Such a crazy, wonderful and fun spring break

Me, Jocke, Andy, Anna, David, Fredrik, and below us there is Matilda and Ludde

Seriously. I have lived for 25 years. Why have I never been to Spring Break in Cancun before!?!?

Do not know exactly where to start. It has happened so much, we have had so much fun and it's been a fantastic holiday. Can already now say that I won’t write everything here.

We were 10 who went in a group from Santa Barbara on Thursday, and down there we met up with two and so we was 12. Plus a few other Swedes from SB and 70 Norwegians who also lives in Santa Barbara.

The hotel was all inclusive so therefore we had free access to food and how much alcohol we wanted. The food was very good, with 11 restaurants serving everything from burgers and tacos to sushi, Italian, seafood buffet with white wine. We ate in the same place every night buffet. Very good. We didn’t eat so much in the day. But, it's fruit in some drinks ...

Alcohol was as I said no stopping on. When the drink was empty you just got another one. Unfortunately, you could only get one at a time. Extremely tough ... It was also no pure alcohol, like shots. But if you wanted to have stronger drink you just said "more alcohol."

But since it was free you could take the opportunity to test a lot of different stuff. Was it disgusting, it was just pouring it out, and take another. And the variation was probably a good thing, with beer, gin & tonic, Bob Marley, wine, "give Me Something blue," Long Island Ice Tea. These in particular was very funny. Usually they contain four white spirits, cola and fruit juice. Here come more alcohol-thing good in hand. Instead, now it was vodka, gin, rum, tequila and two drops of cola. Screw juice completely.

There were nine bars at the hotel, plus the restaurants that also served. They had bars on the beach and even in the pool. The swimming pool was 400 meters long and meandered along the entire area. Didn’t swim to much there. It was more fun in the sea. First, it was equally hot, and so was the lovely blue waters and great fun waves. Why take the pool when you can throw in an azure Caribbean Sea ...

On the beach we spent a lot of time. Is therefore very sun burnd now. But heck, it's Spring Break.

On the beach there was a scene where a DJ played music during the day. In addition, it was a lot of competitions on the stage. Many were sexual, many containing alcohol, many contained both. It was great fun to watch and everyone was able to be in it and you did not know in advance what the competition would be. I was in two. Unfortunately, it proved to be the two most boring races.

The first was a wheelbarrow race. The guy keeps the girl in her feet and she goes on hands. I found a girl to compete with and then we were mated together with a few others so it was four man team. Unfortunately, they were so damn bad that before they reached the halfway point had the other teams have already competed finished.

In the other competition I didn’t do anything. Four guys came up on stage and it would be a banana-eating-race blindfolded. But the fun with this contest was that it was just one guy who was blindfolded. Then he started putting in the bananas on his own and everyone laughed at him. He got hold of so in four rounds, with more bananas each time until the end when they removed the blindfold and all laughed.

Other races where I would rather have been with, for example lap dance-competition, girl-drink-beer-between-legs-on-guy contest.

Examples of the competitions on the beach:


Girls, there was plenty of anyway. And as you know what girls usually do on Spring Break, yep, it was like that all the time.

In the evenings, we were mostly at the hotel. To go out on the town cost money, but the hotel was free. And there were many bars and a club also.

But one night we went out on the club, Coco Bongo. And, oh my god it was goddammit the hottest and coolest club I have ever seen. It was as big as a arena, and people were on the floor. But there were people above doing air acrobats and had shows with different themes, like Spider-Man, The Matrix and The Mask. In between with that it was performing on stage and big screens with imitations of  artists like Madonna, Queen, Guns'n'Roses, Rolling Stones and so much more. So much  fun. Here are movies that someone else has taken that I found on YouTube. But I was there in the midst of it!

Spider Man's fight against the Green Goblin in Coco Bongo. Somewhere down there I am!

It  was also fun to hang with neighbors by. We were from the Big 3; NY, Cali, and Chi-town. Cool. Above us lived there also a few girls from Detroit who came the last days. Most, however, we were with all the Swedes and Norwegians.

As you can understand it has been so crazy, fun and wonderful. And most of what happened, I have not told here. What was it I wrote in advance in the blog? That I wanted to get a tan, swim, drink, party, eat, meet girls, go bananas and just have the time of my life.. Something like that huh? Check!

Images are more on facebook, and even more in my computer. Many things that has never is to be shown to the public.

So once again, to sum it up:

Spring break, woohoo!

I took many sunset pictures as this was the view from my hotel room

In the background: Maggie and Anna. At the farm, and Ludde Andy who sits around Captain Jack Sparrow (Jocke)

One of the beach bars

Corona girls dancing on stage

If a Corona girls offering tattoos you have to say yes

With Britney and Britney from Detroit

Swedes are waiting for the bus: Jocke, Ludde, Maggie, Franco, Anna, Dennis, Therese and Emma