Happy Halloween! + iPhone

Now it’s Halloween. For the first time in four years I’m not celebrating it in America.

2008 I was on the study trip in Washington/Oklahoma/New York, and we spent Halloween with people from OU. It was a lot of fun, and we were dressed as scary Sarah Palin supporters (it was during the election).

2009 was my first year in Santa Barbara, and spent a lot of time with the Swedes. I was first Raphael from TMNT and then a ninja.

Last year I celebrated it for four days. First I was a playboy photographer at a party with lots of people on the Thursday, Friday I was with Cecily, Lauren and Vaios at Six Flags and its Halloween special night, Saturday I was Zorro in Isla Vista and Sunday I was with Lauren at her place and made pumpkins and went trick-or-treating.


This year I haven’t done that much. Me and Patrik have made some pumpkins, and that was fun. We were supposed to make them with pictures from Memebase, and we started by making a Rage Guy.



Then it got a bit harder, and instead we made a more traditional scary pumpkin, and a Batman signal. He hasn’t showed up to save the day yet, though.



I haven’t had a costume this year. Yet another of the hundreds of things I miss from my life in California.


But I have got an iPhone now, the latest iPhone 4s. I know many of you have had phones like that for long now, but I’m all excited. I was planning on getting one for long, but now I’ll do Wordfued and Siri all day long!