Very pleasant in Gothenburg

It was so much fun in Gothenburg, even though it was shorter and rainier than planned.


I went there Wednesday, and at the station I was met up by Elin and Anna. It was so much fun to see them again, and we had so much to talk about. We went to a Chineese restaurant, where we have eaten many times before during the JMG time. We also went downtown to go to shopping and also took a “fika” (coffee and stuff). Very much Gothenburg, very much fun.


I then went to Mölndal to meet Evelina. Really nice to see her again after we had so much contact over MSN the last year. We cooked and went out walking her new puppy Hera. Whated a movie and listened to fun music.


Next day she had her last day in school before the summer, so she went there, and I met her up donwtown after that. She wasn’t feeling to good  so she went home to rest and I went to The Avenue to meet people form Muf Göteborg (the youth organization of the Moderate Party).  I met a lot of old friends, which was very nice. We also went campaigning at Kings Gate Square. A lot of people there, and for the first time since I came back to Sweden I met people from Santa Barbara, just by a coincidence. Mathilde, Isabelle and Louise.


Evelina was working in the evening, so I was by my self all afternoon, and that was so much fun. Took the time to go see the old spots again. Went to the School of Journalism, but nobody was there. Then did what I ahve done so many times before when it was nice weather, I walked up to Studiegången, where I used to live. When it’s sunny it’s such a nice walk. But now it wasn’t. The rain kept pouring down. So I got wet, but I thougt “well, I’m already wet, so it can’t get much worse”. So I continued to walk to Studiegången, I ate at the thai restaurant (no 11, chicken kaboob in peanut sause, like always) and then took a  walk down to the lake where I used to swim. Then back. Walked in to the city again in good time to come out to Mölndal again after Evelina finnished her work.


But we had had contact during the entire day cause she wsasn’t feeling to well. She was very sick actually. We discussed if her or me was to sllep in another place so I wouldn’t get infected too. Eventually we decided that it was the best if I wnet home to Getinge already that evening, since she wouldn’t be well in the upcoming days anyway. Bot her and me thoguht it was so sad that it had to be that way.


But despite the trip being much shorter and wetter than I expected I have had a great short vacation with a lot of old friends, nostalgia and memories. I will go back many times this summer, and hopefully the rain won’t be as hard then. Let us hope.