Pingpong, I’m the new news editor, swollen lip and other stuff

I have got more tasks at the school newspaper. The news editor is no longer news editor. I’m not gonna go into what’s happened, but he’s no longer with the paper so now I have taken over his assignment along with the Editor-in-chief Cody. So now I’m both managing editor and news editor. I’m the News Editor! That’s really cool. And also very good for my resume.


We have bought a pingpong table! We have been talking about it for a while, and checked Craig’s List, but didn’t find any nearby. So Wednesday we went to Kmart and bought one. It took a while to assemble it, but it went well and it has been really fun the play the last days.


It’s not small…


Very calm day today. It was a hard night yesterday, literally. I fell and hit the ground, so now the lip is much bigger than normally. But don’t worry, I’m fine.

I have spent all day watching YouTube clips with stuff from The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. For hours I have laughed at stupid people failing to answer simple questions in Jaywalking and Battle of the Jaywalk All Stars.



Sunday it’s time for the first competition of this years cheer season. I will go with Lauren and take photos and cheer for the City College cheerleading team just like last year. It’s gonna be very much fun.


No school Monday cause of President’s Day. The I am going to have my first interview for my internship. That’s gonna be nice.