liked it a lot. Maria H and Matilda is also taking the class.


Yesterday it was party here and at LaBreeza. There were many games of Beer pong. Woke up late today. We went to Habit to eat and then off to the beach to play beach volleyball. First it was kinda tough but then we got it. Victoria won over another house for three games.


Don’t know yet what will happen this weekend. It is nice weather now. Around 80 the last days I think. So it will probably be more beach I guess and there was also talk about pick nick Sunday. The California is good now again.

Soccer!! <3

Just got home from my first soccer class. It was so much fun! It was very hard but incredible nice. And I even scored in the game!

Don't have time to write more now cause I'm off to celebrate Stephanie's birthday. I write more about this another day.

Three classes and another movie

The first day of the semester is now done. It was mostly presentations of the courses and ourselves. It was just like that in both Graphic Design and Digital Imaging. And as I had expected there was no playing soccer either tonight. Just a presentation of the class and roll, and that was it.


Since it ended so early Elyse, Janna and me wanted to do something else. We decided to go to the movies. We saw the movie The Book of Eli.


It is a post-apocalyptic action thriller with Denzel Washington, Gary Oldman and Mila Kunis. It was very nice done and pretty cool. I think I liked it. It was very bloody, or gory is a better word.


I was a little disturbed by the religious stuff in the movie, nut that was made up for a little b the end. So the grade is 3 sunglasses out of possible 5.


Eli (Washington) and Sonara (Kunis) is walking around

Fun weekend and weird movie: Dr Parnassus

It was a nice weekend. Friday was it preparty here at Victoria and then off to La Breeza.


Yesterday, Saturday, Steven had a game and this time they won really big. It was very fun to watch. After the guy I waited for Cecily and Lauren and then we went to Cec’s and Riley’s apartment and partied. It was very nice and we never got to the parties we were suppose to go to. We were 8 people and had a good time with Captain Morgan, tequila, beer and champagne. But to blend those things is not something I recommend.


Today we started off with watching YouTube clips. So Riley and e have all day walked around singing the song from Keyboard Cat. We watched a lot of “Play him/her off, Keyboard Cat” clips but for you who doesn’t know what I’m talking about comes here the clips of just the cat playing. Warning! The songs sticks to your brain!



Today we all had brunch at Crashcakes. But cupcakes too but I forgot it in Cecily’s car.


They day we spent walking around in different stores. Riley is getting a job so we went to many   stores to get application forms and left resumes. Then we got delayed when Cecily’s purse got lost and we had to go all around Pasea Nuevo to find it. Which we did.


After a quick get-together with Elyse and Janna I met up with Jocke and Andreas to go to the movies. We watched The Imaginarum of Doctor Parnassus.


The history behind the movie is almost even more interesting than the movie itself. Heath Ledger is playing one of the leading roles, but as you know he died last year before the shooting of the film was done. The director (Terry Gilliam) then managed to get Johhny Depp, Jude Law and Colin Farrell to play the role in different scenes. And it works since the character is treveling between different dimensions/fantasies and then changes appearance in them.


The movie then? Extraordinary weird. Very strange. It is made by Terry Gilliam who did all the weird cartoons for Monty Python. And the movie was sometimes like one big full-length movie version of those cartoons. Gilliam must have been so stoned when he did this cause it’s that strange. But I cannot decide whether of not I like it.  It is not good and not bad while it is also good and bad. I didn’t like it. I liked it. Hm.


I cannot give it a grade cause I don’t know what I think about it. I will be back about that when I had some time to think about it.


Tomorrow school starts. At 8 AM. First will I have Graphic Design and then Digital Imaging. Later in the evening it is time for soccer! IT is almost the thing that I have been looking forward to the most. I’ll be back tomorrow to tell how it was.


the travelling gang redo for another performance.

Washington DC and the first days in stormy Santa Barbra

Haven’t written here for a couple of days. Sorry ‘bout that. So here is a short sum up of my stay in the capital, and what I’ve been doing since.


Last Friday I flew from New York to Washington DC to visit Daniel. It was a couple of fun days when we went around the city to look at things and partying at the nights.


