A wonderful cheerleading weekend

Santa Barbara's Cheerleading team that I have hanged around with this weekend


As I had hoped for I got to have an increadible weekend that was almost all about the cheerleading competition in Anaheim. AS you know I went there to both support my friends and also to write a story.


But Friday we had the Victoria House Beer Pong Tournament. We had made a real good job to prepare it with schedules, team, entering fees and other stuff. It went very well and a lot of people, everybody had a good time and the whole shebang was won by Team Pettaldo Peres. Congratulations!


But Saturday it was time for Anaheim. Me and Cecily left from here by noon and thought we would be there in a couple of hours. It took 4. To Los Angeles was no problems, but then you have to go all the way through LA too. That almost took longer time than getting to LA. The freeway only had three lanes and that is way too little so it was mostly just a lot of cars standing still.


But we arrived and that was nice. Almost immediately the girls was to have practice so I had a couple of hours by myself so I just wandered around in the neighborhood. And it wasn’t just any neighborhood. We were next to Disneyland! I wandered around there as far as you could go without having to pay. Also looked at all the mountains in the distance. It’s cool to see snow covered mountains and then warmth and palm trees underneath.


In the evening we had some spare time. Laurens dad was there so they went to have dinner. Me and Cecily met up with her friend Shanna and Shanna’s boyfriend Andrew. We ate at Bubba Gump. I’ve been to the restaurant in NY before, and it’s a shellfish restaurant inspired by the movie Forrest Gump. Very nice food, and a very funny night that was crowned by Disneyland’s fireworks.


It was meant for me to stay in Cecily’s and Lauren’s room. But their coach was very strict and didn’t allow any other in the rooms but the girls. We know this before so I stayed at another hotel. The Hilton, actually. With Cecily’s mom!


At first it felt kinda odd, but it turned out to be very good and we got along very well. She had heard about me and I about her from Cecily many times before, so felt like we almost knew each other already. We sat talking for a long time and had a nice time.


Sunday it was time for the first competition. I talked to the team before their performance and got some good interviews. I also got an all-access-band so I could come with them backstage. I also had my press ID on my shirt the entire time. It was nice, and soon it was time for their first performance. It went pretty well, but a few personal mistakes. Out of four teams in their group they came in third on the first day.


It was a long day with much waiting and the they ended late. Then the girls went to a dinenr with their coach, but no one else could come. So I sat at the hotel watching TV eating pizza. Happy Valentine’s Day…


Monday it was time for competition again, early in the morning. This time their performance was much better.  Then there was more waiting for the results. And they came and Santa Barbara City College came in second in the USA Nationals! Off course they were very happy and then we took a lot of photos with their medals and the trophy.


During the entire weekend I’ve had a lot of fun. I have hanged out with the girls between their performances and have eaten good and lived in a nice place. It was great weather and we’ve had a lot of fun.


I came home now in the afternoon and have written the article, been to the gym to work out/swim/sit in the sauna and now also skyped and written this blog entry. Tomorrow it is school again with a lot of home works to do. But it’s only three school days since today is a holiday.


I’ve had a fantastic weekend and got to know a lot of new friends. It’s often like this here. Love this life!



One of all the stunts

More perfromances

Cecily and Lauren with medals and the trophy

More photos will soon appear on facebook and The Channels website