America – longing and sentimentality

One month left – goddamn how much I long for it!


April 20th I’m heading west. I’m finally going back to America, and it’s gonna be so amazing!


Monday I talked to Lauren, and it was so much fun. I’m ognna be with her in the beginning of the trip in Norcal, and in the end of it in Vegas. We had a long nice talk.


And the same with Cecily. I skyped with her today, and also had a long talk. Wonderful!


I love that I have such wonderful friends over there, and that I am going to see them soon.




With it just being a month left, you get to long so much. You remember all the things you liked over there and how much you miss Santa Barbara and the wonderful life over there.


I heard a song a little while ago, and it reminds me about how it is to just leave that life. It is about high school, but it works for college too.

So, here it is.



I miss America like hell. I’m all happy about all the things I have here in Sweden, but it’s just…sigh.