The first evening we wandered around in the city looking for Hard Rock Café. It didnät work out that good. But after 30-60 minutes we found it and we had a nice waitress who also was studying to become a journalist.


Saturday was our big walk-around-and-looking-at-stuff-day. We started at a shopping mall in Pentagon City, and after that went to look outside Pentagon and the memorial for the victims after the attacks of September 11th 2001. After that we went to the Arlington National Cemetery where we saw hundred thouseands of graves, many with Christmas decorations and graves for John F Kennedy and other famous people.


The off to The Mall where I have been before. Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, the Washington monument and  the White House.


The evening we spend at U Street and partying in Georgetown with Daniels friend Stephanie.


The Sudany was eainy so we just stayed home watching movies. In the evening we went with many of Daniels friends to a drag show. It was at a gay bar where one of his friends use to go, and this night there was a show. We went there and it was very nice. Cheap good food and fun entertainment. Old men dressed as women lip-synching different songs are always funny.


Arlington cemetery

Jefferson Memorial

Me outside the White House



That was my trip to Washington. Fun with nice people.


Then came my problematic trips that you can read about below.


The first day in Santa Barbara I spent with Cecily, Riley and Lauren. After that there has mostly been two things: Staying at home watching movies and go to the gym.  It is horrible weather here. Rain, storm, wind, thunder and at Haley Street there was even a tornado yesterday (Daily Sound, Noozhawk). So you can only stay indoors. We have, but also been to the gym every day working out. Working out, sauna, swimming and Jacuzzi.


Wednesday after Steven’s basketball game we partied. Pre-gaming in Maria’s new apartment, Sharkeez (with a very long line) and then after party at Emil’s.  We were celebrating Andreas’ birthday so there were many shots and drinks and Thursday I felt not so good.


Now it’s weekend and more party. The Santa Barbara life has begun once again. See ya!

Yet another horrible airline day

Off course the last couple of days had to suck aswell. I’ve had a lot of fun in Washington and that I will write about in the upcoming days, but here is just about the stupid flights today.


My flight from Dulles Airport was suppose to depart at 7AM. I went out there early, and they started to board the plane in the correct time. When I found my seat I almost fell asleep immediately since I hadn’t been sleeping before. I then wake up of the captain in the speakers telling us that we have some problems and that we can’t get away. I just sit there totally calm. Okay. That’s that. Off course. This was meant to happen.


But this wait becomes the longest of them all. I fall asleep now and then cause and I already now know that we will be here for a while. The plane I was suppose to catch in Salt Lake City was to leave 1,5 hours after we were suppose to arrive. So that is just ot forget.


1,5 hours. For 3 hours we are standing still in Washington. We are just sitting in the plane not knowing what’s happening. So the transfer flight was just to forget. We got complementary headphones that we could use to listen to the movies (wow, thanks Delta!) and they told us that they were rescheduling our flights that people were to miss.


When we finally arrived in the snowy and mountainous Salt Lake City I went straight to the Delta desk to see what was happening. The next direct flight to Santa Barbara wasn’t to leave until 9 PM. So therefore they got me tickets first to Los Angeles and then from there to Santa Barbara. This was to arrive at 5:10 PM, which is 5 hours later than it was meant to be.


I was just so sad them. Everything was hard. Just like to NY the whole point with going so early was so I could arrive early and get the whole day there.


I called Cecily. She was suppose to pick me up at the airport and had during the day from me got as many different information as I had about when I was suppose to come to the airport. It was nice to talk to her a bit.


From Delta I also got a discount of $25 for a flight in the future. Also a ticket to go eat somewhere at the airport. I went to California Pizza Kitchen.


And also, to the flight to Los Angeles I got first class. That was nice. Free everything! When I’d taken me seat the stewardess came and asked me if I wanted a drink. Yes, I really did then! I really needed some alcohol after yet another crappy airline day. Gin & Tonic. Oh, that was nice.


The stewardess was btw the hottest I’ve ever seen.


I slept about half the way to LA and was there for about an hour before it was time for next flight, to SB. Do I have to tell you that it was delayed a bit too? No, that you had already figured out. Not that much delayed, but it is the feeling. Well, well.


