R.I.P. Anna-Lisa Hammerby 1926-2010 =’(

I was going to start my first post in Sweden by talking about how it is to come home, and my successful trip (Air New Zealand is the best airline I ever travvled with!) but I won’t.


Because I just learned that my grandmother (on dad’d side) died yesterday. It wasn’t that unexpected. She has been ill for many years, and lately she has been extra sick. So I was prepared that it was soon to happen.


But it’s still tough. It’s the first time a so colse relative dies. And now thre is noone left on dad’s side (grandpa died already in 1977).


So now I will soon go to funeral in Kosta. I don’t see my realtives on that side of the family that often, so that will be nic eto see them, even thoung it sucks that it had to be because of something like that.


Grandma was ill for a long time and this went fast, so she didn’t need to suffer anything. That feels good, that now it’s over and she can get her peace.


But I’ll miss you grandma.


The photo is from when I was maybe 2 or 3. It’s taken at Astrid Lindrgens Värld in Vimmerby. And yes, I was blond back then.