Merry Chritmas!

I’m sorry that it hasn’t been that many blog entries lately. But it has been Christmas, so I hope that you forgive me.

Damn it, it’s cold in Sweden! Shit, it’s not healthy. And I also got ill the first days here, but now it’s all fine.

I will now write my annual year-in-review. It has to be done by Wednesday, cause then Cecily comes here, visiting from America. Then I have no time to write long blog entries, cause then we gonna run all around Sweden.

I have had time to meet a lot of friends. Had lunch with Josefin last week and this afternoon I have had coffee with Evelina. Always as fun to meet.

Saturday we had a big reunion with the Getinge Crew. So much fun. We started at Daniel’s place, and everyone was there; Jocke, Svenne, Mange and Lindskog. So fun with food and games, and then we all went bowling.


Now I will write my chronicle. There you will get so much to read. We’ll keep in touch.


For now you can see the movie by Jocke from the spring, where I play the main role: