First school week done

It has been a good and strange first school week. Friends have been ill and other stuff have happened, but it has mostly been fun. And this semester will probably be nice. I have five classes:


Graphic Design

The same teacher as last semester. It will be more focus on InDesign. But it’s early in the morning so I will be tired a lot. I take the class with, among others, Elyse and Fernanda, who also took the Media Design class last semester.


Digital Imaging

Photoshop class. It is 35 people in the class and more than 20 of them are from Sweden. Think it can be useful.


Intermediate Soccer

So much fun! I haven’t played in a long time, but I immediately rediscovered how much fun it was. It was a good level of the game, but I noticed I hadn’t played in a long time. But when I get in to my rea game and work up my cardio in will be just amazing. To play soccer two nights a week will be both fun and good exercise. Janna and Elyse is also in the class.

The Channels Newspaper

I will write for the school newspaper. It will be nice. Already when we first got there the first time they had already decided the first issue and I got to write a CD review. I picked Ke$ha :P In the future I will write other stuff. I have said that I want to write about news and sport. Cecily is also in the class and Maria and Maria will take photos.



It is a beginners class but I think it can be useful anyway. I wanted to have a photo class this semester. The teacher is just amazing. Maria A took this class last semester and liked it a lot. Maria H and Matilda is also taking the class.


Yesterday it was party here and at LaBreeza. There were many games of Beer pong. Woke up late today. We went to Habit to eat and then off to the beach to play beach volleyball. First it was kinda tough but then we got it. Victoria won over another house for three games.


Don’t know yet what will happen this weekend. It is nice weather now. Around 80 the last days I think. So it will probably be more beach I guess and there was also talk about pick nick Sunday. The California is good now again.

Soccer!! <3

Just got home from my first soccer class. It was so much fun! It was very hard but incredible nice. And I even scored in the game!

Don't have time to write more now cause I'm off to celebrate Stephanie's birthday. I write more about this another day.

Three classes and another movie

The first day of the semester is now done. It was mostly presentations of the courses and ourselves. It was just like that in both Graphic Design and Digital Imaging. And as I had expected there was no playing soccer either tonight. Just a presentation of the class and roll, and that was it.


Since it ended so early Elyse, Janna and me wanted to do something else. We decided to go to the movies. We saw the movie The Book of Eli.


It is a post-apocalyptic action thriller with Denzel Washington, Gary Oldman and Mila Kunis. It was very nice done and pretty cool. I think I liked it. It was very bloody, or gory is a better word.


I was a little disturbed by the religious stuff in the movie, nut that was made up for a little b the end. So the grade is 3 sunglasses out of possible 5.


Eli (Washington) and Sonara (Kunis) is walking around

Fun weekend and weird movie: Dr Parnassus

It was a nice weekend. Friday was it preparty here at Victoria and then off to La Breeza.


Yesterday, Saturday, Steven had a game and this time they won really big. It was very fun to watch. After the guy I waited for Cecily and Lauren and then we went to Cec’s and Riley’s apartment and partied. It was very nice and we never got to the parties we were suppose to go to. We were 8 people and had a good time with Captain Morgan, tequila, beer and champagne. But to blend those things is not something I recommend.


Today we started off with watching YouTube clips. So Riley and e have all day walked around singing the song from Keyboard Cat. We watched a lot of “Play him/her off, Keyboard Cat” clips but for you who doesn’t know what I’m talking about comes here the clips of just the cat playing. Warning! The songs sticks to your brain!



Today we all had brunch at Crashcakes. But cupcakes too but I forgot it in Cecily’s car.


They day we spent walking around in different stores. Riley is getting a job so we went to many   stores to get application forms and left resumes. Then we got delayed when Cecily’s purse got lost and we had to go all around Pasea Nuevo to find it. Which we did.


After a quick get-together with Elyse and Janna I met up with Jocke and Andreas to go to the movies. We watched The Imaginarum of Doctor Parnassus.


The history behind the movie is almost even more interesting than the movie itself. Heath Ledger is playing one of the leading roles, but as you know he died last year before the shooting of the film was done. The director (Terry Gilliam) then managed to get Johhny Depp, Jude Law and Colin Farrell to play the role in different scenes. And it works since the character is treveling between different dimensions/fantasies and then changes appearance in them.


The movie then? Extraordinary weird. Very strange. It is made by Terry Gilliam who did all the weird cartoons for Monty Python. And the movie was sometimes like one big full-length movie version of those cartoons. Gilliam must have been so stoned when he did this cause it’s that strange. But I cannot decide whether of not I like it.  It is not good and not bad while it is also good and bad. I didn’t like it. I liked it. Hm.


I cannot give it a grade cause I don’t know what I think about it. I will be back about that when I had some time to think about it.


Tomorrow school starts. At 8 AM. First will I have Graphic Design and then Digital Imaging. Later in the evening it is time for soccer! IT is almost the thing that I have been looking forward to the most. I’ll be back tomorrow to tell how it was.


the travelling gang redo for another performance.

Washington DC and the first days in stormy Santa Barbra

Haven’t written here for a couple of days. Sorry ‘bout that. So here is a short sum up of my stay in the capital, and what I’ve been doing since.


Last Friday I flew from New York to Washington DC to visit Daniel. It was a couple of fun days when we went around the city to look at things and partying at the nights.


The first evening we wandered around in the city looking for Hard Rock Café. It didnät work out that good. But after 30-60 minutes we found it and we had a nice waitress who also was studying to become a journalist.


Saturday was our big walk-around-and-looking-at-stuff-day. We started at a shopping mall in Pentagon City, and after that went to look outside Pentagon and the memorial for the victims after the attacks of September 11th 2001. After that we went to the Arlington National Cemetery where we saw hundred thouseands of graves, many with Christmas decorations and graves for John F Kennedy and other famous people.


The off to The Mall where I have been before. Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, the Washington monument and  the White House.


The evening we spend at U Street and partying in Georgetown with Daniels friend Stephanie.


The Sudany was eainy so we just stayed home watching movies. In the evening we went with many of Daniels friends to a drag show. It was at a gay bar where one of his friends use to go, and this night there was a show. We went there and it was very nice. Cheap good food and fun entertainment. Old men dressed as women lip-synching different songs are always funny.


Arlington cemetery

Jefferson Memorial

Me outside the White House



That was my trip to Washington. Fun with nice people.


Then came my problematic trips that you can read about below.


The first day in Santa Barbara I spent with Cecily, Riley and Lauren. After that there has mostly been two things: Staying at home watching movies and go to the gym.  It is horrible weather here. Rain, storm, wind, thunder and at Haley Street there was even a tornado yesterday (Daily Sound, Noozhawk). So you can only stay indoors. We have, but also been to the gym every day working out. Working out, sauna, swimming and Jacuzzi.


Wednesday after Steven’s basketball game we partied. Pre-gaming in Maria’s new apartment, Sharkeez (with a very long line) and then after party at Emil’s.  We were celebrating Andreas’ birthday so there were many shots and drinks and Thursday I felt not so good.


Now it’s weekend and more party. The Santa Barbara life has begun once again. See ya!