Everything got better when I got to SB. Cecily and Riley picked me up at the airport and we ate at a nice restaurant. Then we went to their new apartment and assembled a tv shelf. We were very satisfied and proud of our self. Then came Lauren too, and we were all silly all night.


Finally back home in Santa Barbara again. I love it!

Here is the video from my TV dance!

It became yet one more blog entry before I left New York.


Here it is! The segment from Wednesday. Ke$ha performs the song Tik Tok on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. And who is dancing in the background? ME!!!!


I’m in the middle of the dancers, wearing a green-bluish t-shirt. You can see me quite a lot, but especially look at 3:45-3:50 when she comes up to us on the platform.



Modern art and stuff

Yesterday TV show – today art museum, I’m so cultural!


I have never been to an art museum in New York before so I did that today. I went to MoMA, Museum of Modern Art. There was a lot of cool stuff, but also a lot of crap. Especially the installation showing crap.


There were many famous paintings, e.g. from Picasso, Monet, Matisse and van Gogh. It was cool to see some of the originals from Andy Warhol, but the coolest was that they had Persistence of Memory (the melting clocks) by my favorite artist Salvador Dalí. It was much smaller than I had expected.


They had a temporary exhibit that was very cool. It was Tim Burton. Apparently he have painted a lot before his movie career took off. It was mostly sketches, drawings and cartoons, but also advertisings and other. Very cool and funny. There was a very dark humor in many of the cartoons. Then to every movie he himself have done artwork and story lines of how he wants it to look. There was also a lot of props from his movies. Batman’s hood from those movies, the puppets used for Corpe’s Bride, the scissor hands from Edward Scissorhands, the knives from Sweeney Todd and much more. A very cool exhibit. Unfortunately you weren’t allowed to take photos in that part of the museum.


Very many things in the museum, but many things were just ugly and crap. There are so many varieties in the concept of modern art, so you can wonder if you really can have just one name for all of that. But many things didn’t look like they belonged in a art museum. But I was still pleased with the visit.


All of Warhol’s 32 soup cans (they all have a different label)

Some kind of orgy, by Picasso

Persistence of Memory, Salvador Dalí

I liked this one. Student With Pipe, by Picasso


I have also walked around in Greenwich Village today in the afternoon. IT was very cozy and I sat down at a café and took a coffee. That is as much cliché you get in New York, but that is okay.


Squirrel in Greenwich Village


Tonight I will mostly walk around in my neighborhood, Garmency District. I’ll try to find some small place to eat and then go out to take some night photos. Flatiron Building isn’t far from here. So maybe something from there.  Will try to get to bed pretty early tonight. Tomorrow I set off for Washington DC to visit Daniel before I finally comes back to Santa Barbara.


My stay in New York has been fantastic. I’ve had time to do a lot of things, walked around a lot and just took care of myself in my own path.


Even though I’m still here I’m already longing back. I really love this city.

Have danced with Ke$ha on TV!

Wow, this New York trip just keep getting better and better. Soon I’m famous from TV too, as background dancer to the hottest singer in America right now.


It all started with that I had planned a chill day on Lower Manhattan. At first I did, walking around the harbor and Wall Street. Then I was supposed to go out to the Statue of Liberty, since I have never been up in the crown or torch. But when I got to the ticket kiosk they said that it wasn’t opened till March.  Okay, I thought, now what?


I remembered that I yesterday had heard some persons at Time Square that were handing out free tickets to be audience on tv shows. I can do that, I thought. Went there, but these persons were not to be seen. So I walked to NBC in GE Building at Rocekfeller Center and asked them what shows there were. They had Late Night With Jimmy Fallon and another show that I don’t remember now, so I took the talk show.


Walked around the city while waiting for it. Then it was a lot of standing in line and walking in stairs. When I was in one of the lines there came a studio girl telling us there that they use to have some people from the audience as dancer behind the musical artist. Tonight it was Ke$ha who is number one in America with her song Tik-Tok. The studio girl asked us if we wanted to do it. “Off course” we all said. We left and got special tickets and got to another line. Everyone was so excited!


We then got into the studio and got places in the very back. A guy warmed up the audience with a lot of jokes and talking, and the band played, before the show started to be recorded. I have never seen this show before, but it was very funny.


