Stanley Cup to Chicago

Stanley Cup 2010

Philadelphia flyers lost. So great. Don't know what I would have done if they, after stolen the last playoff spot from the Rangers, had won the whole thing. Thank god now they didn't.

It was nice to see Chicago win. An Original Six team that hasn't won in 49 years. What was so great about the victory was that they have buildt it up in such a long amount of time. They have draftet prospects, they have aquired young promising palyers and then buildt the team around them. And it paid off.

Now it's up to the NY Rangers to decide how they want to do in the future. I think they're on hte right track. They only need to more things.

A scorer that can take some of the hard work off Gaborik's shoulders.
A good defenseman that can take a big responsibility now when Staal is gone.

After that they don't need so many more new things. Build on what you got. Then you will see that Lord Stanley's trophy will next year make the trip from The Windy City to The Big Apple.

Stanley Cup 2011 (-94)