Many things done, Harry Potter – but still no Swedish movie

The car is working again! New battery = I’m the King of the Road again! Extra fun that me nad Ola managed to change it all by ourselves too.

The big school thing is now done. I have finished the English research paper about Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. It has went kinda good I think. Will hand it in tomorrow morning. Feels really good to have it over with.

But there is still a lot to do these three days. The following I have to do during three days, of which the first one, Monday, now is over:

  • English paper
  • Finnish reading Into the Wild
  • Fix my car
  • Book quiz on Into the Wild
  • Three photo assignments
  • Presentation of an article for The Channels
  • Attend the Academic Senate meeting
  • Write article about the Academic Senate meeting
  • Group meeting for the Comm class
  • Finish my tasks for the Comm group project
  • Prepare the practical stuff for our awesome presentation of the Comm group project
  • Interview about internship for the spring
  • Pack for the weekend
  • Maybe soccer class
  • Do the online discussion for the comm class


Three things done, many more to go


Saturday I saw the new Harry Potter movie. It is the seventh and last book that is now turned in to two movies. The first had premier this weekend, and the next one comes out in May, I think. The movie was really great, and followed the book very closely. It’s very nice that it will be two movies; that way they can go more into the deep the book holds. If you haven’t seen the other movies you won’t get anything out of them, and you almost need to have read the books to follow everything that’s happening. It really feels like they did this movie for the fans that read the books, and that feels so good.


Tonight me, Cecily and Lauren made a new attempt to go see The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet’s Nest. It was shown in a theater outside the city, and since my car now is working I drove. But we couldn’t find the theater. We drove all over the place and looked, didn’t understand the instructions on the GPS and ended up where we started. We skipped the movie since we were late anyway, and instead went downtown to have some ice cream and go to different stores.


One of three full packed days over, and then it’s gonna be sooo nice to have a long weekend without any school work to think about whatsoever. Think I will blog before that. See ya!