The host started with a monoluge, that maybe wasn’t that great, but then came the humor segments, and they were very funny, especially HeadSwaps with the world’s longest intro.


The first guest was Freddie Prinze Jr. known from different romcoms and horror movies. He is to be in the new season of 24 that’s starts on Sunday. But he talked more about when he drank with the host’s parents, and wrestling.


Next one was Anthony Anderson from Law & Order. He showed a bad video from a football player, and everybody copied the dance. And they all shot paintball.


And then it was time for the music. In the intermission we got up to the stage and got pointed out where to stand. It was different platforms with railings to hold on to. Me and a girl I’d been talking to earlier in the line ended up in the front in the center! We saw the cameras and tv monitors that showed it’s images and we discovered that we would be seen a lot! It was so cool, scary and surreal all on the same time.


First the band came in, and then Ke$ha. After doing some soundcheck she came up to me and the girl and talked to us.

“I’m going to dance, jump around and climb during the song. I will jump up here between the two of you, is that ok?”

For the second time today we both said:

“Off course, that is great!”

“Yeah, then here we go!” she said and gave a high five to us and walked up to the microphone.


Then the show started again and the song could start. Damn, it was cool! We danced like crazy and was really on the go. And as she said, Ke$ha cae up to us and jumped up on our podium between us. We danced like crazy then. Wow, how cool it was. We saw in the TV that we were on screen a lot too. Afterwards the host and guests came up to us and said hello too.


I hope that it will be posted on YouTube or the networks homepage. If so, I will post it on my blog later on.


Jimmy Fallon (host), Freddie Prinze Jr, Anthony Anderson and Ke$ha



After the recording I didn’t want to go home. But I didn’t want to go out partying since I wanted to be home by twelve to see the show when it aired. So, what to do?


Well, the only obvious thing. I took the subway down to sothern Manhattan and crossed Brooklyn Bridge back and forth in the dark. Off course…


I haven’t walked on the bridge before, and I thought it could be nice at nighttime. As you might have noticed I have a thing for NY by night…


And: Oh my god! It was so incredibly beautiful. The longer you got at the bridge and looked back to Manhattan behind you, the cooler it got. I took a lot of photos during the walk (a little more than one km). When on the Brooklyn side I walked down to the waterfront to see the two bridges (Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Bridge). And once again, wow, it was beautiful.


New York City by night is the absolutely most beautiful there is. No other city comes close.


Brooklyn Bridge

View from Brooklyn Bridge

Manhattan Bridge


Now I bought some chips and a beer and will lay in bed and enjoy the show. Or be ashamed. Anyhow, I will be on TV dancing with the number one music artist in America. Something I didn’t expect when I woke up this morning...

UN, NY Rangers and New York by night.

It has been a long and lovely day today. Have had time to do a lot. And the evening was the best.


The day I spent a lot walking around Midtown. Then I went to the UN Headquarters. Took a guided tour. Nice to get in there and see a lot, like the General Assembly.


Was also in St Patrick’s Cathedral.


Have seen some Swedish stuff today. At the UN there were things about Dag Hammarskjöld and Raoul Wallenberg, and then also Church of Sweden and the restaurant Akvavit, founded by Swedish chef Marcus Samuelsson.


But tonight it was finally time for the highlight of the week – a hockey game with the New York Rangers. I have been a fan of them since the early 90s but never seen them live. Untill tonight. Game against New Jersey Devils.


Oh! My! God! It was so incredible amazing. IT’s hard to describe the feeling when I entered the hall and saw the ice, flags, people wearing game jerseys, everything you recognize.

The game was very entertaining, but it was the goalies’ game. After full time it was still 0-0. Henrik Lundqvist had saved 45 shots and Martin Brodeur 51. It got to the shootouts. But, geez, the players sucked! After the regular penalty shots it still was 0-0. But then there was a goal, but unfortunately it was the Devils who did it. So a lost, but one point to the Rangers. It was bad, but my experience was amazing anyway.


Me before the game

Rangers best player – Henrik Lundqvist (my new telephoto lens is working very good!)



