Tornado, snow and storm – the extreme weather is here

Whenever I talk to people in Sweden about the weather they often become cranky and say stuff like “You live in California, you donät know what cold is, you never have bad weather or snow, yada yada yada”.

Ok, Sweden, I raise the stakes. Try to beat this. This is the weather we have had today, during one day, Saturday:


  • Hurrican winds
  • Rain storm
  • Snow!


Yep, all that is true. The rain have kept pouring down along with the winds, so I haven’t been outdoors since Thursday, until tonight. Me and Ola went down to the train station to get Pontus who’d been in LA so he didn’t have to walk in the rain.

It was impossible to see because of the heavy rain, so we had to drive like 5 mph.


We went ot McDonalds to eat, and on the way home the radio broadcast was interrupted by a message warning the public for tornados that could occur outside Carpinteria and eastern Santa Barbara. The urged people to not go outside, go down in the basement and bring supplies of food and water.


This is all in my home town!


While there still was visilibity today you could see how the moutnains started to be covered in snow. It has come a whole lot in some areas in the moutnains, but also down in the town.


Snow and palm trees. Not everyday you see that!


Maybe Armageddon is approaching?


So what have I been doing today? Not much. Some homework. One thing for a photo assignment, where we will make three dimensional stuff and photo. Here is my figurine: Gangsta-Lincoln.


Ey, yo!


See you another day if I hasn’t blown away by then!