Maria, Stephanie and me


I have graduated! Woohoo!

Thursday was the Soma Showcase competition where we have submitted stuff from all the media classes. I didn’t win anything.

Friday it was graduation. In the morning we came there and practiced on what to do and where to walk. In the afternoon was the real thing. We wore black robes and hats and entered our seats to the tunes of the graduation song, Pomp & Circumstance. Then national anthem, speaks by the school’s president and the school’s commencement speaker and then everybody came ut to stage and got their names read out loud. They made it to pronounce my name correctly. Then we got our diplomas and then we had graduated! I didn’t throw my hat in the air, but many others did.


I have pictures in my camera, but I haven’t out them into my computer yet, so here is on from Maria’s facebook.


It’s so weird that I have graduated. First, because it means that this year is over, and it has gone so fast. But also because I’m not done with my education here.

Because it is like this: I will stay in Santa Barbara for one more year. It has been a long process to make this decision but it’s the right one. I love Santa Barbara, the state, the country, the people, the school and I’m not done with this. I need one more year. S o I will come to Sweden in the summer and then go back to America in August to have one more year of journalism and photography at Santa Barbara City College. So I will graduate one more time.


Thursday, Friday and Saturday was going-away-parties all over the place. People have already started to leave, and will continue to do so during the week. Some I will see again, and some not.


Tomorrow me, mom and dad are heading for Los Angeles for a couple of days sightseeing. Then I come back to SB for a week and then I go back to Sweden June 2nd.