After the game I didn’t want to go home. I walked around Midtown and went to Rockefeller Center. I have been up in GE Building before, but not at night. It is a great view during the day, and by night I’d heard it would be amazing. And it was. New York City by night, it is just so beautiful. I was there taking a l lot of night photos, but sometimes I just sat there looking out. So beautiful.


But on the top it was very cold. At the very top of the 70th floor there is no glass protecting, so the wind blows straight in. And being below freezing, and then be there in the wind, that equals cold. Otherwise it hasn’t been cold here, but there I had to surrender and go down to the glassed 69th before I got all of my pictures. But I got a lot of nice ones at the end anyway.


Looking south at Manhattan

Some of the city

As I said before, my new zoom lens works well

(more pictures in a few days on Facebook)

Live blog about the worst trip in my life, it turned out

Hey! Time again for my live blog! Or, it’s not really live. It’s written like it was live, but is published when I get Internet. But, shit the same. Here we go:


Sunday January 10th 7:16 PM Danish time, Copenhagen Airport

At first the train trip here went fine, but then the problems came. The ride was quick and I was playing Empire Earth. A good thing with that game is that it takes forever to get anywhere. That’s nice for my long stays at airports. But then something happened when I was to leave the train. The doors didn’t open! We were several people pushing the buttons to try to open the door but nothing happened, and outside others pushed the buttons. But it was stuck, and then the train started to roll and was now heading away from the airport to downtown Copenhagen. PANIIIIC!!!!


No staff was to be seen either.  We got to the Centralstation. We tried to talk to the staff there but they didn’t seem to care. But they pointed us in the direction of where the trains to the airport were. We took one of those.


It was fun to talk to the others who also “missed” the stop at the airport. Two middle aged couples that were heading for the Dominican Republic.


I got to the airport. I ate and after security I walked around among the stores. Now I’m sitting and waiting for my flight that leaves in 45 minutes. Have bought coffe. I am at the wrong gate, just to be able to use the power cable for the computer.




I could be brown, I could be blue, I could be viiiiooleeeet skyyyyyy!




I haven’t brought my little camera. Couldn’t find it. And my system camera is in some bag. So I will take my live blog pictures with the webcam on my laptop.


Here am I at Kastrup/Copenhagen International Airport.


Now I will get to my gate. Talk to you up in the sky!


My coffee is still very hot btw.



9:17 PM Swedish/Danish time, somewhere over the ocean


Flying. Again. That is nice. But one thing that isn’t nice is that the food and drinks are not free on this flight, as it has been before. Damn Scandinavian Airlines. But the steward gave me a glass of water because he felt sorry for me. That was kind of him.


Don’t know if I will buy anything. I have a lot of Danish coins that it would be nice to get rid of. But I only have 17 DKK (~3$) and all I can get for that is a can with tonic water or chips.  Iäll see if I get anything.


I found a lottery ticket in my pocket, that I was supposed to hand in to receive my win. 100 SEK (~14$). That means I have money to live for by the summer at least…


9:27 PM

Turbulence. The plane is shaking. You can buy a Twix chocolate bar for 15 Danish kroner I also noticed now.


9:35 PM

Are we landing already? We are early. That means more waiting in London…


10:27 PM, London time, Costa Coffee, Heathrow Airport




This is not happening! This is what is now shown on the information table about flights:

06:50                  Dublin                Aer Lingus        EI149                  CANCELLED


What do you mean, cancelled!? It can’t be! I have a plane to New York to catch! And I can’t get any information either. Aer Lingus has closed their window and won’t be back until tomorrow morning at 5 AM. And it isn’t shown on the board why it should be cancelled.


The airport information isn’t to any help either. “You’ll have to ask your airline company” was the answer to all my questions.


So now I just have to sit here and wait for the morning and see what happens. Apparently there are many flights to Dublin, but I only have one hour until my flight to America is to take off.


And another thing: What is this kind of electrical outputs that they have? Something with three sticks that I’ve never seen before. So if I don’t find and adapter I won’t even have my computer during the night. Fucking shit again.


I’m at a café now. Bought a cola and a hot sandwich. At least that was good.


But everything feels like shit right now. And I don’t have anyone to talk to about it =(


Now I will just listen to sad music until the battery dies.



10:50 PM.

Fail trip. Will watch something funny instead.


11:40 PM

Have watched Swedish comedy shows Time Out and Räkfrossa. I’ll see if I can get an adapter, cause the battery is soon to die.


11:56 PM

The computer problem is solved! A very big thank you to Ali at the coffee place. I asked if there were any stores open where I could buy an adapter, but everything was closed. But Ali said that he probably could help me. He took one of those wodden thing that you usually use to stir your coffee with and stuck into one of the holes. By doing that the other holes changed and my cable could fit. So now I have bought a big coffee and can sit by the computer for as long as I want to. I’ll have some fun then until 5 AM when I will go down to start nagging on Aer Lingus.


02:07 AM Monday January 11th

Stop doing Islamic cooking jokes for fuck sake!

I’m attacked by jellyfishes!

singing: We got very good parking for ships

That’s what it has sounded like the last two hours. I have been watching Eddie Izzard’s show Sexie. Nice to something good with Britain after my experience of their airport.

I have moved. They were to clean where I was sitting. I managed to plug in the cable at my new spot by myself. Using Ali’s wooden-thing-trick.


04:44 AM

Have had a couple of hours with more humor. One episode of Varan-TV and the rest of the episodes of Räkfrossa.


There are a lot of good looking girls here. But everyone is asleep.


Now I’m soon off to Aer Lingus. They open in 15 minutes. Let’s see if there will be a flight.



Aer Lingus… What a joke! We were several that stood for a long time waiting that the airline would open up there window. They were inside there. Guess they were scared of us. They didn’t say anything way the flight was cancelled, but at least I now got booked to another flight. Instead of 6:50 I will now take the plane 7:50. One more hour at Heathrow! ¤%/&¤%/#%&/#%¤%/#%¤”

That flight will land around 9:10 I think. The flight to New York leaves at 10:30. But on the boarding card it says that the gate closes at 8:45. But it couldn’t be like that, can it? I mean, they couldn’t close the gate almost two hours before it takes off. What will the people do in the airplane? Or, it could very likely be happening. Cause then I will miss that flight too and that would just be significant for this whole trip.


Me at Heathrow. Almost amused….


10:20 AM, Dublin Airport, by my gate

The plane from London was delayed (surprise, surprise!) I managed to sleep on the plane, though and that was nice. And I got to Dublin but here I had to hurry to get to my gate in time. That was unnecessary. We haven’t started the boarding yet. Am still here. Cause this flight is delayed too.

I guess I must try to find something positive. And I can, by saying that Dublin Airport is a very nice and cozy airport. If it wasn’t that I was so stressed today and pissed about all the problems I think I could have liked it here if I were to wait here instead.

Now they will start boarding the plane. Let’s hope there will be no more problems.




I want to cry, but I’m to tired to do that. I hate everything right now. I hate England, I hate Irland, but most of all I hate Aer Lingus. We got away pretty delayed from Dublin and I started to sleep. But then, after 30 or 60 minutes I woke up from the speaker system. I missed the beginning of the announcement since I was sleeping.

“This is your captain speaking. yada yada yada something, so therefore we have GO BACK TO DUBLIN”.

I thought I should die. Off course this had to happen.

Apparently there was some technical problem and they had to turn back to fix it. When we were to land all the runways next to ours were filled with fire trucks and ambulances ready for action with their blue lights on.  But we landed safe and the rescue vehicles could return to the airport.


We have to stay in the pane. Technicians are now going through the plane to find what’s wrong. Then they will decide whether we go back up in the air or if we have to take another plane.

Us passengers doesn’t know anything. Except that we will have a several hours delay to New York. I was supposed to be there the whole day. That will not happen. The whole reason why I left so early in the mornig was so that I could have the whole Monday for my vacation there. That is now ruined by Aer Lingus. When we are up in the air again I will write a long letter to them about all the problems they have caused me today.

If we get away, that is. That we don’t know for sure. And what will happen during the next flight? I haven’t lost any of my luggage and the plane haven’t crashed. Yet. So maybe something like that?


1:04 PM

The captain is speaking. It was something wrong with the navigation system. It is suppose to be fixed now so now they will refuel and stuff like that. 30-45 minutes we will stay here.



1:09 PM

Can’t they at least turn on the entertainment system while we are waiting?


1:15 PM

It is fail. It’s the 10’s. And it’s raining.



The man nest to me has solved his sudoko very fast.


1:42 PM

Now we are about to take off


7:22 PM London time, somewhere over Canada.

Or, above a city called Fredericton according to the flight map at the entertainment system. We have 1 hour and 14 minutes till we should be in NY.

So far this flight has worked out as it should.

I have slept quite some, but also watched movies. Or, to be honest, one and a half plus tv shows. 2 ½ men, Friends and Simpsons I saw, but when I started to watch the movie District 9 I fell asleep. But I did see another movie. A High School movie starring Hayden Panetteiere. Actually good and funny. Some unexpected stuff, but very much predictable, but that was okay. This one was the best thing today.


6:15PM New York time, my hotel room

Okay, Now I’m good. I feel wonderful. Have been out walking on Manhattan and now I’ve got my hotel room. I have a own little room with view over Union Square.


Will take a shower and get ready and then take a little walk in the city. Find something to eat. Will not do that much tonight, but I don’t have to. I am in New York City. Yeeeeeeah!

Bye Bye Sweden


I’m leaving Sweden now. Finally, I might add. I have been longing so much to come back now the past week. It will be so nice to come back to the States again.


Now I will be out travelling a lot so I don’t know when I’ll be online or reachable the next time. My Swedish cell will stop working tomorrow, Sunday, and then not be on until the summer. From the time I get to New York I will turn on my American phone again, so if you want something it’s that one you’ll have to use.


My schedule for the upcoming week look like this:



Train from Halmstad to Copenhagen

Fly from Copenhagen to London

Spend the night at Heathrow



Fly to Dublin

Fly to New York City


Monday – Friday

Have vacation in NYC and do a lot of fun things, like the hockey game Tuesday



Fly to Washington to visit Daniel for a couple of days.



Fly to Salt Lake City

Fly to Santa Barbara


And then the spring kicks in for real and a new lovly semester can begin.


I will repeat the success from my last trip with the “live-blog”. When I’m in the airports I will write what I’m doing. Hopefully during the flights too. Then I will post it all when I get access to Internet.


So, good bye Sweden and Hello America! I’m coming back!

Action in Getinge

Photo: Roger Larsson/ Hallandsposten


In Getinge where I grew up nothing ever happens. There live about 2000 people and nothing interesting have never been there. But now we have some action! Two persons have been found dead in the trunk of a car that was set on fire close to the E6 freeway.


And all by a sudden every newspaper is interested by Getinge. When I first heard about this I know the tabloids would go bananas. Expressen, Aftonbladet, DN, SvD, HP, , all of them have this as their top story.


As journalist you shouldn’t speculate. But this is a blog so I can speculate as much as I want to! I’m gussing on a mafia settle. That the mafia would have a base in Getinge wouldn’t surprise me one bit. Probably at Stiftelsen. Or new Klockarevägen.


This is two  that had it coming and was burned alive by the freeway so that everyone could see them burning, so that the mafia could make a statement.


This is speculations from me. But it’s kinda fun. Hm, wonder if I have lived to close to Hollywood this fall…?


Right now I’m on a bus on my way to Gothenburg to skate. Then tonight I’m off to Halmstad and Anton.

MMX and homesick

So now it’s 2010. One tenth of the century has passed. Okay.


I’m homesick! I want to come back to Santa Barbara. I now have one week left in Sweden and then it’s back to America again. All tickets are bought now. It will be a lot of flying during that week.


  • Copenhagen – London
  • London – Dublin
  • Dublin – New York
  • New York – Washington
  • Washington – Salt Lake City
  • Salt Lake City – Santa Barbara


But I am to stay a cuple of days in New York and Washington so it’s not just a lot of  stop overs.


It’s very tedious in Getinge right now. Here is nothing to do! I will go out for a long walk in the winterland soon. That is nice. But I’d rather take a long walk in the sun at West Beach instead :/

Unfortunatly I can't be out jogging. It's to slippery. So therefore the holiday food will stay around my waist until I come back to America. That sucks.


I will eat waffles this afternoon. Something to look forward to.

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